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College of Charleston Drug Culture: Let’s Not Get It Twisted

By Beverly Gadson-Birch 

It’s interesting how the drug problem at the College of Charleston has finally come to light. The recent drug bust took me back about ten years when Officer James Mackey headed up the City of Charleston Narcotics’ Unit.

Prior to being charged with misconduct and demoted from Lieutenant to Private, Lieutenant Mackey had 18 years under his belt and was an outstanding officer involved in many high profile drug busts. He didn’t just send his officers out on a raid, he led them.

Lieutenant Mackey was charged with accepting two jerseys from a known drug dealer, ordering a warrant for a dead man that he knew had died, lying to investigators and trying to get some charges dropped on behalf of the dealer.

Rumor on the street was, Lieutenant Mackey was onto the drug trafficking at the College of Charleston and was about to make a big dent in that culture. Now, that the veil has been lifted of the White crème de la crème drug culture at the college, could the rumor have been true? If the rumor mill was right, Lieutenant Mackey had to go. It’s alright when you are busting Black folk, but when you get down to the “upper crust”, you had better turn a blind eye; but, this time it was different. The son of a former high profile school board member was murdered.

The murder of Patrick Moffly, the son of Elizabeth Moffly, former Charleston County School Board member, could not be swept under the rug.

Moffly was shot near the campus in broad daylight. According to the Post and Courier, when Moffly was found, he was surrounded by Xanax pills.

As heartbreaking and devastating as Moffly’s death is, he was a part of the drug scene. According to the news, Moffly had previous arrests for drugs including drug trafficking. Parents that send their children to college are expecting great things from their children. They look forward to graduation, marriage and then grandchildren. The last thing a parent expects is for their child to come home in a body bag.

So what the heck is going on at the College of Charleston? This time it’s about the “haves” rather than the “have nots” drug trafficking.

White students from prestigious backgrounds decided that college was more about “earning” than “learning”. It’s a serious situation taking place at the college. Not only are the dealers ruining their lives but potentially thousands of lives judging by the size of the reported operation.

What’s up with fraternities that are involved in the drug culture? It used to be a badge of honor to pledge. It was the brotherhood not the “livelihood”. This type of bold culture not only exists at the College of Charleston but fraternities across America have come under scrutiny for their risky behavior and have been placed on probation or closed down.

Nothing good comes from drugs. You are high one minute and down the next. Money is made; money is lost. Reputations are destroyed; dreams are lost. Families are destroyed; lives are lost.

Those involved in the drug ring are either students or former students in their 20’s. What a waste of knowledge! And what about the “Potheads” that graduate and are sitting on boards and running corporations?

Some of those same “Potheads” are the ones talking about taking America back—back from where? Are we even a little bit concerned about the future of students that are caught up in the middle of the college drug culture? They arrive on campus clean and fresh only to find themselves caught up in the drug mess. Officers, y’all might want to reopen some of those falls from balconies that occurred in the college community.

Two drug leaders arrested were identified as having attended the Citadel. Shame on them! Another dealer is the son of a doctor, another is the son of a business owner and the list goes on.

According to news reports, the investigation was launched after Moffly’s murder. Here you have a white student murdered by a black perpetrator and all of a sudden, there is a drug problem at the College and no one knew about it until now. Give me a break! The drug culture at the downtown campus is nothing new. It existed when Lieutenant Mackey was on the force and about to close in on some stuff down there. Time has a way of working things out.

You know it is bad when police resort to using students as paid informants. That’s not why they are there. They are in school to get an education.

Let’s not get the facts twisted. The news media has a way of watering down the facts when it comes to the widespread White drug culture. “White money” and “White power” have a way of twisting the facts.

There are two sets of rules when it comes to drugs and drug trafficking. If you are a Black user or seller of crack, the punishment is greater.

White users or sellers of Heroin or Cocaine receive lesser sentences. While some changes have been made to correct the inequities in sentencing, prisons are full of Blacks that are serving excessive time for trafficking. Trafficking is trafficking! White money talks and white folk walks.

Everyone knows someone that is either on drugs, sells drugs, overdosed from drugs or killed someone over drugs. So, it’s everyone’s problem. If you don’t know a drug problem exists, you need to get your head out of the sand.

Sam Cooke said “I don’t know much about history or biology but he knew one plus one is two”. And, I say, I don’t know too much about anything, but I do know drug kills.
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