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Minority Leaders Meet with MYMM to Discuss Potential Christmas Boycott Of NASCAR Sponsors
9/28/2015 4:01:11 PM

Minority Youth Matters MYMM protest under confederate flags at NASCAR Chicago Speedway

MYMM's announcement follows a weekend of protests that were launched in more than 20 cities around the nation to challenge NASCAR's lack of diversity and inclusion of all minorities within the NASCAR brand infrastructure. "The purpose of the boycott is to bring awareness to the public regarding NASCAR corporate sponsors' 'benign neglect' of their contribution to the problem," says MYMM CEO, Terrance Cox, III. NASCAR racing teams' primary source of funding comes from corporate sponsors. However, Cox believes NASCAR and even its NASCAR Foundation do little to support diversity initiatives, in spite of the fact that minorities generate 50% of these corporations' revenues. They feel this is unfair and leaves much room for NASCAR and its sponsors to better engage minorities and minority youth in the sport, as well as improve their support of initiatives that give back to the communities that help supply "the fuel that runs the sport's engine."

MYMM cites a partial list of corporations that give donations to the NASCAR Foundation:

Radio Shack

Wells Fargo Bank

Harley Davidson

Fox Broadcasting

Fox Sports




Fifth Third Bank

Olive Garden

The objective of the boycott would be to take a deeper look into the Foundation and sponsors' donations to see how they are being used to support minority programs that are relevant to motor sports. Cox and other minority leaders ask the question, "How can corporations justify spreading a few million dollars across 'all' minority interests, yet give non-minority racing teams twenty to forty million dollars of our minority dollars to race?" MYMM feels corporations are turning a blind eye to the blatant disparities that exist. Ultimately, MYMM believes NASCAR should reflect America's diverse tapestry, and its leaders are growing increasingly disenchanted about NASCAR's diversity programs that are not effectively engaging the minority community, even though they read well on paper.

This picture was taken over the weekend showing MYMM youth standing in front of the Chicago Speedway, juxtaposed against two confederate flags blowing in the background atop their flagpoles. In light of NASCAR's most recent PR campaign which announced the removal of the symbol from their properties, one can understand the group's skepticism about the sincerity of NASCAR's stand on diversity issues.

In addition to these proposed boycotts, MYMM has announced its plan to hold future protests throughout the remainder of the year, which demonstrates the group's determination to make a difference in the sport of motor racing.

October 18th

Atlanta, Ga. - The World of Coke / CNN HQ

November 22nd

Miami, Fla. - The last race of the season

Dec. 1st - Dec. 2nd

Las Vegas NASCAR Awards Ceremony

February, 2016

The Daytona 500

Source via PR Newswire

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