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Female Director Makes Directorial Debut with Feature Documentary "HUSH: Hollywood's Uncovered Sexual Harrassment"
8/13/2015 12:47:47 PM


Angela Marie Hutchinson
Producer, writer and first-time director Angela Marie Hutchinson just began principal photography on a feature documentary, "H.U.S.H." (Hollywood's Uncovered Sexual Harrassment). "H.U.S.H." marks Hutchinson's directorial debut. She has cast and produced a plethora of media projects, including her first feature film which she also wrote, "Hollywood Chaos." That movie is currently available on Hulu and Amazon.

With female directors making up less than 10 percent of feature projects directed, and by African American women even less, Hutchinson can now add directing to her diverse portfolio.

"H.U.S.H." will take viewers through a riveting journey as they are captivated by the intimate stories of women pursuing their entertainment careers. These women share detailed accounts of being sexually harrassed by their male colleagues and superiors. The documentary features an array of women working in various facets of show business, from acting to writing to producing to singing and the like. The topics addressed range from light moments to intense situations.

Hutchinson was inspired to produce "H.U.S.H." after discussing the Bill Cosby incidents with industry friends. "Oddly, it was quite a controversial topic because some of us blamed the women, and others saw them as victims," says Hutchinson. "What was mutually agreed upon was that these incidents are not isolated and have been happening in the industry for years."

Hutchinson's crew describes her as a visionary leader who is inspiring to work with and very respectful of the on-camera talent. Hutchinson recalls how quiet the crew was after filming the women's on-camera confessionals. "When a director calls cut, crew members usually start talking and the set can get pretty noisy. But each time I cut, our crew was silent - sincerely taken back by the stories bravely being told by our cast," says Hutchinson.

Production Coordinator, Alexandra Sabolch agrees. "Listening to the women's circumstances gave me a very haunting yet empowering feel," she says. "HUSH is a powerful piece for any woman navigating her own way through this world, especially within the entertainment business. "

Hutchinson admits she was a little daunted by the topic, wondering if enough women would come forward to publicly share their stories. When she approached a few colleagues they declined to participate, expressing a concern for becoming blacklisted or seen as a tattle tail actress. "But when I put out a casting call, the emails poured in from New York to Hollywood," Hutchinson says. "Many women admitted to not having the courage to go on camera, but they expressed their support. Some even confided in me by sharing their story for the very first time."

According to Hutchinson, "H.U.S.H." is not just a documentary but a movement. "In a society where women are often objectified, sexual harassment is not only extremely prevalent but often overlooked, especially in the entertainment industry," says Associate Producer, Kausar Mohammed. "Our documentary gives a voice to the many women who have been through such experiences, in attempts to garner greater attention to a contributing factor that hinders the success of women in the industry."

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