Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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Early Morning Driven Thoughts
7/22/2015 3:28:31 PM
Last Updated:
7/22/2015 3:40:40 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Greetings to you as you read this latest blast from my inner thoughts. It's brief but I believe that it will enrich your present thinking also for the better just as has mine.

You see, it's early in the morning and I just competed getting up from sleep and praying. It's just a magnificent feeling to rise and praise the Most High Alone one more time until all that can say is that I feel artistically rejuvenated.

For some odd reason, or another, as usually happens to my spiritually inclined writing mind-set, I sat down and a dwelled on a hot thought that was pulsating in head waiting to be explored. In the openness of the dawning new day I thought about something I remembered that I read by a brother named Wes Hall in a newspaper a long time ago.

It was about this guy writing putting his foot down on the accelerator of his car and how he had done so (instinctually) without thinking about it in the process of driving his vehicle. He mentioned, as best I can recall, that he did this even though he was behind the wheel of a two-ton piece of metal all the while possessing no fear whatsoever in his ability to control it.

Brother Hall went on to describe that as he went on to move this powerful vehicle forward after stopping for a red light, he did so never questioning or doubting whether the auto would move forward as a result of him stepping on the gas. As I reflect back on Mr. Hall's message, I believe he asked something to the point-"After all, (wasn't) that what was it created to do?"

Continuing in my mental landscaping mode as I often do, I remembered that Mr. Hall referenced a statement from the great writer and thinker Emerson, who said "People only see what they are prepared to see." Recalling that thought shot my writing juice sky high.

In the majesty of my present "Early Morning Driven Thoughts," brother Wes Hall's message was clearly pronounced in my thoughts because I'm scurried to get my pad to put down some of the fresh and motivating gleanings I was perceiving from this brother's vintage rap. Lessons can and do come from everywhere and at anytime if you just "open" your mind to receive them.

They are all around us if we dare to be patient and let God Alone unfurl them before our hearts, minds and souls with respectful acceptance. I don't know about you, but the messages of and the signs from the Creator Alone are straight paths for the wise to decipher where to go for their own spiritual direction, worth and vitality.

I took the symbolic understanding of what I was vibing on about the brother's rap to say to now say to you that, is that we in "hue-manity" don't comprehend many meaningful things that are right before our eyes.

Oftentimes, powerful signs from the Most High Alone are completely unseen and lost before our subjective eyes and collective mind-sets.

I use that point of reference for you to ask yourself how times have you not seen things clearly right before your eyes that could have benefited you in the long scheme (s) of existence. Frankly, you don't have to tell me, but I think that you get the message.

Life is a continual roadway from beginning to end, and it could be likened to when you press the accelerator on your mental car you (figuratively) set off a series of events that actually start the auto to move forward.

You and I do it instinctively and figuratively because we subliminally give unseen thoughts to our mental automobiles and they are what makes the vehicle responds and reacts to your commands of it.

I know that I do that whenever I begin or are am actively actively involved in the mental driving mode, especially at this moment. In other ways, this "Early Morning Driven Thinking" has me pressing the accelerator in my mind as I believe it should be because like for you and me, a mental mind, aimlessly driven, will lead you nowhere.

If you visualize your mind as a mental vehicle, and it is, then use it properly when you hit the highways and byways of the living expressways of life. A mental mind can be a terrible thing to lose if you don't value its importance to you in the first place.

Sometimes, we can become lost in the frustrating illusions of our life's trials and burdens and our daily automobiles of mental existences, that are supposed to instinctively and figuratively guide us to our aimless pursuits of happiness and live, just don't. Remember that thoughts are your mental vehicles that lead you spiritually from here to there in life's journeys and they are synonymous to actions which shape our destinies.

We are what we think we are in plain simple language. Some wise folk instinctively get it and others, in "hue-manity," figuratively speaking, don't have a clue of what's going. It took me quite me quite a while to comprehend the brutal reality of "so as a man thinketh, so is he."

I hope that you do because I don't think a lot of abstract minded ethnic "colored" folk of America and beyond do. And maybe, it's because they can't or won't place their full attention spans on what's before them. Some are deaf, dumb and blind. Do you get where I'm coming from?

I hope so because I think that the reasons why many of these folk can't see what's in front them is because there's no emphasis on developing productive cognitive skills in their lives that are vital to operating a sound spiritual mind and a superior mental body.

Having a spiritually fine tuned mental vehicle can allow anyone in "hue-manity," with precision and clarity, to move forward in life completely uninhibited. Drive your thoughts correctly.

I return to Brother Hall's insight once again in closing my thoughts today. He said,"Just as a car cannot move forward without a direct command from the driver, you cannot obtain ultimate success without delivering a clear signal to your system of thoughts."

For today and always, be a safe and mindful driver on the roads of life. "The life you save could be your very own." Again, remember you are what you think, and that's, "As I See It."


Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Naseer Dhaamin Submitted: 7/29/2015
Nice article Brother Hakim!

Submitted By: Naseer Dhaamin Submitted: 7/29/2015
Nice article Brother Hakim!

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