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Living Happily is More than a Dream
10/8/2014 5:22:04 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Sometimes the travels in life's journeys can be a little rough on the minds of many daily travelers.

It can lead to a disquieting psychological and spirit-less tremor for many "hue-mans"in the process of trying to live moment-by-moment in today's chaotic world.

I was thinking about this ever-present reality this past Sunday evening with reflections of my own inner struggles and challenges. Like you, if you're openly honest with yourself, I, too look and looked for relief from the drudgery of despair, loneliness and unhappiness.

It requires a total self-examination.

Speaking ever so candidly with you at this time allows me to rap about being happy within one's self, a goal that many "hue-mans" dream about but do little make come it truly into fruition.

To be truly happy requires that one must or should, I say more correctly, put his or her spiritual and earthly priorities in order.

Some well meaning "colored" folk in creation want to be, mystically speaking, only cosmetically happy in wishful verbiage, with no effort really put forth to manifest that reality.

You may know of some ethic "colored" who are like that in your present midst, or it maybe describing you in some sense of the meaning. Please don't take that too personal.

I'd like you to know that as you're reading this, I'm not excluded myself from that arena because I, too, desire a sense of authentic inner tranquility within my own heart and soul.

It's a wish that I believe we all, who maybe considered normal and sane souls, aspire to without prejudice, malice or envy towards any other God Alone other created soul or beings sharing in those vicissitudes shared desires.

The Creator Alone of us all doesn't want us to be unhappy, miserable or sad. No, that's not the way it's spiritually designed for us in our pursuits of real earthly and spiritual happiness.

Life is about looking towards the Creator Alone of everything for direction, comfort and ease.

And that doesn't mean that you, me or anyone else in creation isn't going to be put through some "heady" trials in this phase of earthy existence. "Life is what it is."

It's called realness to its raw maximum of our limited temporal understandings. I hope you get that because to be able to feel a happy constancy within one's self requires that one must know that nothing comes to a dreamer but a dream.

Life is no joke.

"Living Happily is More than a Dream." That's a real provocative motto to throw at you today, but it's value in understanding is worth its weight in gold.

Happiness can only come from what you patiently strive for through prayerful knowledge and right living, knowing fully well that God Alone has your back covered in all of our ordeals, situations, confrontations and skirmishes in life.

This is something that many created "hue-mans" tend to foolishly, or absent-mindedly, forget.

We all are a little forgetful at times, and we tend to lose focus on letting go of needless issues and let the Most High Alone handle everything while we do what we are supposed to do here in our earthly worlds of existences.

God alone is only true protector.

I've come to understand that clearly through painful and crazy experiences in life in dealing with some "hue-mans" who I thought were true, close, near and dear to me.

Such is life and who in all of God alone's creation can't give an unqualified "Amen" to that statement. I believe you can and have done so.

With all of that being said and, hopefully, interpreted correctly, "Living Happily is (truly) More than a Dream." It's a practical application of being prayerfully resolute and knowing faith in the Most High Alone isn't some imaginary sentiment.

I know that the Most High Alone is One, and there's no other entity that's likened to or should be associated with Him.

For me, therein lies the beginning of the spiritual pathway or journey to so-called inner happiness and that's not a dream.

With God Alone al things are divinely possible, and I know that the Creator Alone has something good in store for you, me and everyone else who praises Him Alone without adding partners to His Alone divine illustrious aura.

Do you really understand that?

If "hue-mankind" would recognize Who Alone creates life and Who Alone facilitates death, then I believe that we all, who are in living process, would humble ourselves and see that peace and tolerance comes from within God Alone fearing souls, knowing that it does please the Most High Alone for "hue-manly" create racial animosities and ethnic hatreds throughout the earth.

Did you know that?

"Living in Happiness is More than a Dream," or idle wishful thinking. It's an active work in progress for all spiritually challenged souls who only listen to the Most High Alone's wisdom given to us in the authentic and uncorrupted holy scriptures that God Alone gave to His (Alone) inspired messengers and prophets (May the Most High Alone's peace and blessings be upon them).

Truth is happiness.

Some happy "colored" folk of peace and goodwill from all of the ethnic divisions of "hue-manity" know this to be an absolute certainty, and they live their lives wishing for others what they wish for themselves.

These are the folk who I sense know that "Living in Happiness is More than a Dream" and to them I say, "Continue to be happy!"

If you're of the same accord, then please do the same just as I'm trying to do. Be happy. Be tolerant. Be peaceful and, for today, that's, "As I See It."

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