Thursday, September 10, 2015  
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I Saw A Little Bird
3/4/2015 4:24:52 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Sometimes writing as I do and the way that I think always challenges me to observe even the most minute occurrence in life. Such was the case last Saturday when "I Saw A Little Bird" elegantly fly by window while I was seated near a window in a local restaurant.

It was raining this day, and for some unexplainable reason or the other, I was fixated on the rain falling against the window where I was sitting. This little bird, out of nowhere, appeared before my astonished eyes gracefully resting on the damp concrete just outside my view.

As I watched this amazing little creature of God land and having just done a complete 360 degree turn facing me with all the splendor of an acrobat, I was held in momentary joy at seeing a creature of the Most High Alone literally do its thing. I was held with in suspense at this sight.

You see, I'm a big student of recognizing the ever-unfolding signs of the Creator Alone, and believe me, this little marvelous creation of God Alone was teaching me about another lesson in Living 101. I trust that as you read on, you'll understand that everything in my purview about the sentient experience is a mighty sign and lesson from the Creator Alone, no matter the instance, individuals or arena that they occur.

Many times in my life's past episodes from here to there, I must admit that I was and had been guilty as all good night in casually not recognizing the power of God Alone's breathtaking creative control and architectural power. I feel blessed to me able to testify to that fact, and that I truly know that there's nothing worthy of worship but the Creator Alone of everything and everyone because there would be no existence without the Lord Alone of creation.

From that pristine understanding I can also offer that if it were not for the Creator Alone designing you, me and, yes, my little bird friend, there would be no existence. Nothing that is created is God because there is nothing like Hime Alone. Only God Alone is the Creator Alone of everything. I was humbled to be able to testify to that impressive unified truism when " I Saw A Little Bird."

The unity of God Alone, which in Arabic is described as "at-taw we'd," teaches observant submitters of the Creator Alone that there is nothing likened to ALLAH, the Creator Alone's resplendent name. All the true and legitimate Prophets and messengers of the Creator Alone taught and knew that God Alone was but One Alone, and that absolutely nothing or "no" one in "hue-manly" created flesh should be compared to the Most High Alone.

I believe that and I offer the following for you to think about as you process the symbolism of the created bird that I saw in the rain last weekend. Again, I say to you that ALLAH 's unity is a pure acknowledgement that the Creator Alone is but One, without any partners. Commonsensical wisdom should have told all "hue-mankind" that God Alone is the eternal, ultimate and supreme force without a beginning or and end.

ALLAH (God Alone) never perishes and will never come to an end. Nothing in life happens except what He Alone wills, and that shouldn't be to hard to legitimately and spiritually comprehend if you just take a moment in time to think about this undeniable fact.

If you do then you'd know that He Alone created everything and everyone with His Alone knowledge, including me, you and the little bird that I saw. God Alone allots to everything and everyone in creation fixed life spans.

ALLAH Alone has done so because He Alone has the power to do everything and everything is dependent on Him Alone. I understood that in seeing the little bird with its spindly, but sturdy, legs lift its mighty tiny wings fly off in the rain to parts unknown in ALLAH Alone's created universe with carefree joy and aerodynamic brilliance.

Watching that little bird do its thing reminded of another lesson that this little spectacular creature and other birds taught and teach me about the concept of only having spiritual trust in God Alone. I'd like you to read on with unbiased sentiments because the message is deep and serene to a true seeker of spiritual wisdom.

Please, again very respectfully, no matter what your religion is, if you have or claim one, read what I'm putting before you with a spiritual quest to see how God Alone provides for His Alone creation, even the majestic little birds which fly on high. This wisdom is something to truly think about as you go about living in this world of chaos and turmoil.

The Prophet Muhammad (May God Alone's Peace Upon Him) was quoted as legitimately saying "Were you to trust in God (Alone) as is His (alone) due, He Alone would provide for you just as He Alone provides for the bird that sets out early in the morning hungry and comes back to its nest in the evening well-fed." This should be easy to fathom, without prejudice and bias, because only God Alone encompasses everything and everyone and is above it and them, and what He Alone has created is incapable of encompassing Him Alone.

The birds know this, and that is a natural given sign of understanding the living process. God Alone never makes a mistake because everything happens to His Alone decree and will, and His Alone will is consummately masterful.

The only will that created "hue-mans" and others in creation have is what God Alone, the Creator Alone, wills for them. Remember, that what the Creator Alone wills for His Alone creations occurs and what He Alone does not will, does not occur. Never, ever forget that. I don't.

Somehow, the seeing that little bird in the gentle rain last Saturday taught me much about how even they were and are subject to the Creator's will between His Alone mercy and justice. I hope you remember this insight when you a bird. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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