2018 Spot Light Awards: “Recognizing and Honoring the Angels in our Community”

The Charleston Gaillard Center shined even brighter on the evening of November 17, 2018, due to the glitz and glamour of hundreds of attendees, dressed in formal attire, for what is now called Charleston’s event of the year! The Spot Light Awards 2018 Black Tie Dinner/Red Carpet Affair proved to be everything that sponsors deemed it to be and more.

The event, sponsored by Fair Deal Grocery “The Spot 47,” recognized and honored 18 finalists (all servant leaders) as “Angels in the Community”, giving them gifts of love provided by various Charleston businesses throughout the entire evening.

A diverse crowd of attendees smiled in awe, likening the event to The Grammy’s and Academy Awards, as television cameras around them recorded every moment. Mayor John Tecklenburg was in attendance, and read the proclamation that officially proclaimed November 17, 2018 to be The Spot Light Awards Day.

Nine finalists were chosen as honorees; Mr. Earl Brown, Ms. Archie Burkel, Ms. Joy Campbell, Ms. Katie Dahlheim, Ms. Marlena Davis, Rev. Thomas Dixon, Drs. Clifford & Rosa Fulmore, Mr. David Miller, and Mr. Omar Muhammad, with each one of them receiving a prestigious Spot Light Award. Each award was named in honor of a victim of The Mother Emanuel tragedy, and guests from Anguilla, WI were in attendance to present special gifts to the survivor’s and families of the victims.

Hosts ReZsaun Lewis and Alex Moor shared an evening of celebration with performances by Amayz, comedian Brian T. Shirley, poet Bria Davis, Charleston’s United Choir, DJ Shanard, and The Mother Emanuel Praise Dancers.

Deborah Powell Anderson of Fair Deal Grocery “The Spot 47” said that “We wish to congratulate all of the finalists, for each one of them is truly a winner, and we are pleased to take our hats off to those who were chosen to receive the nine awards! This was a night that showed the power of Agape Love, and how it brings people together to support and uplift each other…across the city!” Anderson went on to say, “I am very proud of the team that came together to make tonight a success, and all I can say is wait until you see what’s planned for next year’s event!”

If you missed the event at The Gaillard, and didn’t get to see the televised show, DVDs are now available at www.SpotLightAwards.info. For more information, call 854-444-3167 or send an email to [email protected]

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  1. Archie Burkel on December 24, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    There is a reason for the word “Honoree;” it is just one letter away from “honored.” I believe I speak, not just for myself, but for the other 8 Spotlight Award Honorees, when I say we are deeply honored to be one. However, there should be a 10th: Deborah Powell Anderson. There is no minimizing her talent, creativity, compassion, and skill in creating this Event to honor The Mother Emanuel 9. She turned a horrific tragedy into a magnificent reality to honor their memories. In the process, she reminded us all to honor our friends and loved ones while they are alive.

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