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A Soulful Thanksgiving
11/26/2014 4:38:04 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Happy Thanksgiving. Greetings of peace and respective good wishes to you and to all those who are near and dear to you during this time of the year.

This time of the year is so unperturbed and wholesome to and for all ethnic souls in this potentially great nation of ours until you can fully comprehend why this holiday is so unparalleled. Hopefully, it should be commemorated about giving thanks to God Alone for so many untold favors that we couldn't know where to start.

It's also the time of the season when most "colored" families of our nation's ever-expanding diversified ethnicities gather to celebrate their family cohesion of bonding to their particular clan heritage eating a special meal. Symbolically, celebrating Thanksgiving Day in the America of today is about family togetherness, just as it was in the past and former olden times of "our-story."

Giving thanks with family is the utmost oneness in being grateful to the Most High Alone for being apart of the here and now with beloved relatives and dear friends and to realize how special having a family to be a part of is a "real" unique blessing. Even with that said, I try not to take anything for granted on any day of the year because, in all actuality, everyday that you and I are breathing and alive above ground is observing Thanksgiving Day by the Creator Alone's mercy.

That's just how I think and deeply feel about the praising of the Most High Alone at all times, especially while reflecting on the fact that all "hue-mans" should be doing the same thing knowing that their family names and heritage are cornerstones of anyone's family relationships. It's a noble point that needs to be touched on by me today as you prepare to gobble down some of the traditional food goodies that are a heralded part of this holiday festivities.

Some "colored" folk of modernity may forget that as a so-called family member of any designated grouping that they're (also) a part of the grouping called "family." I use the word grouping because, realistically speaking, a family could loosely be described as a number of "hue-mans" gathered, located or called together. Does that make sense.

I trust that it does because, with that pure reality placed in your thoughts, I ask,"Is your family a family, or are they only a so-called group of vaguely connected 'colored' folk in name only? Think about that deeply because the family structure is and should be a mighty entity in itself, especially as it exists today in the African-American communities of this country.

During this Soulful Thanksgiving Day observance I'd like you, no matter what your ethnicity may be, to remember that the term family shouldn't be used glibly unless it's really understood and respected. I'm offering that because I know that these are some trying times in the various sectors of our widespread communities, and we need to recognize the symbolic essence of what a real Afro-family is about, especially at Thanksgiving and at all other occasions of the year when the "real" Afro-family gets together.

"As I See It," any aware family enhanced ethnic "hue-man" being should be about and have more substance about his or her family unit than mere utterances of the lips due to connection only through blood or marriage. A "hue-man's" family harmony is crucial to the survival structure of the conceptualization of said term.

No matter whether it's the grandparents, parents, children, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles or cousins, everyone is an integral part of the so-called real Afro-family concept.
As you eat the turkey slices and relish the pumpkin pies, please know and never, ever forget that everyone in the family abstraction has a significant role to play in furtherance of and passing on something of value to the next line or generation to come of members in/of their elite family grouping.

Have you ever seriously asked yourself is your family elite, or are you, or some other family member, just another disconnected family member? That's a real question that should face every aware enhanced ethnic " colored" soul as he or she begins any "Soulful Thanksgiving Day" fiesta.

If you're brutally honest with yourself like I am with myself, some family members may not be on the same page of family unity. Negativity, jealousy, deceit, envy and a hand full of other complaints could be the roots of such unfamiliar signs of unity gone haywire.

Sometimes, all you say is that "it is what it is" because having a true ethnic flavored "Soulful Thanksgiving Day" means that we don't (and shouldn't) have time for pettiness and games of deceptions within the "real" Afro-family. Giving thanks in all phases of celebrating living in life indicates that the souls of "hue-manity's"family are too valuable to throw away due to ignorance and schisms.

It's said that "a mind is a terrible thing to waste." I believe that wholeheartedly, but I believe that the family is also a terrible thing to lose. On this "Soulful Thanksgiving" occasion I'm wishing that the joys and praises of being together during this year's annual turkey time be extended in theory and practice throughout the year to you, to all of your family and friends because we need unity and respect in all of our worlds of existences.

Giving thanks and celebrating the delights and blessings from the Creator Alone includes all aspects of the living process signifying the very best "Soulful Thanksgiving" celebration that we can recognize and observe. Enjoy your family times during these occasions and always remember to give God Alone the glory for everything.

Life is very short. Be at peace with yourself and others. Enjoy the blessings of family togetherness while you are able to. Make family unity, respect and love an actuality during while enjoying the true Thanksgiving Day togetherness delicacies that are served on your everyday turkey day menu.

"Happy Soulful Thanksgiving Day." I wish you love and peace always and that's, "As I See It."

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