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A Place Where the Love Blooms
10/29/2014 4:23:10 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

This piece that I'm pulling together today is not one of my usual topics that I write about. This one will attempt to get closer to your heart and emotion, if you let it.

Firstly, let me say to you that I'm a self-professed lover of life and nature, and just the idea of being in love at any level is an elixir to my soul and spirits, especially if it's authentic. Being labelled a spiritually renaissance minded type of artistic "hue-man" for as long as I can remember has always made me feel somewhat attached to the expressive arts in a very cultural usage of the term.

I'm a loner, and I love the solitude of God Alone's time and space. It always seems to spiritually take me to a thoughtful arena in my soul where I connect to untold inner flows of ideas that seem to come from out of nowhere whenever I write or do art work.

Many so-called "creative"and inventive beings are probably like that in that they seek the solace of a private atmosphere to do what they do. This is very necessary in order to elevate their chosen crafts, skills or talents to another level where only the Most High Alone knows what the outcome of their effort(s) will be.

This "special place" where the creatively driven among "hue-mans" do their thing, forever cultivating their needs to express themselves via spoken word, painting, music, landscaping, written prose or whatever expressive artistic vehicle they chose to show "hue-mankind" what's going on, or what went on, in their minds and thoughts, is the stuff that the general public anxiously and usually awaits for with anticipated glee.

From novelists to singers to artists to writers-in-general,e.g., the world seems to wait for the next hot "item" that's going to be dropped by anyone of these possessed and talented souls.

In many ways, I guess, you can rightfully ask, "What would the world be like without the energetic talents of the globe's ethnically diverse creative and gifted "colored" folk's expressions which enlighten the minds,meats and eyes of their fellow "hue-man" beings .

I believe that it would probably be described as a very dull, boring and isolated center where every soul would appear to be imprisoned in his or her own dungeon of unfulfilled regrets and unsatisfied potentials.

Life's recorded story of"hue-mankind," past and present and for better or worse, would not be where it is, in any degree, if it weren't for the positively creative souls in past and present times doing what they did, hopefully, for the progressive advancement of civilization and nature.

To that end, all inventive or loosely so-called creative minded souls do their idealistic things in "A Place Where Love Blooms." They are able to do this because nothing evolves that serves the utmost positivism for"hue-mankind" unless there's love and goodwill behind it.

Remember that.

I ask you to remember that because I sincerely believe that the talented past and present ethnic"colored" folk from every nation and culture were and have to be in a lovingly frame of mind to invent or "creatively" produce something positive and meaningful for the rest of "hue-manity " to recognize with appreciation and merit.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but for the large percentage of excepted meritorious works in whatever fields of creative endeavors they may exist, those works were celebrated because love existed and reign supreme throughout the annals of time.

I try to always keep that in mind, because to be in a peaceful place where love and respect abounds is a rarity in most of today's global chaotic environs. To live in such arenas doesn't usually produce positive results, even for the most dedicated of artistic souls.

No, life offers no one, except maybe (?) the selected chosen few among the wealthy elite, an excuse not to do the very best with what has been given to him or her indigenous matter what nation that soul calls home.

A truly wise and disciplined talented soul doesn't envy what another created soul has or does because he or she is too, too busy taking care of business in his or her own spectrum.

That's my personal philosophy as I write from "My (own) Place Where Love Blooms." And for your information and update, that place is my heart.

I'm a writer and and artist, and I know that I've been blessed to be given talents like others presently and those before me, so I must cultivate these gifts in my heart and soul in order to bring them to fruition as the ideas for them come to my mind to reproduce for "hue-man" observation and scrutiny knowing fully well that life is short, as my late mother often said.

Remember, again, that the world is full of many unfocused talented ethnic "colored" folk of every nation, who never bring their God Alone given gifts and talents to the forefront. That's a shame because the world probably missed something potentially spectacular from these self-doubting souls due to the inattentiveness of their misguided mind-sets.

I hope that, as you read, you're not one of those souls. In honesty, I was like that once, but I'm not like that anymore and haven't been for a long time because I came to one reality about living in the here and now. Life is very fragile. Here one second; gone the next.

That reality is clear tome and I know that if I don't put my skill, gifts or talents to work now, no one (and I do mean no one) will do it for me. It's a basic lesson from Life Skills 101 and the admission fee for this essential course in understanding TCBing in this phase of living hasn't remedial students, with no exceptions.

If this lesson is clearly understood and practiced by me, you and others, the greater chances are that our lives will be filled with happiness and joy where our talents, skills and gifts will be of a benefit to "hue-mankind."

Please know that "so as a male or female ethnic "hue-man" being thinketh, so is he or she because thoughts are synonymous to actions."

Never forget that as you move from place to another in this phase of life also knowing that the place where love, happiness and joy exists is in the heart. As I close my message and thoughts for today, that's where I'm at, and I trust that you're there also.

Respectfully, keep the gift for peace that's in your heart for and towards all and let not bitterness of any kind steal your gift to establish tranquility in your soul. After all's been said, you should know by now that your heart is the "The Place Where Love Blooms."

So, use your God Alone given skills, talents and gifts judiciously and wisely from the CreatorAlone, whatever they may be, because time waits for no one.

And for today, that's, "As I See It."


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