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Being There
9/24/2014 4:48:03 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today I'm going to chat about a real pertinent topic involving some critical interactions between "hue-man" beings. The subject is about "Being There" when a spouse, family member, close friend or good buddy needs you to "be there" when times are pressingly testy, if you know what I mean.

Living in the 21st century, with all of its ever-present trials, frequent disappointments and unexpected ordeals, presents myriad problems for every God-Alone created soul in the universe without exception.

Life is definitely a chaotic chess match for the aware-minded, always presenting challenges beyond some of his or her imaginations.

Count me in that select group of "colored" beings who knows that life is full of the unpredictable predictable. I believe that you surely know what I'm talking about because I believe that your life, thus far, has been a real revealing battle ground where the signs of life have been plentiful, teaching you much about survival and persistence all rolled up into one word called struggle.

If you know that to be a bonafide given, then you that there are times when you know that when you're in need of a caring spouse, relative, good friend or a sincere buddy to "be there" to help you process whatever it is that you're dealing with, you feel bless to have such a "hue-man" in your midst.

Hopefully, that soul will be one who listens for the good of your concern and not one who just wants to gather info about present or past predicaments. Can you feel where I'm coming from?

You know that there are some pseudo-"colored" folk who are like that, only wanting to pretend that they are your friends. My old discarded address and phone book is full of them, tossed away in the trash pile of discovered phony souls. Good riddance.

But, what I'm referring today is totally different in that I'm only alluding to the "real" and quality souls who know what "Being There" is all about. Those souls are as precious as the rarest of jewels and they grow in trusted friendship value as the days of the months evolve into years.

When I write about "Being There," I'm writing from first hand experience about the "real" folk who've "been there" for me when times were hard, difficult and trying.

They didn't hide when I needed them because they seem to be omni-present with genuine concern about what I was going through, whatever it is that's was dealing with. You probably know who I'm talking about from your own experiences.

If you do, I'm sure that we all agree that it's something basic in these souls that seems to make them always (sincerely) be there for us.

That's what I call the ones in our lives who've been there for us and, Lord knows, I could never repay them for their presence in my life and ever-changing worlds of existences. What about you?

Maybe, that's why I'm driven at this moment to reflect and say a little "something, something" about this vital happening Called "Being There" because it's something that needs to be said and it must be expressed with much appreciation.

Listen, I'm only expressing how I feel about the sincere and loving folk who've cared about me, and I'm sure that my sentiments go for you also to one and all of those those folks in your past and present worlds of existences who've been there for you.

Remembering those folks goes along way in appreciating how they've aided you and others in your and others' healing processes. Sometimes, if you really think about, how much can you thank the Most High Alone for blessing you with such quality relatives, friends, associates or a spouse.

Again, I'm only referring to the genuine and not the shady, masquerading, two-faced imposters who are comic pretenders-at-best in the "Being There" scenarios of life. It's painful for me to say it like that, but I've come to realize that "smiling faces sometimes tell lies." Can you dig it?

The reality of real caring about whoever you truly love, value and respect in life is about understanding what "Being There" is all about because in another vein of expression, "what comes around, goes around."

You should always wish for someone else what you sincerely desire for yourself in life, never forgetting that Every "hue-man" being goes through the ringer of life's revolving washing machine of trials and tribulations, some more than others.

Be mindful that the windmills of time will certainly blow a little "something, something" your way in the form of unrelenting challenges and constant testing. That is done by the will of God Alone.

So, be thankful for the Creator Alone's choosing you to be tested and tried in whatever manner He Alone has chosen. It will only make you stronger and better in the long run of being educated to master life's real chess game.

The Most High Alone never makes a mistake, even though we may not often tune into that undeniable wisdom with spiritual insight and prayer reflection. If you are one of the fortunate ones who do so, then you also know the authenticity and value of "Being There" when times are a bit rocky and turbulent in some of your loved and other valued souls' lives.

Like you, they need your soothing listening ear, gentle heartfelt wisdom and non-judge mental attitude(s) when trying to be the best listener that you can be for them in possibly aiding them through the rough passage(s) that maybe confronting them.

Like I said before, never forget that what "comes around, goes around." That can be difficult for some folk to comprehend.

Also, I'd like you to remember that "it takes one to know one." Take time to help someone else by being a real friend to that ethnic "colored" soul in your worlds of existences, whoever he or she may be. It could be what he or she really needs to help them from point A to point B in their transitions towards spiritual and healthy productivity.

I close on that vibe because "Being There" is more than a catchy phrase of the moment. To me, it's an ever-living actuality for the caring and spiritually amongst us. It can heal troubled minds and souls.

Take time to "be there" when the occasion arises for someone who's hurting and troubled ind your midst, if possible, knowing that maybe, just maybe, someone with a realness about them maybe and will "be there" for you when your time come around.

For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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