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A Believer Called You
10/14/2015 4:53:12 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

There are special reality checks in "hue-man"nature when an individual needs to simply check himself or herself out on a regular basis. It can occur at any unannounced moment in time and space to any alert soul in creation.

Such was the case recently, when I was involved in a spirited conversation with another " hue-man" being, who was perplexed about some tests in his life that were kicking his you know what. This good-natured "hue-man" was and is a genuinely good guy who has been through the rigors of life's continual ups and downs, and he was going through the same turnstiles of life's trials once again, forgetting to remember that "Life is what it is."

Recently released from from his job and now unemployed, this soul brother, a loving husband and the father of many children, simply felt that he was lost in "nowhere's land," as he best described where his present mind-set and life were at in that particular moment in time. His concerns were rather personal, but let's say, I believe, that we all also go through and are challenged by the rigors of life, no matter what they are, with no respect to racial identity, gender, financial status, age, occupation, religion, nationality or political persuasion.

I firmly believe that "life is what is it is" in all of its nano second unexpected inner and outer presented tests that come flying our way. No one is immune from such occurrences happening to them, and I let this brother know that, just in case he may have forgotten same.

As we went further in our rap, and sensing that he was bothered by his current happenings, I suggested to him that, maybe, he needed to take a serious "reflective" look at himself in order to see what was truly bothering him. I told him from my personal experience, I've found out that it may sound simple in utterance, but it requires a steady mind-set to comprehend the process.

The process begins with a faithful tie to having knowledge of the Oneness of the Creator Alone putting things before us for reasons, which at certain times in our developing youthful minds and aging lives, we can't comprehend why they're replaced in our paths.

It's all a testing phase in our spiritual growth.I related this to the brother as I asked him what was really troubling him. This man of color said (and knew) he was unhappy, but he couldn't seem to get a hold of himself, nor could he find any workable spiritual peace within himself to ride out the present mental storm that was engulfing him. He was in a rut. That was the way he described his mood. He was lost in his abstract, dismal thoughts, and he felt that he didn't know what to do in order to relieve himself of the mental anguish that was affecting his present thoughts. I told him to be reflective, as I'm suggesting to you to now to do, if you can and will.

Maybe, you, too, can relate to the brother's predicament, if you're honest to and with the reflective, positive inward consciousness in your own being. I hope that doesn't sound too complex, but this brother, being strung out on a negative fringe about some stuff that was happening in his current worlds of existences, is a microcosm of every living soul in creation at my given moment. We're all going through some inner trials and outer ordeals.

It's called living, and life is the testing ground for every test that we all had to and still do have to face presently or in the future. There's no avoiding or escaping the trials and ordeals of life. They are going to come and, as sure as you breathe another breath of life, they will be there waiting for you. "So as a soul thinketh; so is he or she."

Again, I reminded the soul brother that some of his past trials, tests and ordeals in life should have made him reflectively stronger knowing that the Most High Alone is in charge of this universe and everyone and everything in it. So, I calmly reminded him, through belief in the Most High Alone, not to lose heart or faith, even when difficulties galore are near and with seemingly insurmountable odds facing him.The trials, tests and ordeals of life are there for all of us to reflect upon, not to grieve upon and worry about.

Some of us worry ourselves sick and silly over things that we have no control of and forget to "TCB" with the things we can. Worry is a waste of valuable effort, energy and time.

To that fruitless endeavor, I say resolutely, that we should " Let Go and Let God Alone" handle those things that are out of our realm and expertise in altering. The sane and aware cognitive inclinations in all of "hue-manity" needs to reflect mightily on that constant vibe if we are to progress spiritually, emotionally and physically in life.

When you do, "A Believer Called You" faithfully emerges, and everyone in creation, including the soul brother, is better off for maintaining hope in the face of despair. Keep the faith in God Alone alive in all circumstances of your life, especially in your troubled arenas of thought. To God Alone be the Glory. Reflect on and believe in that always, and for today and that's, "As I See It."

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