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Race Relations
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Positive Vibrations
5/21/2014 3:52:10 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I saw something the other day that made me feel good about the “hue-man” experience, communal dialogue and brotherly love. It was a good sight to see.

You see, I witnessed two Afro “brothas” in a crowded food line, who were chatting joyfully to each other. One of the gentleman told the other that he appreciated something that he’d done for a relative of his who was in need of help of some sort.

The other “brotha” said, “You’re welcome,” and he continued by saying that it was his honor because that’s what he was supposed to do. They both gave each other a “high five” slap of the hands and a soulful old school hug just as a free-thinking feeling hit my mind’s eye.

I don’t know exactly what brought on such a groovy reaction in my head, but it was definitely good to see the “Positive Vibrations” on the two brothers of of color’s behalf, and it made me think further about the birth of what I’d seen. In short, it was nothing more than witnessing a pure new born act of outward charity recognition and “hue-man” appreciation.

Those “brothas” greeting and reacting towards each other with love gave me a feeling about the art of showing frank gratitude, because it’s a quality that you don’t see too often today. You may, but I don’t see with it regularity in my worlds of existence like I use to in olden days.

It’s been said in the older enlightened and educated communities that appreciation is likened to the sugar of the inter-“hue-man” persona that relishes the work and life of this world. Think about that thought and then view the subtleness of how good you feel when the pulsations of appreciation are brought (unexpectedly) your way.

Remember, I asked politely of you to think about that last sentiment. I did that because without receiving appreciation, where would the average ordinary all-American ethnic neglected working soul and the lonely unacknowledged being among us be in times of “hue-man” striving, struggle and survival.

We all need to be acknowledged about our inner worth. Life is an appreciation reward in itself for the ignored and unrewarded “colored” souls of this land and beyond. Think about it terms of what “Positive Vibrations” does to your own inner sense of self-esteem. I offer that emotion knowing fully well that affirmative actions, kind words and genuine signs of appreciation are what makes a peaceful soul and a sensitive heart feel good.

Without the appreciation for what we do and without genuine signs of appreciation for what is done for us, the simplest task would become a burden for the most striving among us. As I write this, I’m still harkening back to the two “brothas’ ” interaction and dialogue which I had the pleasure to experience. It was about “Positive Vibrations.”

Everyone needs to be recognized for the good that they do, no matter what it is that they do. That sentiment I believe is missed by far too many “colored” folk of all ethnicities from throughout the insensitive communities and lands across the globe. And it’s a tragedy.

The world needs to express the appreciation of the good that’s in it and not dominate the “hue-man” landscape with wanton hatreds and political negativities. Even with this, there’s so much to be thankful to God Alone for until I personally don’t know where to begin and end with extolling my praises and appreciation to the Most High Alone.

Thinking of the Creator Alone’s blessing and mercy in and under all circumstances is a powerful “Positive Vibration” in itself. Never lose that appreciative focus on reality. Please remember that showing appreciation of any kind is often withheld by some doubting “colored” folk for fear of an advantage being taken of it. Nothing could be more foolish. Only an abstract thinker would say that because, in reality, he or she only takes advantage of himself.

Does that make sense? It should, because if you, as you read, know what showing genuine and extending heartfelt appreciation is really all about, then you’d know that not showing appreciation is not knowing what penetrating oil do to rusted and worn machine parts. Do you get it?

Appreciation of any genuine nature begins with a sincere smile of the heart from any soul who know that there’s beauty in sweet caring and joyful sharing among “hue-mans.” Constant and perpetual appreciation from the heart and soul makes any and all “hue-man” interactions run ever-so-smoothly. We all need to be cherished.

That applies to “the American family” structures that need an infusion of “Positive Vibrations” of appreciation galore. By understanding this and making it a part of our daily repetoire we’ll make freedom, justice and equality more than a fantasized political dream.

So, in conclusion, I believe that if love and respect are to be more than archaic cliché that only are heard in weekly sermons, but are never practiced, then we need to show appreciation at every turn that we can. In most instances, a simple “Thank You” starts the ball rolling in the right direction.

When doing this please don’t half-step with polluted facial expression and behind the scene skullduggery. No one appreciates faux love and even less, fake signs of affection. Don’t think to hard about that. I believe that showing appreciation is something positive that is an essential part of a “hue-man’s” spiritual diet that the majority of the world’s ethnic souls neglect. Appreciation is not only one of the most potent dietary ingredients in the world—it’s a necessary spiritual food stuff that insures mental stability and balance. I believe that.

Never be ashamed or afraid to tell another soul “thanks” for what they do or have done for you. Everyone needs a positive word of encouragement from time-to- time, and they definitely need a genuinely kind smile that seals the deal. (Pardon the pun.)

That’s what I saw when I witnessed the happenings between the two “brothas” in the food line. As a Blackman, I felt good to see such genuine respect and camaraderie between the two Afro “brothas,” and, in some ways, I wish that that lesson was understood by so many of America’s young African-American and other ethnic men, who seem to be bitter towards each for silly, self-destructive reasons.

There’s enough hatreds going on and it’s time to stop it before it consumes us all. Looking to show appreciation, whether than to show anger, would help us solve some of the poisonous seeds of disrespect that, unfortunately, exists in some of our hearts, minds and souls.

Doing that even in minute and specified instances is, I believe, again, a way of capably demonstrating that showing appreciation is exhibiting “Positive Vibrations” to the max, if you catch my drift.

I think that you do and, for today and always, that’s “As I See It.”


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