Friday, July 31, 2015  
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Race Relations
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Looking Forward
12/31/2014 11:39:48 AM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It's that time again when many of the world's ethnic "colored" folk are "Looking Forward" to hopefully celebrating the upcoming new Gregorian year of 2015 with gusty expectations.

For some of these folk it will be an opportunity to celebrate the new year with vigor and vitality filled with generous doses of unforeseen exuberant optimism. In many instances, it's an age old ritual for many of these folk to make their vaulted and ballyhooed New Year's resolutions with avid outlooks toward the unknown future that this new year will be better than the present one for them.

I sincerely occupy that wish precinct also because the last Gregorian year, to this present day, has been one of great testing and trials by the Most High Alone for so many of us in "hue-manity" until it hasn't been and it isn't funny in the least. You can quote me on that, and I am sure you can attest to that mellow conviction from my emerging thoughts.

In this past year our nation has been through so many escalating highs and unthinkable lows until "The American People" never seemed to know what was going to happen next. Life is still what it is but, with the good graces and ever-gracious mercy of God Alone, we've made it "this far, thus far."

Thinking along that most righteous theory, I believe, along with all spiritually aware and peace loving "colored" folk of "hue-manity," that we should for wish and hope for relief from personal despair and inner negativity for all in creation.

Every ethnic entity in this nation and from throughout the world deserves safe passage from evil and have a secure untroubled entrée into blissful peace.

With all of this being said, I know that "Looking Forward" to the New Year with complete hopefulness requires that we roll up our proverbial sleeves and prepare to take care of business in making our dreams become realities. In this sense and for the symbolic tenor of this article, it literally means that in "order to move forward we must look back" sometimes. Have you heard that before?

In case you didn't recognize that motto, it's from the Akan language in Africa, and oddly it serves as a sanguine insight about life to those enlightened diverse ethnic "colored" folk of spiritual faith in the Most High Alone to always "look forward" in order to move ahead.

Being optimistic about life's present and future expectations is about "Looking Forward" with singular confidence but I do, respectively, believe that it can only be done with the help of God Alone.

"Looking Forward," bullishly speaking, in my view is about yearning and striving for excellence in many personally desired and positive norms. It's real inherent in my way of thinking because life is about doing things in this short phase of existence to better our nation, the world and its inhabitants.

Life is short. So, I guess you could say that my NewYear's resolution for this year (and always) begins and ends with the fact that I wish for you and others in the global universe what I wish for myself as I look forward to this coming day and, hopefully, for those moments in the future.

Continuing, I wish to have no negative thoughts about anyone, even my known and unknown enemies. I say that because, as I always believe, life is a revolving door of unfathomable experiences, some that are hard to figure out, but they all make us stronger in the long run of experiencing what's going on in the here and now.

"Life is what you make it," and it is what we pledge to ourselves to accomplish as we move forward in taking a more realistic spiritual role in helping the world be a better peaceful place to live in. I'd like to hope that wish and desire of mine is shared by other sane thinking peaceful "hue-man" beings in this complex global salad bowl. I wish respect and peace for all was flowing everywhere.

"Looking Forward," wouldn't that be an extraordinary and simply groovy way to start off the intercontinental Gregorian "New Year." It seems to me that (just) striving to be a quality "hue-man" is one respectful and peaceful way of submitting to the will of God Alone's decrees for all of us in His Alone creation. That is a solemn resolution.

The New Year is near and another resolution that comes vividly to my mind for this coming year, and on any day in any year, is to not spend time worrying about what people say about you, me and others. It's extraneous sweat that's not worth the effort, and I trust that you get the concurrent meaning of what it infers as we in hue-manity" look forward to the New Year with positive buoyancy.

I offer that resolution wishing that we in existence sincerely emulate the habits of the affirmed winners in life and not the also-ran negative wishy-washy naysayers in our worlds of existence. Remember that all play and inimical work efforts yields infertile results to/for any expressed New Year resolutions or future desires.

I think being in tune with your health and body are also important keys to being delighted in the upcoming New Year. "Looking Forward" means establishing an exercise routine, if you don't already have have one, because this is important to mental well being. Please remember that possessing good health is money in the bank.

Another thing that I've noticed from years past is that some flippant, negligent ethnic "colored" folk never maintain a stick-to-it routine in observing their resolutions. To that end, I must say,"Don't keep doing the wrong things over and over."

We should learn from our errors in life before they become permanent mistakes in order to take and make more constructive approaches in solving our problems and icky situations. Again, there is no replacement for efficient efforts. Never forget that.

"Looking Forward " to the New Year, you should also never forget that success does not come easily. Are you willing to pay the monumental price in making your New Year's resolutions become realities?

If you are, then "look forward" to this year being "your" year. I hope that you are successful and your desires become realities. Be aggressive, but not oppressive as you move toward making your realities becoming authentic ones while "Looking Forward" in committing yourself to completing the tasks before you during the coming year.

Finally, I extend a definitive and concluding "Looking Forward "vibe to you and that is to always believe in yourself and your capacities to fulfill all of your New Year resolutions. If you don't, who will? I wish you a prosperous, safe and genuine forthcoming Happy New Year.

For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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