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61% of High School Football Teams Will Run the Spread Offense this Fall, Says a New Study from MULTIVOICE
9/15/2015 4:29:03 PM


The explosion of fast-paced, high-scoring offenses will continue to spread across America this fall as 61 percent of high school football head coaches plan to run the Spread offense during the 2015 season.

In fact, five times (5X) more high school teams will run the Spread this fall versus the next closest offense: the Wing-T (11 percent).

These are just some of the fascinating insights provided in the High School Football Head Coaches 2015 BE HEARD Report™, a 166-page Report published today by MULTIVOICE™ (a new entrant in the field of gridiron coaching communications systems).

Between July 1—August 5, 2015, MULTIVOICE contacted over 15,000 head football coaches three times via email to ask them to take a 36-question survey about high school football, especially their respective teams, their plans/concerns for the 2015 season, as well as information about their 2014 campaigns. In the end, 420 head coaches responded to MULTIVOICE's requests, with over 350 coaches also sharing detailed answers to four open-ended questions, namely

  1. What is the biggest concern (or question) you have about your team going into the upcoming 2015 season?
  2. What question would you like to ask other coaches about the Up-Tempo game prior to the upcoming 2015 season?
  3. What do you believe is the most important change you have made in the past 5 years (from a coaching standpoint)?
  4. What is your philosophy on how best to defend against an Up-Tempo offense?

From the survey data set, MULTIVOICE learned that coaches with winning records (seven or more wins per season), tend to have more coaches, in general, than their less successful counterparts. These same "winning coaches" tend to run more plays than other teams (up to 55 or more plays per game on offense). And according to MULTIVOICE Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, David Politis, it appears that the data suggests that teams with the most coaches in the press box during games have a greater chance of winning 10 or more games per season.

"Having the best communications system for football programs everywhere was not enough for us; we wanted to make sure we gave back to the sport and community we love so much," Politis said. "That's why we conducted this BE HEARD™ research study. And to be completely honest — we were overwhelmed by the response we got, both from the number of coaches that participated in our survey and the details they shared with us.

"And the data? Wow! For example, every team in our survey had at least one coach up in the press box during games in 2014. But the idea that putting four coaches in the box might contribute to winning 10 or more games, and therefore, reaching the post-season was something none of us could have imagined. But that's exactly what the data suggests. And the nationwide move to the Up-Tempo game continues unabated at the high school level, with 65 percent of coaches planning to run either a Spread or an Air Raid offense in 2015. As a result, one of the biggest concerns head coaches had across the country was how to stop or slow down the Up-Tempo offenses of their competitors.

"Last but not least was the role of accurate and speedy communication on the gridiron — on game days, during practices, between coaches, from the press box to the sideline, and from the sideline out to the players on the field. In fact, I suspect the fast pace of the Up-Tempo game is one reason why more and more teams are abandoning player wristbands, something else we learned from our survey."

Coaches and fans interested in obtaining a free copy of the MULTIVOICE's High School Football Head Coaches 2015 BE HEARD Report should visit 2015 BE HEARD Report on the MULTIVOICE Website.

Source via PR Newswire


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