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Race Relations
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Talking to Myself
5/28/2014 3:27:49 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Here I go again. I’m vibing on some distant thoughts that are in my head. I’m like that from time-to- time, because I’m a writer, a poet and a thinker.

As I look at the world in all of its chaotic twists and turns, I see so many signs coming from the mind-sets of ethnic “colored” folk from throughout the universe. Many of their thoughts are what some folk in society deem as good and other are, simply, viewed as not-so-good.

It’s all a matter of how you and they see things in your and their mind(s) according to your and their worlds of pains, gains, tragedies and delights. There could be even more contrasts between those perspectives in varying degrees but I think that you get message.

We are whatever is going on in our heads and minds. In many ways of looking at life, we are merely all ethnic “colored” folk who are talking to ourselves in some shape or manner.

I don’t think that’s very hard to figure out. We have to talk to ourselves about the beauty in each of us, and that’s a constant chore which requires being positive as a premise to have a healthy outlook in dealing with other “hue-mans” and our mundane trials and ordeals. Survival is a test.

Life is what it is, and there’s no getting around that. In no short term of comprehension, living in the techno-world of today means that it’s really about existing with and surviving among “hue-mans” and their isms. Do you know what I mean?

Please allow me to explain somewhat what I’m alluding to. It seems as though the global “colored” ethnic universe is confused because of their self-codified “isms” and lost spiritualities. All of this is, of course, only one “hue-man’s” view of what’s really happening and what I see.

You may not be aware that there are so many hidden isms of far too many “colored” folk who shape your worlds of existence for better and worse. Some aware folk understand the “game” that’s being and has been played on them and their ancestors which has them talking to themselves about how do you uplift others from being deaf, dumb and blind to the things that destroy their communities from within and from without. What “ism” is real(ism)?

Some people who talk to themselves aren’t crazy, but rather they are are sleeping thinkers who are trying to awake from the nightmare of stupidity. That’s a nightmare where like being permanent second class is only a twist away from a fruitless longevity. Is that national(ism)?

That’s not a real question to ask of some lazy “colored” folk only, but it applies to many folk who deal with living behind a veil of self-defeat(ism). Some cultures “his-storically” have been played against each other for so long until they can’t think for themselves, nor talk to themselves about escaping from the quandary of psychological self-destruction. I hope that’s not profound for some “colored” folk today as they talk to themselves in depth about what is my message now.

As I talk to myself and writing what I’m writing, I think we all in “hue-manity” deserve a wake up diagnosis of where some of us are at as in this nation as some of us “sleep” through a painful reality called hidden rac(ism). Believe it or not, it still does exist even as you attempt to think for yourself as you prepare to think, without prejudice, about what you’re going to do next.

I know that there are some “hue-mans” who are asleep in their own limited confusions about wanting to know about what’s really going on in the so-called “free” world. And, again, some others pretend that they know all about the who, the why, the what, the where and the when of the mystical and secret worldly “isms” that control their unforeseen destinies and futures while being confused in talking to themselves about class(ism) in America.

“Ism, ” as I understand it in one sense of the generic use of the word, means the act, practice or result of thinking about a thing or even doing a thing. Think deeply about how loosely you hear the word “ism” tied to or piggybacked to other words that are commonly bandied about today.

While you talk to yourself about that point, here’s another meaning of “ism” that just hit my mind. It means it’s a condition of being, and I can’t think of a better modern term to help you decipher this word that the word “patriot(ism).”

Are most ethnic “colored” folk in this country aware of being a whispered permanent part of American second-class(ism) is all about? Hmm. I’m just talking to myself (and to you) and thinking out loud. Are you thinking along with me?

The three lettered Greek suffix (ism) adds immensity when you join it to everyday words, especially when you don’t understand the full implication of its addition. I’m just laying some random thoughts on you today, because I’m talking to myself and thinking out loud once more.

Being an aware brother of color makes me sensitive to all oppressed and suffering parts of “hue-manity.” I guess it’s the nature of the patriotic game of living under the bald eagle’s wing span and trying to survive in the global world where rac(ism) is still a factor that no one seems to want to talk about any more. Are still thinking?

Who exactly is Big Brother and what does he do? Where specifically does he live and how much does he make? Why is the country divided between a donkey and an elephant? What are those two animals real agendas and why can’t they get anything right at anytime? What do you call the tricky games that they play with “The American People’s” minds? Hey, I just asked because I’m talking to myself while thinking Black.

That makes me think even more about the word “ism” because I know that it also means a doctrine, theory, school or principle of a thing. If you’re not a thinker and, sadly, I offer that not many of us in “hue-manity” are, then you, nor I, should be surprised why so many people are being led to their own self-destructions because they don’t think or talk to one another about real issues.

Understanding the game of tricks that some folk play with each other’s minds is like trying to understand the furtive players in the real global game of political intrigue. Who are the known and unknown “historical” pawns in the game? Can you comprehend why I ask that question? Think???

No matter what you’re your degree of intellectual comprehension may be, it’s vital that you don’t get taken for Disneyland rides to mis-education about self and what’s been and is being done to your unsuspecting mind-set as you’re trying to survive. If you don’t, then please inform me what word do I add “ism” to that incidence.

Remember that you are what you think about as you talk to yourself about whatever is going on in your mind and soul . Study to learn the truth about “hue-mans,” life and nature. Keep strong in your pursuit of acquiring knowledge of self. I offer these thoughts today while I’m “ Talking to Myself,” and that’s, “As I See It.”

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