Saturday, October 11, 2014  
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The Comforts of Ebony Love
5/7/2014 4:28:53 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today I’m going to share a few “vibes” about that subject of love being a many splendid thing, but with reference to my own ethnic culture. As you read on, and if you just happened to be of another ethnic grouping, please don’t feel excluded—the overall message applies to you and your cultural ethnicity too.

The word love is oftentimes in my view just used so loosely that it takes on a nondescript assessment in the minds of many abstract-minded “colored” souls of the universe. I hope that you’re not one of those beings because love, once understood and realized, is truly a fabulous thing and it will change your life for the better.

Love is the eternal natural high in any value system of interaction between one’s self and other created beings in the universe. Of course, that includes every God Alone created “hue-man” soul in creation including me and you. God Alone is love. Knowing that to be a given, it would seem that we all in “hue-manity” would be able to appreciate the sheer fact that we’re here by the grace of the Creator Alone’s love and what should naturally flow from us “hue-mans” should be showing love in all of the simplest forms of materializations. In essence, we should want for our fellow “brothas” and “sistas” what we desire for ourselves.

Sadly, that’s not the case “As I See It,” and I’m sure that you see the wanton displays of ethnic hatred, political turmoil and religious strife being perpetrated throughout the globe with, seemingly, no end in sight. I solemnly ask myself in private moments of inner aversion, “Where is the love?”

Confusion abounds. I see that mystification existing in many ethnic groups’ thinking, especially among some of my fellow Afro-American souls “brothas” and “sistas.” I don’t like what I’ve seen, and I’d like to know if some of those “colored” souls of “hue-manity” forgot, if they ever knew, that true African love has a hypothesis of positive cultural pride and an adoration all its own.

I’m thinking of the significance of Ebony love amongst Black folk here in America and beyond. “We,” as a proud and noble segment of God Alone’s creation, must come together and learn the optimum value of loving and respecting ourselves to the degree that our present and future generations can advance to another level of appreciative self-respect.

If that is done, then “the Comfort of Ebony Love” has reached an amalgamated cultural zenith in “our” hearts, minds and souls, therefore eliminating the dreaded scorns of envy, jealousy and self-loathing that exists in some of us. When I say that, I’m including all of the “hues” of people of color in this country and beyond, because being born under the heavenly signs of Blackness should be celebrated with humble and praiseful thanks to the Most High Alone. Black is colored Beautiful.

“The Comfort of Ebony Love,” no matter if it’s from high yellow to blue black, is a testament that being contentedly proud of one’s ethnic creation is a sign of being satisfied in his/her own skin. If you’re of color, I humbly ask, “Do you know what I’m talking about?”

That question can only presently be subjectively answered by a person of color living in Babylon west, because that “colored” soul, alone, only knows what one’s skin color “his-storically” has done to divide him/her from the unity love family of “hue-manity.” Again, if truth has to be said, and it is the light, I need not remind you or anyone else in Black America that there are some “colored” folk who think unsympathetically about being Black in terms of negativity.

Listen closely. I know that the game of “conquer and divide” didn’t happen overnight to divide (some) Black folk from among themselves—it’s been going on for a long, long time. It took time to systematically partition us. If you know and study the realism of “his-story,” you’ll grasp that it’s been a long standing mental struggle for some people of color to instill and maintain a sense of Black pride and Ebony Love within themselves. Just acquiring legitimate knowledge of self is (still) a dreaded disease for some “colored” folk, even to this very moment.

I offer that thought because saying and thinking that “Black is Beautiful” is something that most “colored” folk in America, and in other parts of the earth, only surreptitiously talk about. I politely have to ask of you and myself, “Where is “The Comfort of Ebony Love” and where did it disappear to?”

Maybe, rightly or wrongly, is it that “some” folk in Ebony America, subliminally, have been caught up in the not-so-subtle games of colonial mind control and programmed systematic self-hatreds that have always been the undertones of our mis-education. It’s still a reality in our lives, and if you want to learn more about that you should read any and everything by “sista” Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing on that subject and impact of skin color annihilation evaluation upon the minds of people of color. Her research is deep!

As a “brotha” of ethnic color, I truly believe that “Black is Beautiful,” just as I believe that all other ethnic created souls in “hue-manity’s” colors are also beautiful. But we as Afro-Americans can’t lose sight that we too are a beautiful segment of “hue-manity, and we must know that being born Black isn’t a religious curse as some folk tell it. Being born Black is a gift from God Alone.

Uttering that is a spiritual uplift for me as I type. In reality, there’s a console and a mellow sweetness in being Black and proud.” I understand that “Black is Beautiful,” no matter the skin tone or hue, and it means that I won’t take a back seat to anyone who denies due to ignorance and idiocy.

I know that there are many people of color who feel the exact same way. They know that experiencing the real value and comfort of being who they inherently are is to love one’s innate, indispensable Black self for the quintessence of being who they were and are created to be.

Amen! I must add that there’s no greater love than having the love of the Most High Alone. The Creator Alone makes no mistakes or errors in life. Knowing that with all of our being and learning to worship God Alone will bring us inner peace and mental stability all the days of your earthly life.

If I can get you to see the value of what I’m alluding to in this week’s article, then you’ll get the gist of why I wrote “The Comfort of Ebony Love.” It’s about loving one’s self and not having hatred or malice towards another. Do you get it?

I hope that you do, but please remember that the greatest love is to love God Alone. Then, on a more external plane, one must also remember to manifest a love for one’s self in a reassuring zone of feeling good about one’s self. That’s a soothing commandment from God Alone, the Creator Alone, of everyone and everything.

For now and always, I wish you the comforts of feeling good about your ethnic self, and that’s, “As I See It.”

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