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Optimism with a Heavenly Twist
8/27/2014 4:25:41 PM

By Hakim-Adbul-Ali

There are times when things come upon me with a sense of clarity and absoluteness that I am humbled by the mercy of the Most High Alone to comprehend the beauty of it all. Spiritual truth is an eye opener and sometimes it comes with a heavenly twist.

I received another reminder of life’s many lessons about three days ago when a call from one of my closest and trusted friends alerted me to the fact that there’s nothing like believing in God Alone. It was another eye opener in more unassuming ways than I can say.

You see, this brother in faith mentioned to me that he’d heard a recent sermon that the deliverer of the sermon was reminding the people in attendance that they needed to be more optimistic in believing God (Alone) would answer their prayers and request. This friend said the message was profound.

After hearing his glowing feelings about the optimism sermon, I offered to my friend that it was very much on point. I also said that we, as so-called believers in the Creator Alone, in our own self-professed religious orbs, needed to self-check ourselves and recognize that God Alone is fully capable of fulfilling His promise to anyone in creation as He (Alone) so chooses to do so.

I told my good brother in faith that I needed to hear what he’d casually dropped on me in our conversation because, in the lateness of our midnight discussion, he brought me full circle in reminding me that all things are possible with God Alone’s help and permission, just as the deliverer of the sermon mentioned. We both reminded each other that we’ve been going through some trying examinations in our lives by God Alone’s permission.

I’m honored to be a valued friend of this genuine “hue-man” being, who always relates to me with a God Alone fearing sensitivity. Whenever we “rap,” he challenges me to stay on point, just as I believe, humbly, that I challenge him to reflect with faithful buoyancy about the fact that the Creator Alone is in charge of everything.

To that end, I related to my dear buddy three verses from the Holy Quran that I felt would solidify what I felt about the sermon’s deeper essence that he had heard and what we’d spoken about in our rap. I hold these passages close to my heart and my brother in faith does also.

The passage comes from verses 155-157 of the second Surah (spiritual unit) called Al-Baqara (The Cow) of the Holy Quran. It illuminates influential wisdom and tenders comfort to the spiritually aware of “hue-manity” who may be in some sort of inner turmoil.
Loosely translated from the Arabic language to English, God Alone says in this spiritual unit:
---2:155 “And be sure We shall test with some fear and hunger, some loss in goods, or lives, or the fruits (of your hard work), but give good glad who patiently persevere.
----2:156 (And to those) who when afflicted with calamity say: To God Alone we belong, and truly, to Him (Alone) is our return.
----2:157 They are those on whom (descends the) blessing from God Alone, and (His) Mercy Alone, and they are the ones who will receive guidance.

After hearing this awesomely inspired revelation from the Muslim’s holy book, the brother in faith said to me it all fit and he understood why I used that reference because the that was the undertone of what the deliverer of the sermon he heard was addressing in his sermon.

I also said to my brother in faith that we, as believers in God Alone, should never misunderstand that when God Alone says such and such a thing, it’s a done deal. My brother in faith understood that, but I wonder whether some of the rest of “hue-manity,” no matter what his or her religious belief is, understands same.

I articulate that with no intended disrespect towards anyone’s religiosity, and I really mean that, but when I talk about faithfully being sanguine about anything relating to God Alone, it’s not a “wishy-washy” type of belief. It’s “Optimism with a Heavenly Twist.” I hope you and know feel where I’m coming from.

Let’s be real, and you’ll probably identify with what I’m going to say. Again, with no outward disrespect of anyone’s religious tradition, there are some cynical “colored” folk in “hue-manity” who are impatiently pessimistic about things in their worlds of existences and add a dull tint to the full scope of always and only putting limited trust in the Creator Alone in and under all circumstances.

I’m not calling out anyone, but those verses from the noble Holy Quran speaks of and to the astute among God Alone’s “hue-man” creations who patiently endure the trials of life with complete optimistic assurance knowing that everything is under the most High Alone’s control and everything is a test in one way or the other. Do you understand and know fully what I’m talking about? If you do, that’s good because some of us don’t.

Listen, all of the Creator Alone’s messengers and prophets (May God Alone’s peace be upon all of them) knew that unconditional optimistic faith in God Alone’s decisions was an absolute example of one’s faith supreme. From the teachings and examples of Adam to Abraham to Moses to Jesus to Muhammad (PBUT), their lifestyles spoke of untiring hopefulness supreme in the Most High Alone to their followers and to all of the rest of “hue-manity” who would come after them.

They profoundly stated that “There’s Nothing Worthy of Worship Except the Creator Alone.” Also, they knew that to do otherwise would be a violation of the optimistic monotheistic truth code that all messengers and prophets of monotheism (PBUT) taught and were instructed by God Alone to do. Never forget what God Alone can do and does.

To say that “there’s nothing worthy of worship except God Alone” is more than an optimistic euphemism. Anytime anyone says that he or she believes in the Most High Alone, the Creator Alone, of heaven and earth and everything and everyone in between, seen and unseen, he or she must know that being “Optimistic with a Heavenly Twist” is a blissful and divine sensation.

My brother in faith from New jersey and I agreed that there are a lot of folk in our own tradition, just as there are in other religious traditions, who appear to mouth their faith(less) optimism but with doubt and timid reservation.

To them I say that life is what it is and no one will leave it without being tested. No matter what you believe in or call yourself you can be sure of that. Everyone is tested all the time.

If you “fully” comprehend that, then no matter what religious label you place on yourself, you may sense, objectively, why I hold Surah 2, verses 155-157 of the Holy Quran so near and dear in my own faithful, hopeful comprehension about the determination of the Creator Alone’s total control of all things, including our trials and tests. Think about that “Optimism with a Heavenly Twist.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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