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Race Relations
Do you think that race relations in the United States will improve in 2015?
This Moment in Time
12/3/2014 4:10:31 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Greetings to you during "This Moment in Time" in the ethnic America of your present living existence. No matter what your ethnicity may be, it's awesome sensation for me as an African-American, to be able to say this because it means that you too are able to comprehend how special an occasion this is for you just as it is for me.

I'm in a God-Centered flow of thinking, and I'm able to sense that the pristine value of any given moment in time and space is an unequalled reality to give thanks to God Alone for allowing you and me to be here by His (Alone) permission. That's where by head and heart are at in this austere occasion as I type my thoughts today.

I am feeling that you maybe there also, hopefully, thinking that we're both full of so much humble appreciation to the Most High Alone for extending to us one more tender gift of life called a moment by the Creator Alone. It's something to behold if you ask me.

Sometimes, I think that certain disenfranchised spiritual segments of "hue-manity," as a fractional entity, forgets that reality to its own detriment. Forgetting the Most High Alone seems to be a global habit among many of the world's rebellious and uncaring"colored" ethnicities from throughout the world, and it's a shame.

I hope that you're not one of those lost souls, because if it weren't for the Creator Alone's mercies and and blessings to everyone how would you and I being able not connect with each other and the rest of "hue-manity" in the here and now? Before you attempt to usher forth a definitive answer, please be aware that we're only here because God Alone simply says and does thing literally in a "be and it is" manner.

Let me try to explain that a little fuller if you didn't understand the impact of that spiritual motto. By saying "be and it is," all I'm referring to is the unequalled majestic decision of the Most High Alone to do as He (Alone) wishes without the need of "hue-man" intercession or imagined assistance.

Being here in "This Moment in Time" to me is an eternal realization that I'm knowing that I'm only here doing what I'm doing (momentarily) because God Alone decided to allow me to be here where I'm at in this sacred time and space. Do you feel where I'm coming from as I honor this recognition by simply breaking the divine code of existence to you, me and to everyone else with a scintilla of spiritual intellect about them?

I'm trusting that you're are on spiritual page one of that reality with me because it's time for the disorganized fragments of "hue-manity" to stop playing with racial turmoils and ethnic conflicts as so many abstract-minded souls in "hue-manity" unfortunately seem to be doing from time-to-time today on a path to self-destruction. I wonder if those misguided souls realize that life is a precious phenomenon that only God Alone has the authority over, and these spiritual naysayers aren't the creators of anything except perpetrators of evil and and division.

Listen closely. As the world readies itself for what may come next on the daily news spindle of shocking happenings and abysmal chaos, I wonder if, we in "hue-manity" and who live in so many different sectors of the globe, realize how fragile a moment in life actually is? I'd like to pose that tender reality to your mind-set because, after all, you also are a vital part of the present equation of "hue-manity's" makeup without distinction to color, class or tribal boundaries.

As a very proud spiritual being, worshipping only God Alone, and as an acknowledged Afro-soul brother of ebony color, I stand humbly in this present time and space saying to one and all that there's nothing greater than the Most High Alone. To that posture I must be forever aware of how precious each moment in time and space is, because the next second is not a promised given.

Again, I ask you, "Do you feel where I'm coming?" I believe that you do because I do feel and sense that you are on top of your spiritual A game by recognizing that God Alone, and not a "hue-man" being, no matter the deceptive teaching or myth's questionable origin, could possibly be the Creator Alone of everything in life, including time and space.

I offer no apologies to anyone when it comes to admitting that I recognize that God Alone is "the" only One (Alone), Who Alone, is the controller of everyone and everything in time and space, including me, you and all those who you know now are in this phase of life. That's why I jubilantly extoll the reality of being aware of being here in the sacred uniqueness of time and space.

I hope that I'm not being too eloquent with my thoughts today, but I do sincerely believe that as African-Americans, we should look more closely at our spiritual values in order to assess why we, as created special beings, were created in the first place. I'll leave that to your own personal and intuitive inclinations to decipher the depth of what I just offered, and while you do, please keep in mind that life waits for no one.

I'm at that point now as I think of the moments that have passed and gone since I started writing this column for "The Chronicle." I have to forthrightly thank God Alone for being created a "hue-man" of color and especially to be blessed to acknowledge and worship Him Alone.

Doing that in "This Time and Moment" is gratifying in that I raise true monotheistic reality of what all the Prophets of The Creator Alone (May His Alone peace and blessings be upon them all) said and uttered vociferously during their times on the earth. They gloried the Most High Alone and no other.

Following their splendid lifestyles, true teachings and authenticity sayings should help us in every diverse ethnic sector of "hue-manity" comprehend the majesty of God Alone uniqueness. So, if you're on this flow, then I need not tell you unique and special "This Time and moment" is.

Make love and peace the themes that bring pleasure to the mind, heart and soul of every nation, because like I said previously, the next second is not promised to anyone. You also remember that death is waiting for every creating thing and being including me and you. We just know when.

As I close for today, I wish you and the rest of the entire ethnic global communities from ocean to ocean heartfelt love and vibrant peace vibrations to the max, hoping that you also are savoring those qualities during "This Time and Moment." For today and always, that's, "As I See it."

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