Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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Feeling Grand in the Now
4/23/2015 11:31:28 AM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Life is full of pleasant surprises and unexpected challenges. There's no escaping those realities.

Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting an old acquaintance who I literally hadn't seen in years. As we conversed about the happenings in our lives that had taken place over the long lost years, we both celebrated how blessed we were to have "run"into each other once again.

It was a chance meeting, I guess the spiritually uninitiated might say, but that occasion are fueling my thoughts presently as I write this week's article. It's simply about "Feeling Grand in the Now." Please read on.

I'm a "hue-man" who lives with a spiritual awareness of the importance of recognizing that each moment is precious, and that the next one is not guaranteed. I know that to some "colored" folk of "hue-manity" that may not be a big deal because some of them may take the next expected moment as a given.

To each his own but for me, "As I See It," I take each moment for what it is. In my penetrating concept of looking at life, I reflectively sense that each moment in time is a grand excursion for me in thanking the Most High Alone for each granted moment here on earth that He Alone has given me.

Many ethnic "colored" folk, of all nationalities and creeds, also hold true to that basic truism without argument. I sense that they, just as I do, believe that they are granted this unique moment in present time because God Alone has been merciful to them by allowing them to exist in this present time and space.

That's the way I felt when I saw the aforementioned long lost buddy of mine, who I hadn't seen in years. I was extolling to him that it was the mercy of the Most High Alone, Who Alone kept us alive up to that point in time and brought us unexpectedly together one more time. Life is not to be taken lightly as we all will answer death's call sooner or later.

My long lost acquaintance and I were so glad to see each other until we both were sharing the ups and downs that had (and have) surfaced in our respective lives with soulful candor. Through it all we both agreed what a joy it was from God Alone that He Alone brought us through so many hardships, exultations and tribulations in our lives with a greater understanding of what it meant to give thanks to the Creator Alone in and under all circumstances no matter who we are.

You see I'm a Muslim and my long lost buddy is a Christian, but we never have allowed our various faith paths to take us away from one key fact. And that fact was (and is) that there's nothing worthy of worship except God Alone.

I can think of no other grander feeling than to know and recognize that we are only here by the will of the Creator Alone. That's why I'm "Feeling Grand in the Now" as I continually write about the sweetness of being in the here and now.

As you read on, I'd like you to savor this "now" moment that you're in, hopefully, knowing that you may not finish reading the rest of what I'm presently writing. Please don't take that statement loosely as some may because the next moment is not guaranteed to you, me or them.

Somehow, my long lost buddy and I both spoke of many mutual "hue-mans," who we once knew well, but we're not here anymore. As I said previously, life doesn't wait for anyone no matter whether you be Muslim, Christian, Rastafarian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or, very respectfully, whatever you labeled your spiritual path, if you have one.

Life is precious and it requires being aware that we all were and are created by the supreme force of creation, Who Alone, has no partners and is not likened to any of His Alone creations. That recognition is so grand a pristine reality until how can any created soul not help but give homage only to God Alone, Who (Alone) creates life and death. What a "grand feeling" to know.

Spirituality "Being in the Now" is being totally aware of how blessed we all are to be living in this phase of life that we call the here and now by the Creator Alone's merciful decree. That's what I shared with my Christian long lost buddy as we both took time to briefly reflect with sadness the sickening ills and wanton destruction going on in our nation and the throughout the globe in maddening proportions.

We spoke of the need for all so-called self-promoted spiritual rappers of the word to be esteemed practitioners of the solitary way in order to please the Most High Alone with the only opportunity we have to do so. That opportunity, of course, is now, and it should be to submit to the peace that God Alone has prescribed to all, since from the very beginning of "hue-man"creation in Africa, for all sincere and knowledgeable seekers of peace to follow in reverence, love, respect and humility.

As I write "in the Now," I can't help but think of how blessed my long lost buddy, you and me are to be here to give thanks to the Most High Alone for that powerful spiritual comprehension. That's why I'm writing as I presently am because I really am "Feeling Grand in the Now."

I hope that you're also "Feeling Grand in the Now," giving knowledgeable salutations to the Creator Alone of everything and everyone in existence. If you are, give present and futuristic eternal thanks to God Alone for being in the here and now like you mean it.

If that's done with graceful humility and prayerful sincerity, I can't think of a more fitting magnificent "hue-man" expression to offer to the Most High Alone except to say in the present, "All Praises are Due to God Alone" in whatever language you may speak. Isn't that a "grand" verbal offering from the hearts, minds and lips of spiritually conscious souls to extend to their Creator Alone?

Never be ashamed or afraid to praise God Alone. It's the"Grandest Feeling" of all to have at any time of the night or day, but, especially, for one to possess in the present here and now. Give God Alone glory at times and may your days be peacefully long and spiritually rewarding, and that's, "As I See It."

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