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Race Relations
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Thinking of Those Who Help Others
12/23/2014 3:50:33 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

This article that you are presentIy reading is one that I've wanted to write about for sometime. It captures a reality about all "colored" folk, of all ethnicities, in assisting others because it's (both) a reminder in where we came from, and it's also a way of saying thanks to so folks in our worlds in existences who may have forgotten about or possibly never realized the crucial roles they played in our lives.

I was thinking the other day of what I owe to so many untold global "colored" folk from all cultural ethnicities and religious traditions who've helped me in my life. I hesitated, and it seemed that I was stuck in a momentary brain freeze because the list was endless and it goes on for countless spans in my feelings.

I don't know about you but I don't know where I would be if someone didn't decide to help me to get me where I am in life. I'm sure if you're reflectively observant, you are there also.

At this point in time, I'd have to say that most clear headed ethnic folk of all religious persuasions would say that they would have to thank their parents and relatives for being there for them along life's journeys to this point. That would make so much sense because you could never thank them enough for raising you, hopefully, with the best of morals and spiritual values. They are your parents.

Upon further reflection, I think that you and I would justly want to thank our teachers, clergy, community leaders and specified others who've helped nature us along the paths of success. That's very important because they all played and, more than likely, still continue to play a role in shaping our core values about life in general.

I follow that same lead, in that, I believe that none of us could have made it this far where we are without "someone" being there for us. This sojourn of remembering the connected progressions that have and do occur in our lives just didn't happen because we're all that and a bag of chips. Someone in life assisted us.

I'm one who truly values the recognition of thanking all those who helped us to be who we are. No matter how good,or magnificent, that some of us in "hue-manity" think that we are, someone had to be there to push and give us that aid, advice or moral support when we didn't know where the next step would lead us in life's pursuits of fortune, fame and love.

Think intensely about that resonant thought for a stone, cold moment because it's at the root of why I'm writing "Thinking of Those Who Help Others." I believe that you should never forget those who sincerely were there to help you along during life's sometimes tortuous ups and horrendous downs. I do.

In essence, I politely ask you,"Do you remember who gave you your initial opportunity in education, sports, employment, etc.?" As you process that rather serious reflection, I want to share something with you that a dear lady friend of mine once sent me describing a newspaper response to that general theme.

It appeared as a message in the "Wall Street Journal" many, many years ago, but there's timely wisdom in its words. It read as follows:

"Someone saw something in you once. That's partly why you are where you are today. It could have been a thoughtful parent, a perceptive teacher, a demanding drill sergeant, an appreciative employer, or just a friend who dug down in his pocket and came up with a few bucks. Whoever it was, had the kindness and the foresight to bet on your future.

"Those are two beautiful qualities that separate the human being from the orangutan. In the next 24 hours, take 10 minutes to write a grateful note to the person who helped you. You"ll keep a wonderful friendship alive. Matter of fact, take another 10 minutes to give somebody else a break. Who knows? Someday you might get a nice letter. It could be one of the most gratifying messages you ever read."

That is so powerful stuff if you ask me, and I also know that life is full of complex happenings and nothing happens just to be happening. Everything happens for very distinct purposes, even if you and I aren't able to comprehend them right away.

That's a spiritual philosophy that I hold valid to this very day, because I believe everything is known to God Alone, including things we tend to callously not put importance into in our daily hectic mental flights from here to there. Nothing that occurs in life is not known to the Most High Alone. God Alone is the best knower and planner.

The Creator Alone of everyone and everything is "The One" Who controls everything, and I do mean everything, in existence. As I close my thoughts for today, I suggest to you, if you're mindful, to think of helping others.

It's all a part of the "hue-man" growth assistance process that relates essentially that "each one should teach one." Spread love and peace and witness what you'll get in return. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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