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Race Relations
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Escaping the Worry Syndrome
9/9/2015 4:45:02 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Life is a very meaningful experience. In fact, if you're among the living, it is all that much sweeter because you're here to savor this precious and miraculous gift from the Creator Alone of everything and everyone.

The living phenomena does have its challenging drawbacks at times. It's definitely full of unexpected challenges galore and that can't be said enough in all of the varied languages of the world.

I recently was talking to a much younger associate of mine, who was complaining about this and that because he was worrying about issues in his life. He was so worried until I had to suggest to him that he needed to "chill " for a moment because he was, in my view, making himself sick.

We're that close and I could say that to him. Fully realizing that I had hit a raw nerve in his thinking pattern, he asked me what should he do because things in his life were turning sour, as he put it, and he was feeling uptight.

I never got the full, exact details of what was "bugging" him or what he worrying about, but I said that maybe he needed to step back from what was plaguing his mind and "take a pause for the cause."

He quite naturally asked me what was I talking about. To that inquiry my thoughts led me to say to him that what I meant by saying that statement was that he should go somewhere by himself and savor the quietness of a moment to himself to gather his troubled mind, full with it's doubtful and twisted thoughts, and let God Alone handle whatever was bothering him.

I explained to my youthful and extremely kindhearted friend that life, as I understood after it after here on the earth a "few" more years than him, was a proving and testing field where God is constantly revealing things to us, including him. We're all put through the diurnal battles of life.

Believing that with all my soul, I related to young man that I know that everything happens for a distinct reason. I sad that because all occurrences happen for a definitive reason before "hue-mankind's," sometimes, bewildering mind-sets and are placed there to enrich us through these daily battles, even the ones my young buddy's woes and ills was grappling with at that time.

Do you understand that? I hope that you do because life is about recognizing that there are going to some difficult moments in all of our lives, no matter they are and there's no denying that.

I made that point the young brother by telling him to step away from what was eating at him for a quiet moment to help see that he was not to worry about something or someone he can't control. It's a very difficult process for some "colored" folk to comprehend

You see, some "hue-mans" worry for no other reasons than they think that it's the mentally "hip" thing to do. I'm not one of those souls because worrying about things I can't control or about folk who don't like me is wasted sweat equity.

Worrying about folk who don't like you or things you can not change is a useless and foolish preoccupation. It solves nothing in the process except to keep one spiritually agitated and distracted from remembering God Alone, forgetting that the Most High Alone knows and handles everything and everyone.

Being spiritually direct with you, as I was with my young friend, I'm telling all that needless worry is an activity directed by Satin to all non-believers in the Creator Alone. My mother, a very spiritual soul, used to say worry is the devil's smelling salt, and the more you get in the habit of using it, the more you know what hell really is like. Amen to that.

It's taken me a lifetime to understand and learn the impact behind what my dear mother was saying. Life has never been smooth for me, nor is or will it be for you or my young friend. That's the cardinal truth.

"Life is what it is," so we mustn't worry when things don't go our way. That is a lesson that needs to be taught each and everyday to both young and old alike, from the lightest to the darkest of "hue-manity" in every existing ethnic nation to the rich and the poor among them.

I told my young buddy that my stepping patiently away from his momentary discomfort, or trial from God Alone, and that's all that it was, he'd know that the Creator was only testing him. That's how the Most High works His (Alone) show called creation and He Alone challenges us. He Alone makes no mistakes.

As I get older I can see many things clearer that by being patient, there's no need to worry, whatever that word means, and allow God to Alone handle whatever it is that troubles me from time-to-time, including some"colored" folk who stab you verbally in the back, etc. It's nothing but life in today's personal updated testing Hollyweird B-movie reality show formats.

"It is what it is!" So, don't fall for one of the many tricks of Satin called worrying. That's what I told the young brother, and I also reiterated most succinctly that to be able to conquer the devil's annoying and perpetual whims one must possess faith in God Alone.

Satin hates you when you don't give in to his sneaking and not so blatant suggestions of doom and destruction. That's why you need to "take a pause for the cause," which means putting your (true) faith in the Creator Alone to work. It does require some effort.

When things get a little iffy in life, as they do from time-to-time, remember to patiently step back, and prayerfully regroup, knowing that God Alone has your back covered, and everything is going to work itself out. Don't worry. Smile and keep on smiling.

Always keep positively active in whatever you do. Maintain the faith in the Most High Alone. That's what I told my young buddy, just as I'm relating the same message to you. If you work for God Alone's cause, you'll never have time to worry. Again, Amen, and for today, that's "As I See It."

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