Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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Savoring the Memories
7/29/2015 5:29:01 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Just recently one of my close family members, a cousin named Teddy who lives in Brooklyn, New York, informed of his caring for a dear childhood friend of his who was very ill and had been in failing health. Teddy really was preoccupied with taking care of and visiting his friend in the hospital.

As I heard my cousin talk about his friend with love and admiration for about two weeks or so, I couldn't help but think of some my old personal childhood friends, many who have left this physical earth, but haven't vacated my reflective memories. Maybe, you, too, can sense where I'm coming from because you've been in that mood of thinking from time-to-time as the death clock slowly winds down on all of us with age having no factor in the process.

I want you to listen very carefully about my vibes as you progress in reading my thoughts for today, because "life is something special, but time waits for no one." That was my general, spiritual flow after receiving a most recent email from my Cousin Teddy on yesterday which alerted me to the fact that his friend had died.

As I looked at the email, I thought of what could I say to my relative about being in that moment of realizing that his lifelong good buddy would no longer physically be present in the here and now for him to talk to and enjoy further pleasurable moments with. Sad, but true, "life is what it is" in more ways than one of understanding the depth of its unpredictable subtleties.

I have no doubt that every sane being has certainly been in the space that my Cousin Teddy presently occupies as he "Savors the Memories" of his dear friend. I know that I have been, as I'm sure that you have, and if you haven't, you'll soon shall be, if there are any "special" souls in your midst.

You see, life is the cyclical, revolving teacher for all of us if we clearly understood what the living process entails. It, in my spiritual and religious scope of things, is about birth and rebirth because I believe that we are born, or created, to live and we are likewise created to die. Does that make sense?

While you think about it, that point is clear to me as I think of what Cousin Teddy is probably feeling now about the loss of his dear compadre at this moment in time. Like I've said before, we've all been there a time or two "Savoring the Memories" of special and unique souls who've been in our lives from time-to-time.

From loving parents to siblings to our children to familial relatives to close bosom buddies to even somewhat casual, but select, acquaintances who touch our deepest thoughts and lifestyles, we feel the physical loss of those unique souls in our lives when they passed with a memorable fondness that defies description. I know my Cousin Teddy, an African-American, feels that way in so many more ways than I can politely put into words because no one knows what degree or how special a soul touches another soul, especially those souls who gave love, kindness and friendship with austere genuineness that enriched our beings.

I don't intrinsically believe that "Savoring the Memories" is in anyway special to the Afro-American Community alone. No, it's idiosyncratic to every ethnic communities from all over the globe because it's about remembering at death's call what sharing, respecting, giving, caring and loving of those "special" ones in the name of the Creator Alone was and is all about.

I hope that you realize that God Alone is the creator of everything and everyone, and it is His choice Alone to decide when death is to be ushered in. As you read, and as I write, please also know that we are next on the list, but we just don't know exactly when or how death will take place. Think about that quickly because time is running out as you ponder death's reality.

If that point is not up for a whimsical debate in your mental space, then let's try to make sense of these few precious moments that me, you, my Cousin Teddy and everyone else who is temporarily breathing have to make some peace and happiness in this world. In some corners of today's modernity, all some folk have to cling to is the mythical wing and a proverbial prayer. Think about that also.

If you know me by now, after twenty plus years of reading my views, you know that I believe in the power of prayer, but only to God, the Creator Alone, of everyone and everything thing. Memories are sweet but as death awaits us all, I ask sternly, "What is the purpose of life and why was and has has each and every created "hue-man" being been created?

Don't fall short on that request because I, again, believe that purpose in every "hue-man' s" creation is to worship (only) the Creator Alone, the One, Who Alone creates life and death. If that resonate axiom affixed to my, your and others' spiritual belief patterns, we'd clearly understand what goes around, comes around. Living is no complex mystery.

In a way it's like explaining the purpose and reason to life and death is a part of the so- called mystery itself. In essence, we live to die and we die to live. It doesn't take a nuclear scientist to figure that basic life formula out in "Savoring the Memories" of life predestined realities. God Alone is in control of everything.

The specter of death is a reality no created ethnic soul can escape. You can be certain that when the time comes for you to be called, if that is a phrase that you can comprehend without unnecessary discussion about death, you will not be missed or late for that roll call.

My Cousin Teddy's friend apparently was sick and God Alone called him and relieved him of his earthly bodily discomfort. Think back at how the special ones in your own visible life's world's of experiences were called by the Most High Alone. Think.

Hmm! I'm doing that now as I prepare to wind down my piece for this week. Remember, that life is too precious to waste on bitterness and hatred. Live each moment as a testament to worshipping only God Alone, Who Alone controls everything around you, me, my Cousin Teddy and all other ethnic beings in creation. Live in a space called peace.

To you and to all the living among "hue-manity," I wish you happiness and joy in the moment. Be at peace with yourself and others because the next second is not promised to you, me or anyone else for that matters. For this moment and always, that's, "As I See it."


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