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7 Secrets of Personal Significance
8/21/2014 12:45:00 PM

By Rev. Manson B. Johnson, Special from the Houston Forward-Times



Bible Fact: Knowingly or unknowingly human beings seek daily in different ways and in different measures to find the paradise man once had with God in the beginning.

The Big Idea: People who are aware of the common personal significance needs (PSN) enable them to achieve more of the joys of success and peace in life.

Buck Williams was one of professional basketball’s most relentless and enduring rebounders. He was a top power forward for over a dozen NBA seasons, and one of only eight players to achieve 16,000 points and 12,000 rebounds in his career. His honors and achievements were many: NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA All-Star, All-Pro, All-Defensive Player, in the NBA Finals twice. A truly amazing career!

But most important to Buck Williams was his Christian faith. A sports reporter asked him once what his plans were when he faced what every NBA player ultimately faces:the difficult transition from player to spectator. Here’s what Buck said:

“Whatever I do, in terms of a second career, I want it to be meaningful, I want to touch someone’s life – whether it’s through business or whatever. If I touch one person’s life, then my own life will not be in vain. That’s what’s really important to me.”

I. What is significance?

To attraction attention that brings value and joy;
To experience self-worth through an experience or a relationship;
To become a part of something that relates specifically to a person personally that makes them feel needed.
II. Sounds of significance seekers:

At what time am I most happy with my life?
What makes me happy?
How long will it be before my cup is running over with joy?
What is the role of possessions and people in my life?
Where can I find my happiness in life?
Who can I find in life to help me to discover my happiness?
III. Important factors about significance:

Discovering personal worth and purpose in life are important to all people.
Winning and experiencing positive elements of life are important to people.
People seek for significance in different ways and use different measures.
Every person has a right to seek and expect joy and peace in life.

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