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When Kindness Meets Love
7/30/2014 4:39:06 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I’m an observant old soul at best or, at least, I think that I am. I say that with an avid reflection upon the little things that occur in my worlds of existences.

I seem to be drawn to gazing at the effervescent subtleties of “hue-man” interactions more so than I had evidently witnessed in the past. As I get older I seem to sense that good judgment comes with age in far too many instances to count.

In my spiritual worldview of looking at things, I must admit that I thank God Alone constantly for each precious moment of being here to observe what I experience.

Like revelations from Him (Alone) and only from Him Alone, I testify that emotive feelings like love or passionate sentiments like thoughtfulness have more inherent assessment to me now than they did in prior times.

I view each and every moment that I experience in life as additional steps in learning from the Most High Alone’s schoolhouse called daily living. The revolving lessons of life in dealing with so many simple and complex “colored” folk are astounding and challenging to put it in uncomplicated spiritual and humble terms.

Objectively, life’s sorted lessons have taught me to look at myself and many others as I and they display attitudes of love and esteem toward each other while observing carefully that some others don’t.

It blows my mind (pardon the pun) to see that there’s such an unbalance and disparity in these areas when the world’s in need of universal peace.

I’m not a naïve realist, nor am I a dreamer in a utopian world of everyone loving each other just for the politically correct sense of doing so. Being an aware spiritual soul has trained me to be “kind,” with loving prudence, to the sort of pristine common sense idealism of peace where love and kindness meet with respectful cordial

“As I See It,” there’s no other spiritual logic that a smart and sensible “hue-man” can use to describe his or existence, by God Alone’s permission, except that it’s to establish peace and love. That includes peace love within one’s inner self and to spread that adoration and compassion towards others in “hue-manity.”

When that happens, the words love and kindness meet at space called tranquility. In my heart of hearts and in my own personal soulful solitude, I get a kick out of seeing genuine ethnic “colored” folk treat each other with the utmost respect on a global plane because I believe in the universal submission to peace according to the Creator Alone’s magnificent plan.

That plan is about making love and kindness functioning realities for everyone and not having it become distant and warring cousins.

Some “colored” folk understand the plan and others don’t have a clue why there’s such inner rampant chaos and discord in their and others’ global mind-sets and lifestyles.

A large majority of today’s ethnic and culturally diverse world’s populace needs to practice love and being kind to each other before they literally destroy each other. Hate is a mentally toxic venom that destroys all souls who hate from within for no reason, just as it viciously annihilates from within without a foundation.

Some “hue-mans” living in the isolated insufferable abyss of international odious hateful “isms” gone mad need to know that to love and to be kind are sane restorative spiritual and morally conscious building core attributes that are pleasing to their Creator Alone. Think carefully about what I just said because “thoughts are truly synonymous to actions.”

I’m thinking about that also as I write from a corner of my present contemporary thoughts thinking about the dignity of what the words love and kindness really means for everyone in today’s widespread “hue-manistic” landscape.

They are more than mere metaphors for the wise; they are self-motivated similes which require a God Alone consciousness activation among spiritually aware “hue-man” beings knowing that love is kindness without territorial or clandestine borders.

Call me this or that, but please never confuse me with the fact other than that I’m a peace aficionado and a romanticist at heart, and I believe in the awesome power of universal love, especially if it’s real. I also value being kind as a virtue of goodness that’s necessary for “hue-mans” to communicate respectfully with each other.

That shouldn’t be too hard to digest because the world of today, in many diverse dimensions and chaotic realms, is in need of a serious reality check of sort.

It’s in need of love and benevolence in all doses and flavors from the deserts of the so-called Middle East to the frozen domain of the North Pole. Love and kindness are needed everywhere.

As I said previously, I’m an old soul, who remembers when to say that you loved someone, it meant more than casual lip service. Sadly, I think here in America and in other global locales, I don’t believe that many ethnic “colored” folk in today’s society are totally in tune with the overall and redeeming value of what comprehensive love and kindness are all about.

We all have to play a part in making the world a better place to be and where love and kindness are staples of our innermost thoughts and realities. I’d like to think that you realize that mutual love and respect are velvety ingredients of universal goodness that makes all honest devotees blush with ecstasy.

No has one has to be ashamed to feel the presence of sharing respectful love and for being kind in his or her life. It’s that delightful elixir of spiritual wholeness that doesn’t need unnecessary and unwanted explanations to describe what it does for one’s soul. Let’s just say that it feels good.

In closing this column for today I have to tell you that love and kindness are inseparable approaches which are too grand to explain for the light and timid thinkers of society.

To that I say, “it is what it is,” because to respect other “hue-mans” with love and kindness is a spiritual gift from the Creator Alone in connecting and communicating to the flow of peaceful coexistence between you and them.

Try to always remember that as you embrace another moment in time. That’s what I’m attempting to do as I “vibe” on the sentimentality of “When Kindness Meets Love.” Maybe, you should also. Try it. You may learn to love it. Pray for world peace.

For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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