Let’s Support Our Bulldogs!

We’re asking everyone to show their support for the football team and the Athletic Department this school year (2019-2020).

You can show your support to the athletes by donating to the Athletic Department and by coming out to support the athletes at the games. This year all of the home football games will be played in West Ashley at the old St. Andrews’ football stadium located at 721 Wappoo Rd., Charleston, SC 29407. 

The home games were being played at Stoney Field. Stoney Field is still under construction. Burke’s Homecoming game will be played at Johnson Hagood Memorial Stadium along with one other game. Burke will play May River from Bluffton, SC at Johnson Hagood Memorial Stadium. A key fundraiser for the Athletic Department is having the ability to raise funds through operating the concession stands at the games. Burke will not be able to raise those funds this year since the home games aren’t being played at Stoney Field.

The Athletic Department was planning to cover the cost of each player’s meals at the away games. The cost of each meal is $7. There will be eight games not being played at Johnson Hagood Stadium. The total cost per player is $56. There are 60 players. The total cost is over $3,000. Jason’s Deli is providing the meals for the players. Parents are now being asked to pay $56 for the meals.  Your donation will help the Athletic Department and each athlete fund the cost of the meals.

Your donations will also help with the additional cost of equipment, trophies, t-shirts, banquets, etc. throughout the school year. Hopefully your donations will also allow the Athletic Department to provide a fan bus so that parents, students and community members will be able to attend the games being held in West Ashley. Let’s support the development of greatest and provide the “extra push” that the students expect and deserve! You can view the YouTube videos “Burke Football” and “Burke Basketball State Championship” to see the value of having the support of fans, coaches, the Burke’s family and the community. The support gives the athletes that extra push.  Let’s give them that extra push!

Your donations should be given to Coach Deon Richardson, Burke’s Athletic Director, Coach Anthony Sterling, Burke’s head football coach, and may also be given to Burke’s administrators. Checks should be made out to the Burke High School Athletic Department. The donations will be recorded and receipted. If you would also like to adopt the school and/or a specific team, contact Mrs. Cheryl Swinton, the executive principal. Burke’s phone number is 843-579-4815. The fax number is 843-722-3651. Burke’s address is 244 President Street, Charleston, SC 29403.

You can view Burke’s website at ccsdschools.com/burke and bhsbulldogs.com/teams/2661034/boys/football/varsity.

Let’s support our future leaders and show them how proud we are our them!

Sending out an extra call to action for Jacoby Johnson and all of his teammates this school year!

Ms. Deborah Johnson, Burke Alumni

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  1. Tommy sanders III on April 8, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Hi, I’ve been trying to get in contact with coach sterling. Old player of his GREAT coach!

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