Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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Race Relations
Do you think that race relations in the United States will improve in 2015?
Religious Arithmetic 101
4/2/2015 3:39:47 PM

I'm in another one of those moods where I just want to talk, or "rap," to you about why there's an increasingly apparent absence of universal "hue-manistic" peace in many sectors of world. The devil is busy and chaos abounds.

Do you sense where I'm coming from, or are you too much into your own worlds of philosophical abstractions to care about what's going on outside of your own personal space and diurnal activities? If that's the case, I'd like you to forget yourself for a moment, if possible, and think about the sufferings of some of the world's neglected and disenfranchised masses, who have no universal voice to speak for their sufferings and pains.

I'm not trying to offer apologies for anyone or toss hostilities on others, but I'm only attempting to raise an issue that resonates within me and, hopefully, other aware spirituality caring hearts and minds of the world's God Alone fearing "hue-mans." I make no personal apologia for trying to get you or anyone else in God Alone's precious to think about the importance of establishing the peace platform between believers in the Oneness of The Creator Alone.

The peace platform that I referring to is the establishment of real inner peace between so-called God Alone submitters of same in obeying the Commandments of the Most High Alone to live in tranquility and harmony with each other without corruption and deceit. That is what I believe is the ultimate path to seeking respect, without loathing, and peace, without mayhem, on the journey to the elusive peace spiritual process.

This desired peace platform process can't merely be achieved by whispering hints in the wind to a few abstract minded souls and some tricky politicians, but it has to be sincerely felt in and implemented in the hearts, minds and souls of every aware God Alone fearing soul, of all religious persuasions and spiritual intentions, solely for seeking the pleasure of God Alone. It's an issue also that needs to be on the front burners of every unaware soul too, because violence and criminality is no respecter of ethnicity, gender, class, or religious affiliation.

As I write my article for this week, my heart is heavy with sadness as I see and hear the ever-escalating local, national and international news happenings that seem to be occupying most of the shocking headlines that appear before my eyes and ears daily. They are shockingly occurring with so much rapidity that there appears to be no end in sight.

Such is much of today's news, and like the worst of a "Hollyweird" horror flick, many of
the world's pusillanimous political leaders appear to continually play endless mind and forked tongued games with the disillusioned and, in many instances, apathetic heartless thinkers of the world. It's a tragic shame because sometimes I wonder who really cares about establishing the, or even "a," peace process of any sensible kind that includes the misrepresented underdogs of the world?

I, unabashedly and politely, ask this as some of the world's duped and abstract minded populace are never told "the systematic truths" about what's going behind the "secret" political corridors before something abhorrently eerie is sprung upon them. When this occurs, many of these surprised "colored" folk don't care, or are totally left in the dark, about who politically does what or what financial shenanigans took place behind those scenes. Is being ignorant a sound mind-set?

Ponder that reality and ask yourself who controls the fortunes and livelihoods of the oppressed? Do you dare challenge me, or yourself, to explain that to yours truly, or anyone else, at this late stage of the awareness game called political intrigue, especially knowing what "poly-tricks" are really all about?

Think about that for another stone, cold constitutional and parliamentary moment in time as today's confused religious global horror movie actors,masquerading as B movie villains, seem to be producing untold criminal scenarios that are fit for audiences hell bent on establishing nothing but sheer maniacal lunacies and global hatreds galore in the name of religion. This is not what God Alone created His Alone created diverse aware and loving souls of all ethnicities to do in peace and harmony.

 I believe that everyone in creation is uniquely created in every sector of the Creator Alone's world and, as such, every soul in the living process has different mind-sets and feelings about many different things. Respect, peace and diplomatic fairness must be something that's more than a politically symbolic dove flying to bureaucratic nowhere, because racism, bigotry and hypocrisy have place in a shared respectful mathematical "hue-manistic" discussion.

Listen. Peace is what God Alone prescribed for all of His Alone "hue-man" creations to aspire to and live within. With that unequivocal understanding firmly cemented in my head, I still believe that, even with all of the world's multi-faceted differences of all kinds, we, as ethnically created "hue-mans" of all so-called racial groupings, must and should realize that we were created for purposes of unity and respect towards each other in worshipping God Alone.

I'm not a mathematician of renown, but I, again, believe that every living soul's life is valued, no matter what their color, religion or ethnicity is. Life is That, in my view, is the basic comprehension in understanding God Alone's respectful teaching us the course called "Religious Arithmetic 101."

You should also know that God Alone is the only relevant mathematical number One in all of creation. He is the Creator Alone, He Alone has stated that for you is yours, and for others, let them be what they are. There's no compulsion in religion. Such is the real comprehension of life's "Religious Arithmetic 101." For today, and always, I wish you peace, and that's, "As I See It."

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