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Fall is for Thinkers
10/21/2015 6:15:59 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

God Alone is the absolute Greatest of all things know X and imaginable.

That is an unquestioned reality, and I see that in everything that appears before my eyes and ears with distinct clarity and certainty.

Of course, that includes the marvelous seasons of the year. And one of the most amazing occasions for me to witness one of the majesties of the Most High Alone's creational realities is to observe another changing of the natural topography here in America. That seasonal phenomena is simply called fall.

Being a self-professed lover of nature in all of its unveilings, and with a personal bias toward the spring time and fall, I must admit that I have to tell that you I'm in love with this brisk time of the year. Thinking out loudly, and in my colored view, who could not love what fall brings to the natural spiritual mind-sets of any aware "hue-man" being?

I live presently in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and it's beautiful, but in my partisan views, my favorite environs for celebrating the splendid creation called fall is to be in the New England surroundings. Literally, there's nothing like it than to witness and be a part of nature's radiance because it's a vibrant sight to beyond.

Before relocating to the Lowcountry, I called New Jersey my stomping grounds of choice and fall in that arena is something unique. I'd connect to the Jersey natural fall scenes during the week and on sorted weekends of aloneness travels with "me, myself and I," I would take initially solo fall junkets up to the Taconic State Parkway in New York.

And it was there on those thought inspiring, magnificent voyages through time and space that I "connected" with the simplicities of one of the Creator Alone's natural beautiful element. You call it fall, but I chose to call it heaven on earth. They were special moments meant for empirical thinking and spiritual reflection.

Just to experience, in my firsthand aloneness, the wonderful natural changing colors of some of New England's vaulted and truly picturesque landscape was a sight to alter my then sometimes hazy, random thoughts to ones of peaceful awe and appreciation of God Alone's creation called fall.

Truly nature was and is a love song to me, the greatest that can be seen and heard in all of its spectacular presentation.

As I used to travel the hundred or so miles length of the Taconic State Parkway, I'd eventually take previously unknown exits to places I didn't have a clue where I was going to. As I said before, I travelled with "me, myself and I," never knowing fully in advance what the Most High Alone had in store for my spiritual mind, heart and soul as I took off to parts unknown.

Oftentimes, those exits would take me to isolated places in upstate New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and beyond. That entire New England scenic landscape during fall was and is breathless to image, yet further observe.

During those isolated trips to those areas under the guise of looking for rare books, which is one of pronounced obsessions, I would humble myself by being the presence of such an incredible atmosphere called fall.

Those solitary, memorable trips with "me, myself and I" helped me calm hectic thoughts of my Newark, New Jersey, arenas of work pressures and personal dilemmas.

Those get away trips during the fall fantasies of my yesteryears were ones of seeing the blending of the brown, red, green and orange falling tree foliage soothed my thinking mind's eye to such a degree that I became an unsolicited admirer of the natural handiwork of the Creator alone. It made me humble.

Being spiritually transfixed in the natural environment made me also think more of peace and love than to harbor feelings of bitterness and chaos. It just did, and I hope that doesn't sound to cliche for you, but that's how fall affected me then and it still does today.

On many other occasions, I'd take a few "select" friends with me on my weekend fall (and spring) treks to a different world they had never envisioned.

Overwhelmingly, the first thing that they said was that it was calming, but more importantly, it helped them think better because there was nothing but naturally peaceful vibrations existing and emitting all around them.

In their and my inner flows about the wonders of fall, maybe, if you don't already know it, you should take a solo, personal "me, myself and l" trip this fall with yourself, if for no other reason than to discover a place where inner and outer peace on earth truly resides.

Try it. You may like it and, maybe, you'll discover why I say "Fall is for Thinkers."
For today and always, give it a thought, and that's, "As I See It."

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