Thursday, October 9, 2014  
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Elite Fitness Pros Announces New Mobile App and Several Summer Programs To Help Busy People Shape Up
7/3/2014 10:41:31 AM

Gregory Jones of Elite Fitness Pros
WASHINGTON - June 30, 2014 - Personal training guru Gregory Jones, CPT, owner and Lead Personal Trainer for Elite Fitness Pros, is pleased to announce that the company has launched several new fitness programs including a new mobile app and online platform that will deliver virtual one-one-one counseling to clients. Jones said the advanced technology uses the latest innovations to provide users with personalized fitness instruction that's convenient for busy schedules and delivers the motivation and support of a certified trainer without the high cost.

"The online program simply begins after you contact us through our website to let us know you want to become a client," said Jones. "One of our staff members will contact you to set up your account and provide you with a brief questionnaire (primary fitness goal, equipment accessibility, etc.) so we can create your custom fitness plan."

Jones said during a 30-minute consultation (via phone or Skype) you will be introduced to your Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) who will discuss the finer points of your fitness program and answer any questions you may have. Afterwards, your Online Personal Training Plan will then be created, giving you access to your workout calendar and detailed fitness program. Each workout will include detailed instructions, including trainers notes, and a place to enter your feedback.

"All new clients must begin with our Introductory Package," said Jones. "This will allow your Personal Trainer to manage the expectations of your fitness program, talk you through proper form, and also conduct virtual one-on-one sessions that will set the tone for your approach to your new Online Personal Training Sessions."

With detailed instructions, picture/video examples of your exercises, and a messaging feature, Jones said you would always know exactly what to do, while having access to your trainer. Several Elite Fitness clients who are using the cost-effective mobile app and online training website are already seeing results. 

"After relocating and trying fitness on my own, I reached out to Greg in 2013 for help," said Brenda Doles. "This is when he introduced to Online Personal Training. Skeptical at first I agreed, and now I am so glad that I did. The app is simple and easy to use, I have Greg's guidance on the exercises I should be doing, and although I have a specific days to work out, I can do them at whatever time is convenient for me."

"I've always hated working out, but Elite Fitness Pros make it fun, keep it interesting, and most importantly yield results," added Mathew Richter. "In the three months I've been working with Elite Fitness Pros, I've lost over 25 pounds, dropped four clothing sizes, started to like working out on a regular basis, and become more conscious about my health."

Jones added that creating that beach-ready body requires 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. With fad diets being thrown at us from every angle, he said it's about time that we kick the latest trends to the curb and go with what works.

"Our Custom Nutrition Plans give you the flexibility to choose the foods you like from our healthy foods list while providing the structure you need to reach your fitness goals," said Jones. "So whether you're trying to bulk up or slim down, our Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist will work hand-in-hand with you to design a nutrition plan that will have you ready for the next pool party or trip to the beach."

The process begins with the completion of a Custom Nutrition Plan Questionnaire. The information provided will be used to construct a dietary plan to achieve the desired results. Once the nutrition strategy is sent for your review (2 - 3 business days) you will be contacted (via email or phone) by a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist who will discuss the details of your plan.

"Along with your Custom Nutrition Plan, you will receive our Custom Nutrition Plan Overview that will give you the details on how to effectively follow your nutrition plan," Jones said. "You will have frequent check-ins with your Nutrition Specialist to follow up and make tweaks."

Elite Fitness Pros has also launched an Outdoor Transformation Boot Camp that takes place four mornings per week at Canal Park, 200 M Street, SE in Washington, DC. Jones said the program is designed to provide you with powerhouse workouts and a personalized, fat-burning nutrition plan.

For more information and pricing plans, please call (202) 570-3435 or visit

About Greg Jones, CPT:
Greg Jones is the owner and lead fitness instructor at Elite Fitness Pros. Certified through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), he uses his profound fitness knowledge and fun loving personality to motivate his clients to healthier lifestyles. As a former collegiate athlete, health and fitness has always been a part of his daily life and he continues to employ those values as a fitness instructor. Through his commitment to educate and serve, Jones takes pride in providing quality fitness services to improve the lives of others. Jones was recently selected as the official trainer of the Miss United States Intercontinental Pageant and was selected as one of the best personal trainers by Washington City Paper in 2013.

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