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North Charleston Police
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A Black Father's Advice to His Son
2/25/2015 4:59:16 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today, I'm going to rap about a poignant subject that I think you may vibe on. It's from a special Black man about being very thorough in completing your stated tasks and or duties in life.

In addressing this topic, I don't want you to assume that I'm talking to you from some vantage point of authority, because I'm not. I, respectfully, am one who knows and appreciates the importance of being thorough in what I do, or should be doing, even if I haven't always been doing so.

So, as you read on, please note that I'm a self-professed work in progress type of guy, struggling to grow as I learn more and more things about the wonders of life. It takes wisdom to know whatever you or I do in life, we should be doing it well.

This present day topsy-turvy world that we live in is inundated with all types of complex "colored" folk, employment occupations, artisans, and businesses, etc. Some may be sophisticated and enjoyable, and others, well, let's just say it candidly, are very unpleasant to be involved with and difficult to participate in.

I guess you can rightfully say that is life in all of its variances with out exclusion. Life truly is what it is to the knowledgeable seeker of wisdom who seeks to be disciplined and thorough in his or her pursuit of love, fortune and fame.

In these pursuits we may not recognize that sometimes things do fall fall apart, right in the middle of a desired happening or an envisioned dream. Things do get ragged in middle of some desires and some things can become frayed at edges of our best laid dreams, oftentimes challenging the best of us to "keep the faith" in pursuit of those illusive dreams and desires. Many abstract-minded "colored" folk in life blunder continually because they aren't thorough in maintaining strong family bonds, developing their work habits and thought processes. Successful living is not a game for the ill prepared in life.

No way! It's about knowing that what you have to do in order to be successful requires sweat equity in effort to get the j-o-b done in every sense of the word. I say to that, whatever you do, I rubber stamp that you must do it well-to its completed task full end or completion.

Traveling in a few unique arenas of the world over the last five decades has taught me that I've seen positives examples of such individuals from every so-called ethnicity, religion and political sphere that you can simply image. What I've seen from them is that they took care of their businesses and their familial relationships in thoroughly respectful and dedicated realms of success. It reminds something my father, a talented and gifted artist, once told after coming home from a hard day's work in his day job and began painting a landscape he was doing. Though, apparently very tired, he said he promised someone who had asked him to paint said piece of artwork for them, so he had had to get it done. He had to thoroughly fulfill his promise, and he had to keep his word.

My dad told me that failure begins to grow when you begin to slight your work efforts thereby undermining your product. I've been stuck on that philosophy for all of my life, and I can see why my father was a perfectionist in the way in which he handled his life, his business and especially how he treated my mother. We all could maybe learn something from the way he and many other olden classy Black men of yesteryear took care of thorough business in "all" of their life affairs. Some of us, including yours truly, could do well to remember some of those thorough tidbits that came along to us from our wise Black parents-both fathers and mothers, along with other well meaning family relations.

My father was a very handsome man, in more ways than one. He was very quiet and wise, again, oftentimes, reminding me that whatever slight that comes my way in life, no matter how small they maybe, do not be deceived by what is occurring, because it that point my successful desires would slowly begin to die. Dad said to use the God given common sense that was given to me and never lose faith in what the Creator has in store for me. He (my father) told me that I must be strong when difficulties surround me, and to this very day, he laid pure, thorough wisdom on me that I hold firm to this very moment.

My father was a humble, but proud African-American, who related that it was very important for people of color to master the art of learning from their mistakes so that they can never make the same ones twice. I've never, ever forgotten that Black man's thorough warnings about that truth.

Listen, I know that life doesn't always give us what we want immediately, but I believe that we still must learn to conquer every hurdle or test that confronts us. Simply put, in the words of my father, "This too shall pass."

I remember him saying to me as teenager that nothing that is worthwhile and achievable is unimportant. He significantly informed me that nothing that's important to attain shouldn't be pursued with laziness, lackadaisical habits and slip shoddy work efforts.

In life, no matter the ethnicity, thoroughness is the sum total of building success-it's at the very basis of winning and being successful. A skill builder of anything knows that no structure stood still built only on half effort and half execution.

Think about that for a thorough moment of clarity, if you dare. My father and other Black men of yesteryear like him did so when times were more trying than they are now. He'd want me to remind you of that as we Black men struggle to hold up our end of the struggle for the next generation.

So, my dear brothers of color, please be thorough in your commitments to your families, children, employment, etc., but most of all be thorough in your commitment to God Alone and no other. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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