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Race Relations
Do you think that race relations in the United States will improve in 2015?
Third Eye Inner Excursions
12/17/2014 4:32:43 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Many times as I move through my present worlds of existences I'm adrift in very deep and personally reflective moods. They are intimate and vary in mental contemplations about many issues that are going on inside my own heart and soul and at other times my thoughts are fixated on or about the world-at-large.

In many ways, I sense that there are many other global ethnic "colored" folk, who like me are what you would call natural and reflective thinkers. To all of us, the living process has a unique way of challenging the best of us to look at life and its happenings in, sometimes, very subtle and penetrating convenient standards.

Thinking in such totally liberal norms and through the progressive inner voyages of my mind makes me understand what the sages of old spoke about when they talked about "hue-mankind" mastering the esoteric third eye concept of mental thought. Living in the world of today makes me as a thinking brother of color ponder that reality and just what is the mind's eye theory all about.

Now, with the lingering thoughts of the recent happenings of Ferguson, Missouri, and other national locations still fresh in my third eye mind, I wonder when are the apparent disconnected segments of Black America ever going to wake up from the motionless blues of being forever considered second class in so many slack ways wherever the bald eagle flies in Babylon west.

As I write, the poetic third eye juices in my mind-set seem as though they are flowing within my spiritual consciousness as I feel that I need to pen a piece of unscripted evolutionary prose about the consequences of apathy that exists in many silent African-American habitats.

I guess, if you know my writing and thinking style by now, you could say that I'm a"brotha"who scrutinizes exactly when will people of color do something to bring about a cohesive bond of solidified togetherness from self-hatreds and economic bondage without hating themselves.

From a third eye point of view, I trust that I'm not too mentally intense for you today in this article, but this is where my mind is taking me without apology. Call it examining about how abstract thinking people of color exist in and survive under pressure in a quasi-mental apartheid environment called mis-education is staggering to my aware third eye mentality.

The spiritual realist that exists in me lets me know that illusionary freedom, whatever that means or is interpreted to be, is as ambiguous in the present day reservations, ghettoes and barrios of this land as trying to find a reindeer from the Arctic Tundra during the Winter's Solstice in sunny Miami. Do you feel me where my third eye mental thinking drifts are at at this moment of looking at our potentially great country and its record of so-called fair and equal rights for all.

Other than freedom's signature document of liberty for all just being something scribbled on a piece of paper, I wonder (as I wonder) who is really reaping the harvest of being free and privileged in this country?

Am I wrong to feel that way as a thinking third eye mental being, who doesn't feel, nor want to, hide behind the mask of low light hypocrisy when it comes to realizing that there's (obviously) fair justice for some ethnic folk in America and, well, let's say frankly, it's debatable whether "some" other "colored" folk are entitled to the same justice.

I'm saying that because, in reality, I know from what I see on a national "his-storical" scale that there appears to be two standards of contradictory evidence to judge what is inherently wrong in certain governmental and law enforcement entities. And that's not by any means diminishing the quality work of sincere elected politicians and brave and dedicated law enforcement officials who keep us safe and guarded. May God Alone reward them for their noble service, courage and duty.

I believe that we Americans, as a whole, know that our country is far from being equal in the pure spiritual sense of the word, because hidden racism is truly is as real as our next slice of the proverbial apple pie. America is a money till where the only color is and has always been green and gold, and we should never forget that money controls the power makers and brokers in this land and beyond.

Use your third eye mentality to you ever ask yourself, if it mattered, who controls the nation's banks,the politicians and the world-at-large leaders beneath the masks of clandestine secrecy? That maybe a little too "deep" for you or anyone else if you're living like an acoustic vagabond in search of an elusive spiritual territory to hide in to shield you to you from the miseries of a second class seminal existence.

The third eye thinking spiritual being in me asks ever so politely of you to read what's behind my piece today because the next life callously and tragically lost via gun play of any kind could be someone from your own family. Please don't go to sleep on that thought, no matter how poetically third eye deep it may seem to your senses, because death isn't a magic theater rehearsal.

Death is as real as the ever-present movement that we both are experiencing because life waits for no one. This could be your last tour in this life, so take your time to savor this Creator Alone reality, but do it with God Alone centeredness of always giving thanks to Him Alone and no one else.

That precious jewel of spiritual wisdom should make any and all clear thinking and God Alone fearing souls submit to respect the dignity of all God Alone created "hue-man" beings with mutual constancy and loving camaraderie. That's the very best "Third Eye Mental Road Trip" I could ever remind, you, myself and others to take while equally thinking of and about how we can make this nation and world a better place to live in.

We need to stop the misguided jaunts to ethnic pandemonium and divisional mayhem that's going in many sectors of this nation and globe. Life is about sharing and experiencing, and we all, as members of international ethnic family groupings and assorted global nations, should be in a frame of mind to express our inner thoughts of peace to those who would be interested in same.

To that end I say that racism and bigotry are road trips to hell and back. Use your spiritual third eye mentality to steer clear of the chaotic divisions and bittersweet miseries amongst the world's "hue-man" beings. Follow peace toward a positive "Third Eye Inner Excursion."

For today, and always, that's, "As I See It."

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