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Savannah Styling: Living in the Now
11/12/2014 4:43:02 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I tend to talk and write rather frankly at times about many different subjects and, as a result of this habit, I know that some "colored" folk in "The Charleston Chronicle's" locally based and external readership landscapes may forget the essence of some of my points. I'm going to rap to you about one of those platforms.

It took place during a recent visit on my part to Savannah, Georgia. While there I ran into a gentleman who recognized me as I was parking my vehicle.

I hadn't seen this brother in about five years and I hardly notice him, but he spotted by distinctive head covering. This good natured soul was also an old time "Chronicle" reader who asked me how I was doing and wanted to run something by me.

As I listened with complete attentiveness, he spoke to me with genuine warmth and I could see he was troubled. He said he not having a good time lately dealing with some "hue-mans" in his worlds of existences and quite candidly, he was spent in his emotions in dealing with these folk who he didn't elaborate on in particular. He also implied that he was unemployed and he was worried about his future dreams and aspirations.

Knowing that I wrote the way that I did for South Carolina's unquestioned best Black newspaper and having apparently read some of my past articles and thoughts from years back, this handsome forty something brother asked what I thought he could do about his predicament. After pausing ever so carefully in attempting to respond to this man, I told him that when times are trying like that for me the way that are presently for him, I try to (stay) focus on the here and now rather than to dream about what could be or what was.

To say that my response opened up the proverbial Pandora's box in dialogue with this brother is putting things far too lightly, because it seemed as though this person didn't want to accept my rationale for "Living in the Now." This "hue-man" was trying to question me about how I seemed to negate the worry factor, according to assessment, in my breakdown to him about living in the present moment.

I tried to tell him that everyone is "wired" differently in the ways that they look at life, including me and him. Call it what you want, as I told him rather concisely, but in my vision of looking at life's overall diurnal queries, it's simply "hue-man" nature, if you ask me, to be challenged with one thing or the other.

In my best expressed views, I shared with this person that, "As I See It," for me to worry about things that I can't control is the loss of my spiritual faith that has not said its prayers. I believe that in so many realms and levels of comprehensions until I just am not intimidated by wasted thoughts and unnecessary uncontrollable actions from situations and anyone that and who I face in life, especially those that don't have my best interests at heart.

Relating this personal philosophy to the troubled individual seemed, again, to open up more in depth inquiry on his part about why and how I thought and think as I do. As I repeated myself and getting back to the individual "wiring" concept that flows in my head, I reiterated that that was how I honestly felt about dealing with life's examinations while existing in the here and now, because I can't change people or anything else. I can only change me.

I absolutely refuse to think that I can change anyone. Only they can change themselves, if they so desire or choose to put in the sweat equity in order to bring about meaningful changes in their lives.

I told the brother that its taken me a long time to digest what "authentically" real friends are about during my sojourn through in life thus far. Along with God Alone constant signs and mercies I've come to realize that the Most High Alone knows the outcome and realities of everything, so I give and release idle and unnecessary concerns about things that are out of my realm to the Creator Alone.

He Alone is capable of handling "all" things, including those of concern in the present and and those in the future we have no knowledge of. This the message I shared with this person in Savannah last week. I meant what I said to him because I said also that life is too short to deal with self-doubt, hypocrites and phonies in anyone's life, path or mind-set.

It took me a not-so-long time ago realization to come to the brutal reality and truth about self that life is what it its, and the only change I affect in my life, path and mind-set is what I think and know to be the truth about the realities in life. And one of them is that I have must not be afraid to let go of things that I can't control, and one of those is what some people think or say about me,you or anyone else in "hue-manity." Life is the school yard for spiritual learning.

Like I've mentioned so many times before in so many, many of my prior articles and columns over the last two decades, there are are going to be some folk who'll smile in your face, and at the very next moment's notice, they'll stab you in the back. If you have a temporary, valid or permanent mental address somewhere on the Creator Alone's earth, then you probably know what I'm alluding to all too well.

That's what I put before Savannah brother's mind-set on the streets of his city as I scurried to move my vehicle before getting a parking meter fine. Keep the faith in and under all circumstances. The message is about living faithfully in God Alone's time zones of daily tests with conviction. It's called the here and now. Be strong in faith. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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