Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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The Ultimate Love for All the Ages
5/13/2015 4:20:41 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I'm writing this article today because of a conversation I had two days ago with an individual who asked me why I always seemed to have a sort of spiritual bent to what I write about.  This brother was and is a loyal supporter of "The Charleston Chronicle."

He was sincere, polite and not at all negative in his inquiring observations about my uniquely written "As I See It" columns, as he described it, I welcomed his upfront inquiry about my writing style and thought processes in doing what I do as a columnist.

I told him flatly that I am and have been blessed, privileged and deeply honored to write for the legendary "Jim" French's weekly Afro-American news organ. Being a God Alone fearing soul, I told the brother that I owe it all to ALLAH (God Alone) and no other for being allowed to do what I do, even with my numerous shortcomings.

Professing sincerely what I just said, I told the good brother that there's nothing worthy of glorifying except the Most High Alone, because for me bearing witness to God Alone is "The Ultimate Love for All the Ages." I could not, nor would I, utter anything else from my lips, heart and soul because the knowledge of God Alone's Oneness affects me in everything that I feel and experience.

You see, I write from what the Creator Alone places in my mind, heart and thoughts to offer to the brother in question, you and the rest of "The Chronicle's" supporters what's in my soul at the moments I sit down to "get busy" and do "my" journalistic thing. Writing as I do over the past two plus decades has been a labor of committed intensive and heartened thinking since I penned my initial column in fo Mr. French in 1986.

It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but as you've heard before, time passes by ever so quickly. And since the late '80s, since first writing the way I do in my columns, much has changed for me in my own life, Black America, our nation and the rest of the world-at-large and it has affected me. 

I try to look for peaceful answers to solve complex problems and not vice versa. That obvious fact probably applies to you also if you're a thinker and a lover of inner peace and happiness. As such, I hope that you know that you and I have only gotten to that resolve in this point in time by the wondrous Grace of the Most High Alone.

Hopefully, you're there with me on that assessment because without the merciful and compassionate blessings of and from God Alone, Who Alone extends this very moment to you, the reader, where would you be? Knowing this foremost reality is another opportunity for me and you to say openly that we love the Creator Alone every second of every day, and that's enough reason for me and you again to proclaim that's the greatest love of all.

In writing as I do, I have to admit that in many instances, my thoughts tend to be more poetic in overall delivery, even in my rather distinct writing style and column presentation.

Here's a little background info about me, I was a prolific poet in Washington, D C, Newark, New Jersey, and in and around Harlem, New York, in my earlier writing resume before writing for "The Chronicle," here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Life is full of lessons to write about and I've lived many experiences, some too, too many to recall with fondness. I have been a lot places around the globe in my life's sojourn thus far, but the greatest and most significant factor for me that has influenced what I write about today was when I intrinsically began studying religion and "his-story" seriously in the early '60s.

That eventually led me to study "our-story" and the truth about who God (Alone) is and who He (Alone) was not. Along the way I recognized that I had a certain gift to explain what I was learning via spoken word and written poetry, long before such mediums were considered hip to do so. Knowledge is wherever you find it.

Focusing on what submitting to the Creator Alone's spiritual directives and guidance systems were (and are) has been a constant source of inquiry for me. Through these motivational pathways, I've come to realize that all "hue-mans" have a purpose in life, including you, whether some of us know it or not.

That realization, "As I See It," is to try to live a life, even amidst such apparent present day rampant spiritual ignorance and global political chaos, where universal peace and religious respect among all "hue-manity" should be the number two priority on our lifetime daily goals' listings. Number one, "As I See It," should always be to associate nothing or no one in creation with the Creator Alone of everything and everyone. What is the purpose of your existence?

Following that line of thinking as I write thinking of answering "The Chronicle's" reader's inquisitiveness about my writing style and journalistic mind-set. 

My so-called gift of writing the way that I do is not practiced or copied--it comes to me as a humbled blessing from the Most High Alone, knowing fully well that if there are any errors in what I'm saying or intimating via my articles, the fault(s) surely lies within me.

I ask God Alone to forgive me. On the contrary, if there's even a scintilla of truth from whatever I write and it gives you a better understanding that we should only honor God Alone and give peace and respect a chance, then, most respectfully, give "All Praises to the Creator Alone" in and under all of the trying circumstances in life, and there are many. 

I say that because I know about some of them, but I still know, realize and testify that God Alone is "The Ultimate Love for All the Ages." 

Now, maybe, you, like the above mentioned curious reader fan, know why I think the way that I do, and it influences so many segments of my thinking, including how and why I write the way that I do. 

I personally respect everyone, even if they may disagree with my spiritual directions, because to each his or her own because there's no compulsion in religion. All life is precious.

We're all created by The Supreme Force (Alone) of everyone and everything, Who (Alone), is greater than all of His Alone's unique creation, and He Alone,Who does not needed anything from them to exist in His Alone realm. 

With that full pristine spiritual comprehension, at least in my mind-set, how could I not recognize that God Alone is, again, "The Ultimate Love for All the Ages."

I said it because I believe in it, and that's why I write about it the way that I do. So, I need not answer anymore questions on why I write the way that I do. I owe everything to ALLAH. 

For today and and always, most respectfully, I wish you salaam (peace), and, that's,"As I See It."


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