Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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Race Relations
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Timely Reflections
6/24/2015 2:54:11 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

This column is an article where I'm going to ask you, as you carefully read it, to hang in there with me for a little bit. I'm trying to gather my collective thoughts now during some anticipated joyful moments and during some unexpected depressing situations which are and have been occurring in my worlds of existences.

I'm writing this piece that I can only reference as "Timely Reflections," because this past week has been one where I'm summoned to look at life and things around me in many different ways. First, the holy fasting month of Ramadan began for me and all of the world's 1.85 billion or so Muslims throughout the world.

It's a special and unique a time for us as we abstain from food and drink and sex with your legal spouse from dawn to sunset, forever trying to gain inner spiritual strentgh and faithful disciple in reading the Holy Quraan and through extra prayers. For the Muslims, the month of Ramadan is the time when the Muslims show each other what true fasting is all about just as it was, is and should be for the followers of Jesus and Moses (May God Alone be pleased with them).

When I think of fasting in Islaam, I think of "Timely Reflections" where patience, guidance and faithful adherence to obeying the rules of God Alone to all of His Alone Messengers are standards of self-discipline. There's no time for bigotry, envy, racism and hatred for the informed spiritual seeker of love and respect.

Ramadan's universal observance requires that I, and other true practicing believers, practice forgiveness with others and to give up any anger that has crept into our souls during the past eleven months. This ninth month of the twelve months Islaamic lunar calendar is filled with 30 days of exacting "Timely Reflections," all meant to bring the believing Muslims in line with what God Alone has ordered for them to do and be about.

Living here in the West as a Muslim is full of demanding challenges in many trying formats and in and under not-so-typical circumstances. Some of these challenges appear in form of life threatening arenas where some "colored" folk know little, or nothing at all, of the religion of Islaam. Learning is a tool to enlighten those who want to know.

Some folk in this country may be unaware, for instance, that many of the enslaved and captured Africans who came to the Caribbean, South America and the United States came from powerful Islaamic "our-storical" academic sectors of "The Motherland," and they were some of the most educated and learned of the captives. You, too, may not have known that, and that's why the living process is always full of knowledge galore if you take time to learn. That includes learning about life's unexpected happenings.

When I think of what "Timely Reflections" is, I'm always thinking of the horrors of the dreaded Middle Passage which brought those enslaved and captured Africans to the Western Hemisphere with no respect to their religions, cultural norms, glorious languages and ethnic names by the callous enslavers. Just thinking about that with a slight hint of respectful pride makes me want to observe Ramadan with more solemn intensity and dignified rapport with others of like mid-sets than I have had in previous years.

As I age, by the Creator Alone's permission, I feel blessed to be a Muslim living in America, even with the test of dislike that sometimes surfaces from the hearts, minds and thoughts of some subversive anti-Islaamic folk. That's what life in America is about in many ways if you have a different lifestyle or religious leaning other the so-called traditional norm. As I think of "Timely Reflections" in the modern parlance of the word, I feel totally blessed and ennobled by the fact that I worship and have faith in only God, the Creator Alone of the heavens and the earth, and I worship absolutely no "hue-man" being, no matter who teaches it, as such.

To that end, observing "siyam" (fasting) during this period of "Timely Reflections" is uniquely Islaamic, in that, it lets me know that worshipping God Alone is what all the prophets and messengers of God Alone taught, practiced and preached for all of us to observe same with all the fellow created "colored" souls of "hue-manity" throughout the annals of existence.

Now, the other thing that has been on my mind has been the fact that the very night (June 18, 2015) Ramadan started, a devilish and troubled soul entered a sacred place of worship called Emanuel A.M.E. Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, and murdered nine innocent souls. What a way, as a sign from God Alone, for me to attempt to decipher, in addition to starting off the fasting month, the preciousness of valuing each moment that's been given to me and you.

Even though I'm not a Christian, those beloved lives at that church were symbolically exceptional creations of God Alone. They did nothing wrong to deserve that dastardly fate that befell them, other than having been born Black, or being of the African Diaspora. Ranging in ages from 26-years-old to 87-years-old, these beautiful men and women were a mercurial blend of kindhearted Christian identified souls from what has been told to me and the general public.

None of that matter to a deranged terrorist who took their lives operating under the cover of darkness and deceit. Their deaths shocked the entire globe, just as it certainly did the decent and God fearing people in the Charleston area. The murderer and others like him were and are sabotaged by Satan's constant revolting negativity and his bothersome evil suggestions to these abstract and aimless souls.

Evil, seemingly, is lurking everywhere in the universe and all of the world's "colored" folk, including Euro-Americans and Afro-Americans and others alike, face said possible victimization. Please beware.

In using the term " colored" folk, please don't be intellectual color blinded because I'm referring to all of the created "hue-man" beings of "hue-manity." We are all people of color. True Islaam teaches me that God Alone created us so that we could live together in peace according to His Alone laws and rules and that does not include being racist and bigoted. No way.

What happened at Emanuel AME Church was shockingly abominable and utterly reprehensible to any sane believer in honoring the true rules of the Creator Alone for His Alone created "hue-man" beings and that is to first have respect for each other in creation because we were all created to worship our Creator (Alone) and to live in peace with love for all and hatred for none. That's a "Timely Reflection" worth remembering. Obviously, a troubled and confused specimen of "hue-manity" forgot, or wasn't taught, that cardinal principle of "hue-man" cohabitation. He followed the whims of Satan and look what occurred. Need I say any more?

As I continue on in this venerated fasting month of Ramadan, maybe we all should understand what the bottom line of it is all about. When you really fast for the sake of God Alone, you don't have room for "hue-man" bigotry, racism and ethnic hatred, etc., because you're too busy focusing on obeying God Alone and not Satan.

As you read this, please remember that there's no hate coming from me towards you or anyone else, because hate fuels people like the individual who deceptively invaded Emanuel AME on June 18,2015, with the sole purpose of doing Satan's handiwork. Let's fast from Satan's unending suggestions of racial evil and ethnic division, especially at a time when our nation needs to heal from the latest Satanic attack.

To the families of "The Emanuel 9," May God Alone be with you during this period of suffering, healing and grief and beyond. Keep the faith. That's the only thing that will bring you through these trying times with "Timely Reflections" of spiritual courage or face each new day knowing that God Alone never makes a mistake. He Alone has your back covered. For today and always, that's,"As I See It."


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