Friday, July 31, 2015  
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Circular Living
1/8/2015 11:46:51 AM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Living is is an awesome cyclical voyage through the mysteries of life. That's a statement that very few wise "hue-mans" will deny and won't disagree with me about because life is a cycle of trials and tests.

I'm thinking of that reality now, and since this is the start of the new year, then I know that you'll hopefully agree that it's still a wonderful time to be living in the here and now, even with the struggles of moment that are on our respective mental horizons. 

So, I thank God Alone for selecting me and you to savor one more precious opportunity to witness this sensation called the now. Give thanks.

As you listen to my thoughts for today please know that we are all challenged each and every second of every day to engage in the learning processes called education and experience in our constant periods of testing.

Understanding and knowing this is a very important part in knowing what life is all about.

The varying experiences in our worlds of existences seem to occur for different distinct reasons, many which can stymie our mind-sets with bewilderment from time-to-time with unusual curiosities.

That's why life is such a magnificent constant teacher until, and I'm amazed how much we do and can learn from the repeated happenings in our lives.

Some of us know that to be an unspoken given and others apparently could care less. I'm of the former persuasion in that to gather insight into life's continuing unfolding mysteries from God Alone is to blessed by the Most High Alone.

I sincerely and very deeply believe that everything happens for a reason and, again, for too many numerous times to recall and remember clearly.

To experience living with spiritual and peaceful codes of interpretations is to comprehend "Circular Living" in this life with patience and prayer to the Most High Alone.

What life should have taught the legitimate student of universal peace for all is that it is the stage on which we experience, learn and grow in so many dimensions until to be alive in the here and now is worship the Creator Alone. There's no other simple way I can say that.

What has your life experiences taught you thus far in and from your worlds of experiences? It's a personal question, but understanding that "Circular Living" is about always respecting the smallest discernible reality extended to you that you call a God Alive given second in the living process is not a trivial occurence.

Life is a spiritual blessing from the Creator Alone of everything and everyone and don't you forget that. It is also a learning tool for the intensely studious and humbly wise among us to always glorify the Creator Alone.

God Alone created us for distinct purposes and everything and everyone has and does leave an imprint on our psyches, no matter who or what they are. That's the way "Circular Living " patterns work, because what goes around comes around.

Life is a cycle of unexpected trials and unpredictable tests. Maybe, that's why I think to most unaware souls life is a cosmic mystery of sort. Whatever your intellectual spin on that vibe is, I'd like you to remember, again, that life is undoubtedly a cycle of emotional ups and downs.

Being unhappy and miserable all the time takes a demanding toll on anyone's inner core and it can affect a normal soul's nature. Such consequences leads to the destruction of anyone's inner positive self screening at times of being tested by his or her ongoing trials of life.

An unfaithful life of misery to any unhappy "hue-man" being can be a cyclic war of mental despair for anyone who isn't striving for peaceful tranquility, greater knowledge and spiritual comprehension in understanding God Alone's will. Believe me, it takes faithful work and not whimsical loose talk alone in being happily secure during life's perpetual testing zones.

Are you classified as a happy, faithful being, or are you still trying to find out who you spiritually are? Answer carefully because deciphering the importance of what the "Circular Living" process is all about is the key to unlocking the positive thinking treasure chest that potentially lurks in some of our minds, thoughts and souls.

I may not personally know you, but I'd like to think that you are a contented, beautiful soul even with the diurnal trials and tribulations that come your way.

You are probably happy because in your inner mental treasure chest there's the spiritual capacity to be courteous, friendly, helpful, cheerful, kind and just plain good natured as you make your daily "Circular Living" sojourns from here to there and back.

Life in this phase of living is so very brief if you stay tuned to the daily local, national and international news reports. With this in mind, I hope that you, like me, realize that death waits for no one. It's all a part of the "Circular Living" process.

Sometimes, life, as it always will and does, challenges even the humblest good natured souls of life to be in tune with the "Circular Living" process to the fullest.

"Circular Living" is really all about celebrating the praises of the Creator Alone of everyone and everything in and under all circumstances.

Life truly is is a cyclic living process for the mature spiritual soul who completely comprehends that what goes around comes around.

Thinking progressively through all of life's trials, ordeals, tests and tribulations, be they so-called good or bad, will anchor any patient, faithful "Circular Living" soul in God Alone to a foundation that will never, ever fail a true believer in the Most High Alone.

That foundation is rooted in having absolute faith in your, my and everyone else's Creator Alone, Who is control of everything. If you know that in the "Circular Living" spiritual process everything happens for a given reason, then relinquish unnecessary worries and contrary doubts that you presently face or are about to encounter with steadfast faith in the Most High Alone. God Alone is greater than everything and everyone.

Always remember that the trials and tests of life that you're dealing with shall soon pass. Engulf yourself with an understanding of the "Circular Living" process. Keep the faith always. For today, and forever, that's, "As I See It."

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