Tuesday, September 29, 2015  
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A Message for the Wise
9/16/2015 5:13:11 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Life is a wonderful voyage between here and there. In simple terms of understanding, it's an experience from the cradle to the grave for intuitively challenged "hue-mans."

I'm remind indeed of how I used that last reference by speaking with another "colored" soul the other day. This individual was homeless, and I've known him for a few years.

Forever the bright spirit that he is, even with a prolonged period of no employment and, literally, no place except the earth for a legal residence, this soul has always humbled me by his uplift and infectious spirit whenever I see him. He challenges me to look at life in peaceful terms of existences because he's about being at peace in spite of his economic state.

I consider him a friend, who loves reading "The Charleston Chronicle," and I make sure that he gets complimentary copies from me whenever we meet. He's an avid thinker who always tells me how much he appreciates that I take the time to talk to him and just chat man-to-man, even though he doesn't have a position in life or a place to call his own (his own words).

I have to remind him,from time-to-time, as I sometimes do, and I am reminding you also in case you didn't know it, that I, nor you, or better that the next God Alone created soul who's walking presently on this earth. Sometimes, I think that some "hue-mans" forget this basic premise of life. I could and never will forget it because I believe that life is a challenge for every living soul and, as such, it requires a spiritual rightness in handling what the Most High Alone has placed before us. Call them what you will, but the tests, challenges, trials, etc., are there for us to endure with a faithful strentgh, knowing fully well that the Creator Alone doesn't, or hasn't, somehow, made an error in judgement by placing whatever ordeal is on our plates.

My friend, who, again, happens to be homeless, is a guy who accepts no pity or asks for a handout from anyone, including me. He's a rare genuine, caring being who, by his sternness in not giving into despair about his condition, whatever it maybe, always asks me how I am and how are the brothers who I minister to are doing.

Oftentimes, I wonder what had happened to this soul to place him in this situation, but I never asked because he would simply say to me that it was ALLAH testing him, and he knows that he's going to be alright. Though he's not a Muslim, this brother forces me to understand what ALLAH says in the Holy Quran in Chapter 29, verse 2-3.

It reads thusly, "Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, 'We believe,' and that they will not be put to the test? And certainly We tested those before them, so that God Alone will differentiate between those who are true from those who are false." This spiritual remindful insight has been a favorite passage for me to draw upon when the dark clouds of despair entered into and during my own trying times.

I told my friend of this passage last week when I saw him, and to my surprise he said he'd heard it before because his cellmate, who had accepted Al-Islam in prison, had told him about it. He said that he and his cellmate vowed to each other that no matter what the Creator Alone placed in their paths, they would never, ever, give up hope and be despondent because life is a wise test.

That's what this soul told me that was the reason he was the way that he was. He said from understanding what he'd learned from a difficult life thus far, he was a smarter man knowing that God Alone is greater than everything and everyone, even his current circumstances.

As I listened to this "hue-man" tell me this, I thought of how strong and blessed he was in order to be able to wisely let go of despair and to keep on pushing. He further mentioned to me that many times he felt down but reading my column, and the way I spilled the hard realities of life out, encouraged him to not give up.

I humbly thanked him and I told him that "life is what it is," as I seem to always infer in my writings, but I can't and will never look down on another soul who's being tested by the Creator Alone, because I know of what he's going through. Who am I, or you, if you do, to think that I'm, or you are, better than another "colored" soul because another "hue-man" is challenged by God Alone in one manner, shape or form?

Sometimes, I think many of the stuck up and the "I'm better than you abstract- thinking minded folk" in this world forget this ever-present reality. Some of these delusional folk in this all-too-materialistic realm of "me, myself and I" need to thank the Most High for their challenges of having momentary financial blessings, because, in reality, most of them are only one paycheck away from unemployment, homelessness, misery and self-loneliness. Do you get it?

We all in "hue-manity" need to understand the wisdom behind the trials of life, including yours truly. They are nothing but "Messages for the Wise." My friend obviously does because of his wisdom, and I must give him credit for aiding me in understanding same more fully myself. May God Alone be with the wise. Keep the faith and for today, that's, "As I See It."

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