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Race Relations
Do you think that race relations in the United States will improve in 2015?

6/18/2014 4:25:54 PM

By Hakim Adbul-Ali

There’s a word in the Swahili language that’s a key to advancing in life and that word is “kujifunza.” It simply means (to) find out or learn in plain speech.

Although it takes its root from the African Bantu language, Swahili’s heavily influenced by the Arabic language–a result of the long-standing trading relationships in the region-and many contemporary words are adapted into English. Just by reading that, hopefully, you’ve learned something new already if you didn’t possess that knowledge beforehand.

Life is a serious university where lessons are taught at each and every nook and cranny of life. I love to find out and learn about so many things in life until I’m an unabashed knowledge-seeking junkie.

Are you like that? I hope that you are because the acquisition of knowledge is fundamental to success in any format. Knowledge is useful if you acquire it and then use it properly.

That’s a basic truism because it doesn’t matter if you reside on the continent of the Motherland, or even if you live on the North Pole, the acquisition of knowledge is the key to fortifying your life’s ambition and personal goals in life. Knowledge is a powerful in unlimited doses.

The symbolic word “kujifunza” is the key that opens the door to getting the knowledge. It’s that rare ingredient in one’s soul that pushing a “hue-man” where another won’t go in order to attain success and wisdom in life.

“Kujifunza” is the spice on a striving “hue-man’s” plate of delicate desires in life’s aspirations. You’ve got to study hard and much in order to learn about things and to know anything about them in any sufficient amounts.

That’s pretty simple, but some abstract “colored” don’t get that basic realism effort in understanding “Kujifunza.” Are you with me?

In ancient West African societies “Kujifunza” was a must for all the griots to possess with enthusiasm because to teach one something, one had to know something about what he or she was studying. There’s nothing like having knowledge.

“Kujifunza” trains a student of the universe that referencing something worth knowing requires an equal effort and desire to acquire knowledge of anyone and anything. Understanding “Kujifunza” to highest is an energetic stimulus for the academic senses.

Still with me? I hope so. Remember that “Kujifunza” is about learning and finding out about so many things in life until it makes you wonder where would “hue-manity” be if it weren’t for the “Kujifunza” crowd in society.

Thank God Alone that there are the positive strivers and dream seekers in life. Without the act of “Kujifunza,” again, I politely ask, where would we all be? Remember once more that to learn about anything and everything is a key to advancing and growing in life.

When I think of my Afro-minded learning mind-set I think that “Kujifunza” teaches me to be first an observer in life as I attempt to learn about the many things that come my way. Some “colored” folk in “hue-manity” forget that very basic rule.

I know by the fact that you’re still reading my piece today that you know the deal. Knowledge is powerful, but only if you use it for positive means and aims.

Knowing that teaches me that I shouldn’t let anything new appear before my mind-set without first clinching its value and studying its potential worth and meaning in my life. Isn’t that what real “Kujifunza” is all about and why a sincere student seeker of knowledge continues to learn until he or she sees the grave? Possessing knowledge is a lesson in acquiring wisdom.

We all should put our best efforts forward in learning the lesson that “Kujifunza” teaches because it’s a challenge to us to discipline ourselves with more opportunities in life to gain more insight about something. “Kujifunza” is fun.

It’s seems that I’m always trying to learn or find out some more stuff about something new or to enhance my insight about some things which I already know. You can never know everything about everything.

Understanding and applying “Kujifunza” is extremely necessary if “our” youth are to be all that they can and want to be. It all can be had, but they have to put “Kujifunza” elbow grease and mental sweat equity behind their dream wishes and childish aspirations. Life doesn’t promise everything you wish for you’ll get because you stated that you wanted it.

Life’s happenings are some of the best learning things to witness (and learn) what exactly “kujifunza” is all about. Comprehending this let’s an intuitive student of the universe read the signs from the Creator Alone which come our way each day with a better understanding.

When you truly realize this then the principle of “kujifunza” is more than an isolated activity for the intellectual few among us in “hue-manity” who love to learn about so many different things. Never be ashamed of being a student of intelligence.

The greatest intellect has the “Kujifunza” to to study, find out and learn about the Creator Alone of everything and everyone. Knowing about who God Alone is and who God Alone is not is so crucial until I can’t put it into vague terminology of nonfigurative spiritual mis-education.

God Alone is greater than everything and everyone. Fully understanding “Kujifunza” in the highest form comes to those who also know that the Creator Alone is greater than everything and everyone.

An intelligently God Alone aware student is always trying to improve his or her chosen vocational craft by the Creator Alone’s divine and merciful permission. Count me there in that classroom of students of wise “Kujifunza” students.

Listen, I know that, sometimes, in the game of life, some distracted folk get a little tired from their trials in their worlds of existences and they forget that even then there are further lessons to be learned. “Kujifunza” never stops for the aware even if you don’t live on the Swahili coast.

Living in Babylon west is no excuse for not seeing the lies behind colonial myths, religious falsehoods and educational untruths that rule our gullible minds and undisciplined whims. Don’t be fooled. “Kujifunza” is the constant pursuit in the game of life for the attentive person of color seeking accuracy about “our-stories,” and it requires that one be about learning. It’s an imperative trait in the self-motivated souls among “hue-manity” who says “I am seeking, I’m still learning.”

In the spirit of “Kujifunza” I’ll close for today by suggesting that you investigate and find out and study about the mysteries of life and learn how to master the difficulties in your worlds of existences. Knowledge is powerful and “Kujifuza” is necessary in order to attain it. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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