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Now, Look Who Needs a Doctor
9/23/2015 2:33:12 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali
I guess by now you've already heard the personal, religious and political claims by conservative Republican presidential candidate Dr. Benjamin Carson about Muslims and Islam. Objectively thinking, it's frightening to image that this man is running for such a position, seeking votes, with such a dogmatic mind-set.

In case you haven't heard, I'll bring you up to date. The acclaimed and honored Dr. Carson, a neurosurgeon by profession and now retired, was questioned recently on a television show and he was asked about religion and the presidency.

To that, he sincerely remarked that he didn't think a Muslim should be president. I was somewhat taken aback when I first heard this because I believe that sort of verbal response couldn't, or shouldn't, be coming from enlightened, politically astute candidates running for the highest democratic position in the so-called free world.

Dr. Carson, an African-American, surprised me with that obviously misguided and highly politically offensive statement about the adherents of America's second largest religious group after Christianity. It was a wake up call to my continuing ever-present sense of what's really happening politically with one-sided biases behind the glass ceilings of American "poly-tricks."

I've written for the African-American, or Black, Press for almost twenty-five years, and I've covered stories that have dealt with individuals from every faith and ethnicity that you can think of and never, ever would I think that, in this potentially great country of ours, I'd think that any American, if given fair and equal opportunity, would not and could not ascend to any academic, business, social, professional and/or political level of attainment. Dr. Benjamin Solomon "Ben" Carson is a wondrous example of achievement beyond imaginations.

That's why I found it so unbelievable to hear Dr. Carson say that, concerning his own background, to diss anyone of color, religion or gender in their bids to dream and to be all that they want to be in the land called America. I offer that sentiment with respectful inference to Dr. Carson and others who think like him because, very apparently, he and they know very little of what Islam really is all about.

That doesn't shock me though because I'm sensing that, even in today's alleged pluralistic America, there are some narrow-minded American folk who don't even consider the hard working and God Alone fearing Muslims of this particular country to be part of "The American People" motto. Is that what this country purports its value equality for all standards to be?

Am I to imagine or guess that equality is still for some ethnic or religious folk and it is not to be intended for others. Come on, Dr. Carson, ethnic provincialism and religious discrimination have no place in today's America for real American people, regardless of your political affiliation.

Yes, I'm a Muslim, and I'm an African-American, knowing that my faith will always come first. I worship only God Alone, and my faith tells me to respect anyone's beliefs, even if they differ from mine. Dr. Carson has stated that he's a devout Christian, and good for him, but don't practice open religious fanaticism towards others in God's sacred and holy name, especially in politics.

At this point, I admit that I need to think that religious bigotry is/was a thing of the past, but I know that America is still a violent civilization and anything crazy can happen at any moment. And, again, that's why Dr. Carson, a successful brother of color, should know what bigoted struggle of any sort is about, and his totally insensitive, disrespectful and alarming views towards America's Islamic citizenry is so insulting, but yet ever-so revealing.

Listen, you don't have to possess an advance academic degree to know that God Alone is the Creator of everything and everyone, including the nationalistic individuals who politicos love to call "The American People." I don't know, but, maybe, just maybe, the learned doctor didn't realize this fact when he opened his mouth and voiced his bigotry.

It doesn't seem possible, but you know that, sometimes, politicians get hung up and caught up in their words and they forget to think before they speak, and that could have been the medically brilliant doctor's problem in this instance. It happens to the best and worst of men and women, including the good doctor. Sometimes, a physician needs a doctor to aid him or her when he or she is not thinking correctly.

Dr. Carson may not have realized that America is a teeming melting pot of a lot of multiethnic and truly diverse religious "colored" souls with more heading to our shores as I write. It's not the good old boy's club of elite, colonial privileged religious folk any more.

No, America today is a mixture of so many different ethnic and religious folk, including an expanding Muslim population, that will have to make this country viable and meaningful to and for all. So, if you're a political leader or candidate, let the tenets of the (real) United States of America Constitution truly apply to all, regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.

"Our" America of today, and not yesteryear's "his-storical" one of Jim Crowism, is on a new path to freedom, justice and equality for all, including its burgeoning and diverse Muslim population. Dr. Carson needs to that "The American People" are people of many different faiths and even some who do not profess any.

To the good doctor, who is my brother of color, please remember that no matter the faith you claim or the celebrated position you hold, "Together 'we' rise respecting each other and divided 'we' fall." That's the prescription for "our" unity and not a cause for religious disharmony. Peace always, and for today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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