Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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Race Relations
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With Trust Comes Love
8/12/2015 2:07:33 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

My rap today is about a very evasive word that's becoming very problematic among some ethnic "colored" folk of "hue-manity," and that word is trust. If there ever was a word that was needed to be preached about and to invest time in fully leaning about, it's the word trust because the haunting loneliness spectrum hovers over a considerable percentage of "The American People." Why is the "real" love so hard to find?

You may ask why am I writing about this subject today with so many other apparent topics that I could write about with more sense of urgency? Well, it's because Ive seen too many once-thought of stable relationships crumble, and I wondered what can be done to help the next unsuspecting souls from falling into that pit, so I'm offering this piece to think about it.

Listen carefully. I see everyday that we, as Americans of all ethnicities, don't have a clue in many instances what real love between two committed souls is really all about. Both locally and nationally, the cosmetic landscape of "me, myself and I" is superficially flooded with many lonely frustrated dreamers and numerous romantic deniers masquerading as wanna be lovers with absolutely no spiritual commitment to what being in "real" love is all about.

Again, I hope that you are listening and reasoning with yourself as you read, because this message is for you, just as it is for me and all others who live the in a perpetual zone of modernity, hoping, somehow or someway, that true love will find my or your door steps? Just look within yourselves and at others all around you, on a larger national scale, to (really) envision what's tearing apart our personal relationships with our spouses and literally, in more than a few discreet instances, causing havoc with our country's already divided and twisted loyalties. Please think about that.

Just think about it on a subliminal scale as you view the hidden bigotry in politics and in a whole lot of clandestine Americans' souls, and its deleterious effects to the sneaking around natures of (some) of us. At every corner of existence, America is obsessed with self-indulgence and fraudulent chicanery to the degrees that most relationships are only built today to last only on short-term warranty, with no redeeming guarantee of it lasting the length of what some used to label scared marriage vows or political loyalty. Where is the trust? "It is what it is in the games of life today,"and, sadly, it's not like the way the old "colored" folk of yesteryear used to do things when they stuck together in difficult times, no matter the situation. Unfortunately, many of today's relationships don't know the intrinsic value of "With Trust Comes Love" is all about.

Trust is an impeccable standard not to be played with or to be bartered with games of deceit, chance and lies. Love, on the other side of the equation, love isn't a misnomer for lust gone awry as you see in so many so-called until death do us parting arenas of marriage and quasi-relationships. Yes, I still speak of marriage because I believe that that's the only valid way to confirm a legitimate relationship between a husband and a wife before the Creator Alone.

I'm sorry if you may respectfully disagree, and believe me that's cool, but I'm old school to the core. Look closely at all the daily reported breakups, depressed sorrowful mind-sets and busted dreams and alone that should tell you that when there's no serious commitment between a God Alone fearing man and woman before the Most High Alone, you've got trouble.

When you understand that it's a sacred, spiritual vow between God Alone and His legitimate rules of conduct that makes a marriage real, then "trust" becomes as real as seeing and feeling real love bloom because it's "real" to the very core of honesty and respect. Can I get an 'Amen' on that point?

I know that there's temptation of all kinds hitting every unsuspecting and gullible soul out there. But selling yourself short on the maybe lists of those potential finding the right soul is never an excuse for being played like a clueless entity when you, or the next gullible being, realizes that the love you, or he or she, thought really was, really wasn't because you forget that (sometimes) so- called love never did love you, or him or her, in the first place.

Love can be a hurting thing at times. Call it what you want, but there are a lot of honey gamesters out there waiting to ply their games of lustful suspense upon you if you aren't careful. That's where trust comes in and some blinded souls forget that a honey gamester knows all about the tricks of the heart.

When that happens, life is getting ready to test you big time to see what you're made of because only time, patience and faith in the Most High Alone can heal a broken heart and bring you relief. Did I hear you say, "Where's Al Green when you need to hear a private encore acapella version of 'How do you mend a broken heart?' "

All jokes aside, the word trust in the reality show of love is an action verb that requires two committed souls to engage in a heart-to-heart confab and for a soul- to-soul meeting of the minds in order to start a successful relationship. How many "hue-mans" really put that pedal to the medal in order to advance a more perfect union of two minds, bodies and souls until death do them part. Where is the love? Think about it.

I do believe "With Trust Comes Love," and I'll tell you upfront that cheating and sneaking around never builds trust. It will more than likely surely destroy a relationship from the outside in, if you follow where I'm coming from. Think!

Real love is constant and remains because trust in a real caring and sharing spouse is harder to find than locating a proverbial needle in a haystack. Never forget that "With Trust Comes Love." For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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