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Prospective Openings
6/25/2014 5:15:22 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I just got through talking to a somewhat hesitant and negative-minded soul. You probably know that type of “hue-mans” because they are everywhere around us all floating aimlessly about like suspended clouds in the sky.

My experience with the doubtful soul was one where I had heard this individual constantly advocated pessimistic thoughts about his future. He seemed to believe that though he was presently unemployed and, after five or so months of unsuccessful attempts, he felt that there was nothing out there for him.

Defeat seemed to be his middle name and I listened as best I could, but I had to tell him that life is what you make it and that includes earning a living while living in Babylon west. The soul brother knew me well, so I could be blunt with him without him taking a downbeat approach to my views on this matter.

For some typical “As I See It” moment in my mind, another series of thoughts came to my head seemingly out of nowhere. I told this cherished soul brother that life is what you make it, and that includes being on the lookout for “Prospective Openings” that may be all around you, even as you think that there may be none in sight. “Don’t let life’s adversities cloud your mind with doubt,” is what I said with purposeful meaning. Listen closely.

“Prospective Openings” is a rather haughty term that came from my thoughts as the brother listened to me and asked me to explain fully where I was coming from. I told him that the reason why I used that term was because I believed that there were opportunities everywhere for him to pursue but he would have to stay focused on the issues at hand and not be tricked by the devil-inspired “woe is me” syndrome that we all get from time-to-time.

As best I can remember, I told the soul brother that “Prospective Openings” are real things and not make believe ghosts. They are something waiting for the sincere seeker of knowledge. They aren’t nothing items.

In my head, I view unknown and hidden opportunities as golden nuggets of opportunities that are just waiting for a clever minded and a disciplined thinker to unearth. Success is out there for us if we would only pursue it with steadfastness, and it’s not a phantom hiding in the rarified air of impossibilities.

No, to the contrary, I believe that “Prospective Openings,” or opportunities in life’s expansion, are ever-present for the soul who believes in himself/herself with an inner faithful drive. Inwardly that soul says with unyielding conviction, “I know that there’s ‘something’ out there for me, and all I have to do is go find it.”

Sometimes, we have to self-check our own thoughts of hopelessness, because, at times, they have a tendency to play tricks on our minds. That’s what I related to the soul brother as he quietly admitted that he was sometimes his own worst enemy. Haven’t we all been there at some points in our lives?

I told the soul brother not to feel bad because I’ve been there many times before too, but I had to exercise the power of flowing positivity. It’s something that you have to constantly work at, because “thoughts are synonymous to actions.” I believe that with all my heart and soul.

“Life is what you make it,” and no one is going to believe in you if you (first) don’t believe in yourself. Opportunities for self-advancement don’t just fall from the sky. They are out there waiting for you, me and other energetic souls to mine and acquire.

That’s why I previously referred to “Prospective Openings” as golden nuggets, and they are out there for the serious and thriving minded gold diggers in life. Are you an active, believing gold digger, or are you simply a wishful, lazy-I expect someone to hand me a job type of soul?

I don’t think that you are, but there are many “brothas” and “sistas” out there who are living abstract fantasies of finding employment, etc. I have to expound on the “etc.” a little bit because many of our personal, inhibiting and lackadaisical thoughts of unconstructiveness prohibit us from achieving our goals and desires in life.

My mother used to say that nothing comes to a wishful dreamer but an equally discontented empty dream. She was an old-time schoolteacher with supreme spiritual values and a prayerful faith based lifestyle behind her words and thoughts, and she made it clear that opportunities in life aren’t just handed to you-you have to seize them.

I told the soul brother as much as I felt that he could take it in. Sometimes, you know that you can’t give a person, who is lazy or doesn’t want to learn, too much insight because “pressure burst pipes.”

Like I said the soul brother had a cynical way of looking at life, and it’s rather hard trying to communicate to someone who’s like that. He’s a quality guy, but like I said before, “thoughts are synonymous to actions.” Life is what it is.To that I guess I should add that you are what you think you are, oftentimes becoming what you are feeding your thoughts subliminally. Time waits for no one, and that includes me, you or the next skeptical soul waiting for some unseen “Prospective Opening(s)” to come his or her way as he or she “waits” for them to suddenly appear on the employment horizon from nowhere.

Life is what you make it. To get what you want in life you’ve got to be aggressive, within reason, to attain whatever you want. Many wise academic teachers and coaches in sport tell us that failure is not an option, especially when it comes to taking care of one’s business and optimistic desires.

I believe that also because I know that my martial arts sensei once said to me that any unseen opportunity, when converted into a fact, must be taken hold of as the simplest task at hand. Then once that is understood and accomplished, you must (then) perform said task, doing it to the finish the best way you know how.

My sensei who was forever the wise and disciplined soul said that all the Oriental masters of a thousand years back knew that an unrelenting energetic and steadfast student of the arts becomes great because he (or she) makes an early friend of life’s visible and invisible “Prospective Openings.” My sensei taught me about life in modes of never giving up.

I was told by this great instructor that he (or she) who does this, the paths of prospect, peace, happiness and success will be closer than you’d think. Of course, I told the soul brother this message for him to patiently comprehend.

I trust it’s not that lofty for you in a not-too- abstract way of inquiring to comprehend. Hopefully, it’s not, because, if understood properly, you could be on your way to something brighter, better and more rewarding in your life.

Try it. You may presently like what you discover about what “Prospective Openings” has in store for you. The future is yours-right now. Get busy and do something constructive for yourself. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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