Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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Race Relations
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Jasmine Flowers
4/29/2015 5:58:56 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It's springtime in the vastness of the bald eagle's domain called America, and I feel blessed to be able to witness being here in this moment to smell "Jasmine Flowers."

I know to the unassuming and inattentive mind-set that may sound like a bit odd for an article coming from me, but anything in nature is something worthy of talking about in my way at looking at life's lessons. And that includes the wondrous flowers of creation, including the beautiful jasmine plant.

Nature, by the Creator Alone's infinite design, is an elaborate and striking showcase to behold, unlike any other thing to simply imagine was aimlessly placed by God Alone for us not to appreciate even the simplest of norms.

The jasmine flowers that bloom fragrantly in nature and before me announce that life is saying more than a quiet whisper to my intelligent senses as I politely sniff the scent of this natural love offering from the Most High Alone.

It's the mellow smell of this genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family that fascinates me as I sit in the backyard of a truly good buddy's home, and his garden of luscious plants filled my mind with thoughts of peace and love for all the hurting and desperate souls of the world.

Somehow, in a flash, I dream of extending this pristine moment with all the "hue-mans" of creation because the sweet smell of "Jasmine Flowers" tells me that inner peace does and can exist if one did but take the time to get a whiff of its odoriferous tranquility.

Call me a poetic wordsmith, if you dare, but please be aware that I'm only a sensitive brother of color seeking to only glorify the Lord Alone of creation by acknowledging one of the zillions of His Alone's precious majesties, even if it only is a unique plant called jasmine.

To that astounding reality, I can only say "All Praises are Due to God Alone" with humility and awe. Nature truly is a love song.

With all the hatred that seemingly, sadly, abounds in and all about the many confused parts of present day "hue-manity," I sense the need for these ethnic "colored" souls to chill and lightly smell the peace scent of "Jasmine Flowers."

It's more than a metaphorical utterance and inference that we all may need to smell the real liberating fragrance of what inner peace and tranquility is like.

If we did I sincerely feel that there would be less hatreds, turmoils and chaos in the hearts of some men and women, especially those who may be lost to the notion that peace in life and nature is attainable if they but gave it an opportunity to fulfill its latent potential. The essence of what "Jasmine Flowers" intrinsically represents to a lover of life and a thinker of peace is not to be taken lightly.

This essence symbolizes, at least to me, that we all should take the time to smell the sweet natural scents of peace and tranquility while we are alive in this phase of life to enjoy them.

Think about it as you remember that nature in all of its resplendent manifestations is God Alone's spectacular creative mercy, power, peace, love and brilliance at work for us to enjoy and appreciate.

And now while I'm here in my buddy's fabulous and gorgeous natural backyard layout, I'm still "vibing" on the very sweet and aromatic smell of "Jasmine Flowers" at his home as they permeate my thoughts with a natural mental calming elevation. Hmm! I can only think of peaceful feelings for my fellow " hue- mans" in society without false indignities.

The world-at-large is in need of a natural peaceful legal high that requires that reverence before God Alone should be the main agenda on and in all aware souls' minds, hearts and souls.

Maybe, if we took a moment and smelled the proverbial roses and jasmines of life, we'd be a lot less angry and hostile towards each other and we could sit down in the peaceful arenas and gardens of life and meditate on what it is that's making us uptight in the first place.

I pose that question to you as you think, for example, why there are so many assorted Afro brothers of color dying at escalating and alarming rates the way that they are for no apparent reasons other than just "Standing, Walking or Driving While Black." Life is precious to all living souls, and it only serves as a wake up call to the rest of us to never take a moment for granted. The next moment could be "your" last one.

That's why I'm savoring the sweet smell of "Jasmine Flowers" and the symbolic meaning that it is sending to my reflective mind-set. It's telling me that smelling the proverbial roses or "Jasmine Flowers," in this instance, for me, says more to my God Alone fearing mind-set, than mere poetic words. Life is precious.

In my thoughts, I'm presently feeling that not only does just "Black Lives Matter," but " 'All' Lives Matter" because every soul has been and was created for a purpose, and that was and is to serve God Alone.

The scent of "Jasmine Flowers" in my buddy's marvelous, landscaped earthly garden, with all of his varied plants abundantly displayed, reminds me that all ethnic beings are like similarly created "hue-man" flowers in life.

We all come in different varieties, shades and shapes, but we are all creations of God Alone, created to live in peace and with respect for all and malice toward none.

The various flowers in my buddy's wondrous garden get it as they create a beautiful tapestry of sight and smell to observe that is still astonishing before my very eyes.

I only wish that "hue-mans" in the worldly concrete gardens of life understood same. If that were to happen, man, oh, man, wouldn't that be a tremendous sight to see and feel. I pray for spiritual unity.

I hope that day will come. Until that time, I guess I'm stuck with dreaming in the future tense as I realize the real tranquility of "Jasmine Flowers" is, maybe, only existing in my mind's eye's present tense. I'll settle for that for now, but I want you to know that we all are flowers in God Alone's natural garden for "hue-mans" called the earth.

For today and always, I wish you the sweetest essence of tranquility's luxurious everlasting scent. I hope that peaceful smell engulfs you the way God Alone intended it to be, just as the sweet scent of "Jasmine Flowers" embraces the air around me. Let the scent of peace's flowers fill the air and, that's, "As I See It."


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