Thursday, June 25, 2015  
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Race Relations
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Natural Serenade
10/15/2014 5:15:23 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It's the beginning of the change of one season to another here in America and I, for one contented soul, am very glad to be able to witness this marvelous opportunity to say "All praises are to God Alone" for such a wonderful experience. It's a premium time of the year.

I feel compelled to say that because some of us in "hue-manity" don't realize how precious each moment in time really is. Unfortunately, I believe that some abstract minded "colored" folk may and do take the God Alone designated seasons of the year for granted as they move from one time space to another.

Many aware "colored" folk like me from all ethnicities love the breath taking waltz of the various seasons as they dance before our mind-sets in splendor, awesomeness and casualness. The seasons of the year in my view are like eternal legitimate happenings and public viewings that create a backdrop to and for earthly appreciations for just being spiritually alive and mentally sound in the present here and now.

I would like you to know that it's no secret that I'm a lover of nature, and I've always been. I guess you could say that the Most High Alone blessed me with the gift of silent appreciation of His Alone created majesties called the fascinating seasons of the year, and I admire them all.

From spring to winter to summer and now to the approaching aura of autumn, I have to say that it's all about testifying to the wonder of a "Natural Serenade" in all of its slowly and magnificent unfolding before my and your eyes, body and soul. It's, again, simply uttered, a heavenly performance that's occurring on the Broadway of life's present spiritual plane.

Please forgive my reference to New York City's grand earthly theatrical showcase, using that as a lead in to the introduction of a newly anticipated play offering, I take no shame in saying the seasons are the real hits of any time of the year. I offer that because it's a spiritual boon just to be here in the present here and now to witness any seasonal showcase of the year.

This particular current seasonal showcase is from God Alone as are all of the others, and it and they have no other playwright, director or producer. This particular fast approaching fall season is already a phenomenal success, and it's a critical spiritual smash hit, even before it miraculously arrives.

It's a "Natural Serenade" that's meant for us, the consciously aware and spiritually intuitive among "hue-manity," to comprehend what a privilege is being still extended to us just to be here in the here and now in order to give glory to God Alone. That's why I have to always preference whatever is happening in my worlds of existences by giving glory to the Creator Alone for being here. Do you?

Some of the dedicated readers and continuous supporters of this venerated African-American newspaper know that I constantly speak in harmonious spiritual terms about the Creator Alone. I could praise, thank or show gratitude to no other except the solitary Lord (alone) of all creations, the wondrous architect of all of life's spectacular creations, sites and sounds.

Knowing that as my literary track record in writing the general backdrops to what motivates me as to why and how I write in my weekly columns what I put forth, I calmly say that I'm forever moved by being in any moment in time that the most High has allowed me to present in. I know that life is so, so very, very brief and I also realize that each moment in time and space is something special. Death waits for no soul.

This sense of intimate spiritual reflection for me is likened, the way that I think, to a "Natural Serenade." I can feel the difference within myself with the indescribable changes that occur with each new seasonal showcase arrival in the earth perimeters, especially where I live in my own space, mind and time.

Are you feeling where I'm coming from at this moment, and are you also ready for the new seasonal showcase that's going to be playing at your local present global earthly Broadway location? From the warmth of hottest regions of the Motherland to the frozen tundras of the coldest extremes in Antarctica, I'd like to think that my thoughts are respectfully understood with humility and thankfulness to the Creator Alone. I mean that wholeheartedly.

I know that I do fully recognizing that all of the seasons of the year are unique unto themselves. Each one symbolizes unfolding deep climatic experiences that are like God Alone's divine musical earthly score and are His Alone's natural piece of spiritual music for me and you to naturally witness, provocatively love and intimately experience.

Amidst the current rush of worldly happenings, many which are maybe unpleasant and unsightly, I wish that you'd take the time, if you already haven't, to know that God Alone is in control all things. My sweet message for this moment and forever is to never give up faith in the powers of the Most High Alone. To that direction, I say to one and all, no matter what your ethnicity or so-called religious bent of persuasion may be, I resolutely remind you to constantly give homage to the Creator Alone of everything and everyone for every moment that you are alive in this phase of the precious living showcase called life during any season of the year.

That reality is another reason to know how witnessing one more upcoming seasonal change is a powerful literal gift, mercy and blessing from God Alone. We all should be on our hands and knees testifying to His Alone's mercies and blessings to us and our loved ones. For today and always, I hope you know that praising the Creator Alone (and no other) is a "Natural Serenade," and that's, "As I See It."

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