Saturday, July 18, 2015  
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Race Relations
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"And The Truth Will Set You Free"
9/17/2014 4:46:59 PM

Towana C. Daniels, Author & Self Publisher of “black girlz don’t cut”& Joy Green, at the book signing of Towana’s newly released book.
By Beverly Gadson-Birch

Sometimes your plans are not just your plans. As writers, we are driven to share information that enlightens and oftentimes transforms lives. Towana has done just that in her new book “black girlz don’t cut”.

In wake of the recent domestic violence by Baltimore Raven Ray Rice that has replayed itself out over the airwaves, many voices that have been silent for years are coming forward to acknowledge their abuse and share their stories on how the abuse changed their lives.

Abuse takes on many forms—child or spousal abuse—sexual, physical and or mental. In the case of Ray Rice and his girlfriend, Janay, whom he has since married, his behavior is a total disrespect for all women. Anyone viewing the tape can only imagine, why did Ray take his abuse so far? It was a knock out drag out assault. What could possibly drive Rice to the point of knocking his wife out? And, even after knocking her out, he dragged her out of the elevator instead of picking her up. There is just no way to explain Rice’s action. I am sure some may say “she had it coming” or “she hit him first”. It doesn’t matter what precipitated the assault because that’s just what it was, it is never acceptable to strike a woman (or man).

On Sunday, I had the occasion to attend Towana’s book signing of her life’s story “black girlz don’t cut”. This was a very special moment for me because Towana and I grew up in the same neighborhood. Although we are eons apart, whenever I visited my old neighborhood and saw her, she always had a beautiful smile encased by the most beautiful dimples I have ever seen. It was recently that I learned there was another side of Towana. Her book “black girlz don’t cut” is about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of family members beginning at the age of seven and continuing through age 15.

At the signing, Towana shared some painful reminders of her past. At times, attendees were seen wiping away tears. Although many of us in the room felt Towana’s pains, I couldn’t help but wonder how many “Towanas” were in the room recalling their hidden past. The thought that Towana was robbed of her childhood at such an early age was gut wrenching for me. I couldn’t help but think how many other young ladies that are experiencing abused but do not know how to break free. The book is a form of healing for Towana.

As the sexual abuse continued and feeling unprotected, Towana continued the self-mutilation biting, tearing and cutting herself until she bled. I had heard about white girls’ self-mutilation but was not aware that black girls did so as well. It was an eye opener for me. Even after surviving sexual abuse, Towana went on to marry an abusive man. “black girlz don’t cut” is a myth; they do. Towana did but she has gone from adversity to adversary. She is an overcomer. I salute Towana’s bravery and candid account that further placed a strain on family relationships but it was a necessary step in the healing process.

According to the New York Magazine, one in five women has been raped. If you want to know more about Towana’s story, check out Amazon. Towana is available for speaking engagements to help other young girls break their silence and come forward to report the abusers. It is time to put a stop to abuse and “Break Every Chain, Break Every Chain.”

Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Tasha Pittman Submitted: 9/18/2014
Great article!!! It was an honor to attend her book signing! !!

Submitted By: cara black Submitted: 5/3/2015
The issue is real. The author is fake. She continues behaviors of giving her body in exchange for money and favors. Not much has really changed for her. Shameful.

Submitted By: cara black Submitted: 5/3/2015
The issue is real. The author is fake. She continues behaviors of giving her body in exchange for money and favors. Not much has really changed for her. Shameful.

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