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Race Relations
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A Look Within the Shadows of the Self
10/22/2014 3:56:37 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It's always been an interesting point in life to interact with many different "hue-mans" because it's about communicational growth. That's what life is all about as we all move from one day to the next.

The more that I become involved in this phase of communicational development I find myself challenged to try to understand greater what exactly have I experienced by going through this stimulating process. Upon careful reflection, I sense that I'm learning things about them just I'm sure that they are learning things about me.

It shouldn't take a degree in specialized psychology to figure that out. With that being said, and in so many interesting patterns, I guess you could rightfully say that anytime "hue-mans" interact, they are learning from acutely looking into each other's self.

That alone is a fascinating and shadowy process, and I'm never amazed at what I learn from others and myself. It's almost likened to observing the pages of an ethnic soul's private and somewhat intimate self book being displayed before our eyes, thoughts and minds.

It's all rather revealing if you can that that way. Like new text books being discovered for an upcoming new school year, I believe that "hue-mans" are like tell-tale manuscripts that speak volumes about who and what they are, if you only listen carefully to them.

I base that on the the fact that may learned sages, scholars and teachers have said throughout the annals of time that books are like people. I believe that because some "colored" folk in today's world, just like those in times past, are judged by their covers or appearances, in that some of these "hue-mans" have attractive jackets and others maybe, well, unattractive. It's all in the eyes and minds of the beholder, listener or viewer.

I personally believe though that it is not the cover that makes a book or a "hue-man," but rather I believe deeply that a "hue-man" should be known for what he or she is like inside. That's a personal view but it resonates within my psyche that we should all in "hue-manity" to look within and at one's self to know who he or she is, and that process takes a lot of commitments from us to know who the other soul really is.

Communicating is becoming more and more difficult for all ethnic "colored" folk, and its a job that requires full time and conscious work for everyone of us without fail to make communicational respect work successfully. Some of us get this point and for some others, they might as well be living in a spaceship orbiting their own lost self-imposed biased political and cultural stratospheres.

Looking into one's self is a daunting challenge but I believe again that you have to look inside of yourself in order to really know who you are. I, also, believe that you have to travel inside of other "colored" folk's shadow images to know what they are like are really about. Life's full of disguise with phony "colored" ethnic souls who smile to your face and verbally stab you in the back.

"As I See It," it's so very, very important to understand this before I proceed because you and I live and work among with so many different ethnic other "colored" folk in this multi-cultured salad bowl called America until living becomes more taxing by each advancing minute. Most of these "colored" folk are who they are, no matter if you label them beautiful or otherwise.

Please know that even with this pressing reality, you are a created wonderful part of life. I don't want you to forget that you and I are part of life and the American landscape and, as such, we too should be viewed as beautiful. We're definitely are to be described that way, because until you and I see our inner selves as beautiful and know that we are inherently beautiful from birth, we cannot expect to see the beauty in others.

Sometimes, I know that some "colored" folk are not in the complete understanding or grasp of what I've just said and even you may not be on the same page thus far with me. It's okay, because that's life in all of its complexity, forever showcasing itself with, hopefully, tolerant liberalism and mutual respect for all.

My martial arts teacher, who never claimed a particular religion but believed in the Creator Alone of everything, once taught me that to him life was and is infinite. He said that since it (life) is infinite, live it to the maximum or to its fullest every second of every day, no matter what the situation, test or trial may be.

This Oriental teacher said to me and his other students to quit looking at the shadows of impossibilities and to stop viewing life's disappointments like an unread closed book. He said to stop viewing that book for appearances solely, but look, instead, brightly at the contents within its magnificent pages.

Somehow, as I write I'm remembering something my respected sensei said to be that I'll never forget. Again, I must inform you that he related to me ( and others) that wrongful thinking gives your enemy an edge on you so never, ever release the Creator Alone given power to you be free of fear and doubt, even in the midst of any present and future battles in the living experience.

That infinite power is thoughtful faith of the Most High Alone. It can literally change your life for the absolute and ultimate better. My sensei said to all of his students that a shadow only shows a reflection of what you can be or become and that's an engraved part of my understanding of who I am and how I view others.

I believe in the power of the Most High Alone. It's might is something to behold if you haven't already scope its awesomeness. With God Alone's direction all things are possible and His Alone promise to aid His (alone) created servants in times of outer trials and inner chaos is the stuff that believers in the Creator Alone have ecstatically and joyfully proclaimed since the beginning of time to the present.

I, respectfully, suggest to you to do the same thing as you move through the shadow of life's ordeals. No matter what they are and may be, please remember that you are beautiful because you were created of the right stuff by the Creator Alone of everything and everyone.

Look positively at your inner beauty and be proud and strong within self. Don't look at the shadows of doubt that may pop up from time to time. Keep the power of faith in the forefront of your mind, heart and soul.

Never forget that if no one believes in you, or even if they may doubt you or talk about you behind your back, you should never, ever doubt yourself. "Life is what is," and on that final point, my sensei also said that life is a battle, so the warrior must claim mastery over his thoughts and emotions in order to be victorious over his enemies, known and unknown. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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