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A Zephyr of Philosophical Wisdom
8/6/2014 4:39:26 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

There are many times in my life when it comes to my mind that wisdom truly is a wonderful asset to have and utilize. That goes without further clarification as you see in today’s world how so few of the world’s masses seem to control the other many “colored” folk like sheep being led to spiritual, mental and academic slaughter.

Needless to say, wisdom, however you view the word, is a necessary virtue, and it becomes known that the wise among “hue-manity” are the ones who are truly blessed. Just look at your family, community and the world-at-large to “see” and comprehend what I’m alluding to.

Saying all this brings me to the topic for today when I was advised by a spiritual brother friend of mine the other day from New Jersey about the stupidity of worry. I know that it’s strange way to lead into what I’m rapping about today, but just hang in there with me for the rest of the article and I believe you’ll have gained a deeper understanding of my current thoughts.

My friend is a quiet kind of guy and a deep thinker in his own persona and that’s putting it mildly as I describe his intellectual acumen. He reminded me of something that I’d said to him about twenty years ago when I told him something that a spiritually wise “hue-man” from Egypt once told me a long time ago about the idiocy of worry.

This ever-so-wise brother from New Jersey said to me in a reminder that “worry was faith that had not said its prayers.” When you first read that it takes some time to digest because it’s not an inconsequential statement for the faithless bereft souls of “hue-manity.” It has depth for the wise.

The basis of that reasoning lies in the fact that all things are in the control of God Alone and “worry,” as most “hue-mans” today loosely exercise the word, has no attachment to the Creator Alone’s attributes. It’s more attached to Satan’s whisperings to “hue-mankind’s” lack of faith and a belief that God Alone isn’t in control of everything and everyone, including the devil itself.

Please don’t mistake that explicit scrutiny as the gentle wind ranting of an obsessed lover of God Alone because admittedly that’s what I am. I hope that you look at it as “A Zephyr of Spiritual Philosophical Wisdom” because there’s nothing that deserves to worshipped but God Alone. Again, I confess to that with total commitment.

I believe that some of us are creatures of own fickle spiritual mis-understandings and informal indoctrinations at times, and we may forget that life is a journey from here to there. In essence, experiencing the life we’re living is a short voyage from birth to death in stable time zones of testing.

The spiritually wise among us know this to be true without explanation and some in “hue-manity,” well, let’s say rather bluntly, they just don’t get it. I hope that, as you read on, you’re one of the wise ones who do because, oftentimes, our casually pessimistic words and slipshod thoughts are synonymous to unproductive actions.

That’s a reality that many of us travel on in interpreting our experiences of thinking in life as we fast forward toward and by each and every second of everyday. Recognizing how precious each moment should make all of us humble ourselves spiritually and philosophically before our Creator Alone with honor, thanks and praise to no other than Him Alone.

The Prophets of God Alone always said to never associate anyone or anything with the Creator Alone and to always have trust in Him Alone. Also, they said (and taught) that “worry” has no link to faith in the Most High Alone, because if you believe in the Creator Alone of everyone and everything, why are you “worrying” about anything if your prayers are “truly” directed towards the Most High Alone?

While on that commanding note, there’s one more sensitive embrace I’d like you to internalize with this resonant concept, both spiritually and philosophically. It is that life has instructed us through all of our former and present difficulties to not worry about things that we can’t control.

My good friend reminded me of same as we recounted all the past trials and tests in our respective lives where we never knew what was going on. He poignantly reminded me of this spiritual philosophy just as I’m reminding you as you read, hopefully, grasping clearly that “worry is faith that has not said its prayers.”

Speaking frankly, I believe that, sometimes, no matter what your professed so-called religious way of life may be, you may forget that faith doesn’t exist within the powers of any created “colored” man or woman of the creation, but rather only in God, the Creator Alone. That’s a point of spiritual philosophical wisdom my good friend from my New Jersey said to me over and over again in our recent conversation.

Addressing anyone’s possible curiosities and blatant skepticisms once again, I don’t care what you call yourself as a believer in whatever religious direction that you take, follow or call your personal vestige to spiritual illumination, you should know that the Creator Alone is not like His (Alone) creations. There’s no one that is likened to the Creator Alone because He Alone is unique in His Alone quintessence and there’s no creator but God Alone.

“Hue-mans” may out of systematic spiritual programming think that God (Alone) is a “hue-man” in flesh form and if you do, please beware. I offer that in realistic reflection and wise questioning that they should self-check that quizzical notion because God Alone has no need to “worry” about anything. He is God, the Creator Alone. What does He have to agonize about?

I say that strongly, and I am ready to defend that spiritual platitude because who and or what in all of His Alone creation does He (Alone) have to be afraid of? What does the Creator Alone of the sun, the moon, space, heaven, earth, the stars and an untold zillion life times, have to fret about, and who would God Alone ask for relief from that malady of faithless concern called worry? Think!

Countless “colored” folk have been taught to think in systematically oriented alterations about life and self, and they view their present mundane life from the aspects of colonial mis-educational adaptations. Respectfully, if you doubt what I’m saying, ask the majority of the world’s so-called minority souls of color about who they really, really are and you’ll more than likely find out how little they really know about themselves and their storied ancestral legacies, even as they portray pseudo-Greco-Roman philosophies and religious norms in their own present disguises.

The truth hurts and many abstract-minded “colored” folk pretend to live in orbits of facade and denial. They “worry” about being “accepted” by a “his-storical” society that has rejected them in total spiritual essence as people of self-worth, spirituality, scholarship and merit.

The wisdom of knowing the Most High Alone’s awesomeness is realizing His (Alone’ supreme rule and control of everything and everyone. He Alone knows all and, because of that understanding, I say don’t worry, and I respectfully offer that maxim as “A Zephyr of Spiritual Philosophical Wisdom.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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