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Falling Leaves
11/19/2014 4:58:56 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It's that time of the year again. Autumn is here and to put it in naturally linguistic verbal terminology, "it's fall," and there's really so much to behold and delight your senses.

This time of the year signals that it's autumn's "Falling Leaves" time, a special occasion where a true believer in the mercy of the Creator Alone can testify to His (Alone) powers of creation and splendor. God Alone is great and there's no comparison to Him and what He Alone has created.

I don't want you to get confused with what I'm about to say because,truly, the All-Mighty Alone has painted this season and all of its backdrop with a marvelous assortment of unbelievably beautiful hues, tints and shades. This masterpiece fascinates my appreciative mind-sets. Yes, I must say this while giving all glory to the Most High Alone because God Alone is the Creator Alone of everything.

When autumn's "Falling Leaves" season hits the continental shores of this country as it has and does, it's a wonder to be hold. In my soul and ever-present mind-set, I see the humbling of one season slowly fading into the present one with complete grace and harmony.

It's as though life's silent composure is penning another uniquely undisturbed lyric in its eternal love song about nature. It's such a joyous sight to behold because it makes me feel that I, along with all other aware created "hue-man" beings should give only homage to God Alone for what we've seen, especially whenever anyone of us can see the stupendous changing foliage of nature in all of its stunning splendor.

As a God Alone created brother of the universe, I identity emphatically with the palette of autumn's spectacular colors because "Falling Leaves" to me oddly symbolizes the diversity of "hue-mankind" in all of its creation. "Falling Leaves " is truly a natural love song when you think of how and why colored things and "colored" folk were created on this earth.

I know this also for a fact that all things in their temporary states of growth and existence soon will come to an end. Maybe, in some profoundly spiritual sense of deciphering the simplicities of life, you and I as cognizant "hue-mans" of color should recognize that we, along with the rest of "hue-mankind," will be likened to the "Falling Leaves" of nature, in that, we will be here in this phase of earthly life for only an extended brief season or fragmented moment in time solely by the the permission of the Most High Alone.

Every moment in every season of our earthly residence is to be viewed as a blessing from God Alone, Who (Alone) grants us entrée to that moment and the right to be here. That's why I'm into celebrating the simple pure joy of seeing the "Falling Leaves " of autumn one more time.

Life in this phase of existence is far too short to not be able to appreciate and savor each season of the year that the Creator Alone allows us to flourish in. That understanding should be enough for anyone who loves God Alone to proclaim without hesitation or reservations, "All Praises are due to God Alone."

That, respectfully, should also be said with the sound knowledge that nothing comes into existence except by the will of the Most High Alone, the Creator Alone of every "hue-man" being who ever walked the earth or anything that took root and grew from the soil. I thank the Creator Alone for being able to acknowledge that basic, unchanging axiom of spiritual truth.

Autumn's "Falling Leaves" may be mere things to some "colored" folk, who may use nonchalantness to express idle talk and nonsensical chatter in abstractly negating the importance of God Alone's seasonal changes, but I'm not one of them. I take the signs of God Alone's creations as things to be seen, appreciated and, in so many, many ways, to marvel at.

That's exactly where my mind-set is at this present moment as I try to continue my love affair, while I'm still among the spiritually aware, fully comprehending the majesties of the Creator Alone's "Falling Leaves." Think about that.

After reading this and as you meander about the earth in your sojourns to here and there, I politely ask that you stop for a stone, cold moment in time and check out what autumn's signs are teaching you, me and others. If you're spiritually aware and are a serious lover of nature, then I believe without the shadow of a doubt that autumn's "Falling Leaves" will make you feel tranquil, peaceful and calm inside.

Privately, I believe that you owe it to yourself to discover the serene beauties and hidden joys of what "Falling Leaves" say to the hearts and minds of true believers in the Creator Alone.

From one such aware to another, I wish you the very best in love, peace and tranquility as you view the naturally awesome autumn landscape tapestry called "Falling Leaves," and that's, "As I See It."

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