Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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Quiet Thoughts and Private Moments
3/26/2015 11:00:59 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I recently had a very deep conversation with one of my main buddies from New Jersey. He and I go back a long way, and our relationship is such that we can talk to each other about anything without any type of negativity or hostility.

We have a special spiritual bond and respect that has been nurtured through some difficult and trying situations in our lives. But no matter what the case is, or has been, he's always been there for me, just like I believe that I've been there for him.

Our closeness of brotherhood makes me want to write about something that he and I discussed the other night. We both shared our opinions of what time this is and what's really happening in the world as we see it or sense it to be.

You can tell the discussion got heavy because my buddy is no intellectual lightweight. We talked about the issue of what is the meaning of life's ordeals, trials and tests to what really being alone is all about to the infinite mystery of possessing faith that leads the wise spiritual being to discovering the beauty behind God's tests for us.

Our rap took on concentrated levels of respect and concern because we both have tasted and experienced painful ordeals, tests and trials from the Most High Alone that have made us better submitters to God's will. We both recognized that everything happens for a divine reason, even if we weren't able to fully grasp that pristine axiom at the exact moment of said occurrences from the Most High Alone.

I know that was where I was coming from because I'm a self-admitted work-in-progress, and tranquility or stillness of the soul was where my spiritual heart was yearning for. It was almost like being in a state of experiencing "Quiet Thoughts" and savoring those "Private Moments" that the Creator Alone has challenged me, you and my New Jersey buddy to witness during life's trials, ordeals and tests with patience and fortitude.

My New Jersey buddy is a deep thinker, like I am, about life and the situations we all face and have to encounter on a diurnal basis. In purely simplistic terms, we both tend to gravitate to spiritual solutions in understanding life's challenges because it's such a pristine pathway to digest life's trying circumstances and arenas.

"Quiet Thoughts" of spiritual calmness lead me to know that life is not a complex ball of confusion like some abstract "colored" folk make it out to be. In my head, and in my very personal spiritual "Private Moments," I'm able to realize that life is what it is, and it is what we make it to be.

There are no shortcuts in trying to figure that out. "It is what is." Is that clear, or do you possibly rationalize that you were created to aimlessly drift in and out of worldly confusion without a spiritual solution?

While you ponder the reality of that ever-present scenario for yourself and for many of the globe's populace, please don't forget that time and space are precious spiritual entities to consider as you attempt to cope with whatever is pressing you, if anything is. I hope that you can decipher what I'm alluding to when I reference time and space in this article.

If you can then you know that space is a spiritual place where "Quiet Thoughts" exists within one's spiritual soul, and spiritual time is what you do with your spiritual "Private Moments." They intertwine around peace's spiritual permanent call to the spiritual soul to be at spiritual rest, even amidst the chaos of a sometimes maddeningly world that, at times, especially today that seems to at war with itself for one sinister and senseless preoccupation or the other.

Because of this psychotic battle in some "hue-man" psyches, some segments of "hue-manity" are disconnected from their own spiritual time and spiritual space in cycles of daily confusions and ethnic hatreds gone wild, hence the ideal inner spiritual soul apparently is always in some kind of conflict within itself. Maybe, that's why there are so many bitter ethnic hatreds and politically corrupt regimes trying to offer solutions to mundane problems of the earth without the slightest hint of what the problem really is. Think about it.

I'm feeling that the world is in a state of spiritual flux and all of the crass materialism that abounds cannot heal the overwhelming sufferings of the bewildering masses, who simply desire the basics of life. It's true that they may desire food, clothing and shelter, but what about gaining the world and losing their spiritual souls.

Think about that for a "quiet" spiritual instance in your own secluded "private" moment. I'd like to hear what you have to tell me and the rest of "hue-manity" if this were your last seconds or moments in this spiritual phase of life. As I suggested previously, once again, think about it.

My New Jersey spiritual buddy and I did, and the only thing we could uniformly say was that we must praise God Alone, and no other, in and under all circumstances, because the Creator Alone created everything including life itself. Some global, deranged "colored" folk have forgotten to cherish the sacredness of life itself. Have you?

Life is a created spiritual expanse that allows the spiritually wise in this spiritual phase of sacred existence to experience another single spiritual moment in spiritual time and spiritual space, hopefully, extolling "All Praises to the Creator Alone of everyone and everything." In all of my spiritually "Quiet Thoughts" and spiritually "Private Moments," that's all that I can honestly attest and submit to because without God Alone's guidance and mercy, where would you and I be?

My main buddy from New Jersey always seems to agree with me that the spiritual trials in life are there to make us wiser in handling the spiritual next tests to come. I trust that you are one of the wise ones who only praise God Alone in all your spiritual experiences from one spiritual moment to the next. Remember to always keep the faith in God Alone. For today and always, enjoy your "Quiet Thoughts and Private Moments," and that's, "As I See It."

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