Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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Keeping the Faith
8/5/2015 5:13:25 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

There are so many times in my life when the unannounced ordeals from the Most High Alone come at me from every nook and corner of my worldly existences until they are trials unto themselves. I believe that you can testify to that sentiment if you're honest and upfront with yourself.

Believe me when I tell you, as I'm sure you'll again emphatically agree, "life is what it is" in no uncertain terms of declarations. Life is a spiritual carpet ride that is always filled with the unknown predictable, ever ready to come at us from out of nowhere, testing the full measure of what we are about. That's just the way that it is as life's tests are there for a reason.

You and I may not fully comprehend the reasons of why were being tested at first, but this testing by God Alone's decrees occurs twenty-four seven, if you catch my drift. For a conscious spiritual believer in the Most High Alone, there never appears to be any letup when it comes to be tested by the Creator Alone of every thing and everyone.

This brings me to why I'm writing this article today, and it's because a beautiful young Afro-American sister was relating the essence of the aforementioned philosophy to me yesterday as she and I were conversing about life. She seemed to be dismayed by what life was dishing out to her in a so-called failed relationship, and she appeared to be riding a defeatist horse to no where.

Being a reader of "The Chronicle" and some of my thoughts for a couple of years led her to ask me what I thought about her predicament, and what suggestions I could give her. After a slight pause, I offered the following with reservation, especially knowing that she was heartbroken over love gone awry.

I told her in just so many unspecified words that life is a stern challenge for everyone and no one will escape the tests of life, including all the stupendous highs and the unwanted lows. That, of course, includes affairs of the heart and who in all of "hue-manity" hasn't been there a time or two?

The challenge that I referred to the young sister with care was understanding the knowledge of one of life's lessons. And that is as you grow older, patience's wisdom attaches itself to you, because when you put your faith in God Alone, you'll see the wisdom of why being patient when things don't necessarily go the way you want or expect them to will aid you in the long scheme of things.

Life is an examination to see what we're made of. Some of us have to learn the very hard way about this factor of the living experience. This point I tried to drive home to the young lady with simplicity and caring as we talked in very respectful spiritual norms of communication.

Even though she doesn't follow my religious tradition, nor do I adhere to her ideologies about certain things, but there definitely was a spiritual connection between us that cemented us in "flowing" on in our intercommunication. There was respect on both of our parts towards each other as I attempted to further explain to her the power of "Keeping the Faith" in God Alone when things get a little funky sometimes, and I hope you'll pardon my parlance in using that word at this time.

I explained, in my own casual way of speaking to the young ebony princess, that life is full of the unexpected and to possess faith in the Most High Alone, Who (Alone) is in charge of everything and everyone, when this happens is a sign of complete submission to His (Alone) will. In my view, all the ordeals and trials of life can be summed up as tests from God Alone to see what we're all made of.

Does that make sense to you, or are you, maybe, forgetting about what the Most High Alone has done for you when you thought you were down (and out) in your own past personal bouts with the trials, ordeals and tests of life? Be honest with your memory as you recall how you've made it thus far in your own life's journey. Who helped you???

I told the young lady that life is more than a cake walk to a magical never, never land of ease, but, rather, it's a realistic test of spiritual endurance for those who don't give up when times are rough. You know, some of us old and young "colored" folk quickly forget that manifesto of sound living and when that occurs we start on the road to spiritual indebtedness in more ways than I can count.

My suggestion to the young princess was to never let any force of negativity or doubt destroy her total faith in God Alone, not even for one second. I told her to maintain her belief in the Most High Alone by "Keeping the Faith" in the Creator Alone of everything and everyone at all times and in every circumstances.

I told her not to cry crocodile tears over a lost love because "it is what it is" and, sadly, it happens all the time. On this occasion, I reminded her that it was her turn to be tested by love's gone away heartache, so be strong. When I said this, not knowing how she would receive what I meant, she turned and gave me a silent smile of agreement. Then, in that instance, I knew that she was on her way to maturing in the wisdom of patience's self-developmental path to spiritually "Keeping the Faith," even though her heart and spirits may have been hurting.

I concluded my talk by saying,"Nothing would exist if it were not by the Creator Alone's permission," and that's exactly what I told her. I extend that to you also regardless of your ethnicity, religious persuasion, hue or gender, because life's excursion from the cradle to the grave is not easy for anyone in creation, a fact that I emphasize to you, myself, the young sister and all others to never forget.

In trying times, always remember to praise the Creator Alone, and no other, because when you "Keep the Faith" in God Alone, you'll be able to handle and endure all the ordeals, trials and tests of life with patience and wisdom. Give the Most High Alone the glory in life's difficult moments and see what happens.

Enough's been said. Try it, and I'm sure you'll loved the results. God Alone never leaves you hanging if you put you trust and faith in Him Alone. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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