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North Charleston Police
Do you think that the North Charleston Police Department has taken appropriate steps towards reform a year after the Walter Scott shooting?
How Much Disrespect Can Blacks Tolerate?
10/8/2014 4:06:59 PM

Luther Seabrook
By Luther W. Seabrook

Here we go again.

How much disrespect can the Black people of Charleston tolerate? We need to plan a strategy that speaks to enabling us to become effective advocates for power in a majority setting. A setting where the majority have absolute and total power over our people.

I wonder what would have happened if the Black people of Ferguson, MO had not mounted a sustained attack on the killing of Michael Brown. Nothing. Soon afterward Mr. Brown’s killing would have become yesterday’s news.

First, no group of employees can submit a proposed initiative to a School Board for adoption and/or study unless it is a part of a subterfuge initiated/supported by the Superintendent. It would not be accepted by the Board, certainly not put on the agenda unless all agreed to hide the hand of the Superintendent. Why? The blame cannot be placed on the Superintendent – the Board protects the Superintendent with the support of the Black board members.

Being White is powerful; not going along with the majority calls for a brokered deal. The White position is: Let’s agree now, time is on our side, we can break whenever we choose – we have the power – they are powerless and unorganized. We have extended privileges to a selected few of them and we can take them away whenever we choose. They will behave. We can insist that a selected few of them work to help us manipulate the others with our ‘rational’ thinking. Don’t worry about their preachers; they know that they must go along to get along. They are told to preach about Jesus Christ, the Good Samaritan, the Here After, the long white robes and silver slippers – you’ll all be rewarded in heaven. They are the absent Black leaders. The have been programmed by Justice Roger B. Taney and controlled by the teachings of Willy Lynch.

Is there any hope?

Are our politicians, at all levels, getting together to develop a program of Black Empowerment focused on all levels of government? Do we really pay taxes?

Are our churches, not the preachers, working together to develop a strategy for Black economic development? Are our Greek letter organizations, through the Pan Hellenic Council, willing to put together a listing of Black businesses to help circulate the millions of dollars we spend where we’re not respected?

Freedom ain’t free.

It has been demonstrated here in Charleston that Blacks have no rights that the White community need respect. When Whites want something, they take it. Let me be clear – they make plans and THEN they develop an acceptable reason as to why it’s in our best interest.

To wit:
Buist school – once 60% White and 40% Black, now less than 10% Black. No protest.
Academic Magnet – parents changed the entrance requirements so that more White students attend. They did this during the tenure of a Black administrator. No protest.

The most egregious putting out your ‘own’ students to accommodate the wishes (needs) of a Charter School not under your purview but controlled by White folks. Breaking an agreement with the Black community while getting Black mercenaries to sell it to their community.

Without any real thinking why not program students at Rivers in the tech program to have their core courses in the morning at their home schools and spend 2+ hours in the afternoon in the tech program at Rivers. It seems to me that the program implemented was quiet those gallant persons who for years had worked in good faith to develop the program. “Blacks have no rights that a White man need respect.” This applies not only to our schools but also to the other aspects of our lives. And where are our Democratic friends whom we support year after year when we get raped? Where are our politicians? Where are the Civil Libertarians? Where are our Black professionals? Where are they on these issues? What positions are they taking?

Finally have the lines been crossed? Where are you when we need you? Have you no shame?

They are quiet. Real quiet. Will the Blacks on the School Board explain to us how a community group without great resources can plan and implement a school so diverse that is doing exceedingly well and the professionals and our Board cannot? Continued failures, as well as successes can be planned. To our Board poor Black children are expendable and we accept their curriculum.

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