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Rough Passages
4/9/2014 4:39:11 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today’s rap is rather simple in literary delivery but it’s powerful in meaning. It’s about handling some of the bumpy twists and coarse turns in life.

We all go through some “Rough Passages” in life as my mother used to call the difficult times in life that “hue-mans” in her time had to go through. There’s a lot of realness to that reality now no matter who utters the statement.

Listen carefully and, if you've read my thoughts and opinions over the last twenty or so years in this column, you know that I’m a mother’s child who learned much from her. My mother was quite a soothing mentalist and an optimistic motivator.

She was a wise spiritual lady of soul, who had gone through a lot in her life, so I had no choice except to pay close attention to her words, because I knew she “knew” what she was talking about. And, man, oh, man, did she ever know what she was talking about.

As I get older by every blessed moment, her loving guidance has led me to understand one of her strong messages to me. She said that sometimes people get a little beat up inside their own minds and around the inner edges of their thoughts, and when they do, they may become frayed at the edges.

Do you know what she meant? I’d like to think that you do and, if you don’t, then continue reading because, hopefully, I can explain it a little clearer. It’s a position some “hue-mans” might want to deny, but I've definitely been there a time or two.

If you’re the kind of realistic “hue-man,” who I think that you are in this present time and space, you’ll say and admit rather openly that you know what being a little upset within yourself is all about. It can be an inner “Rough Passage” of sort.

My mother used to say that behind all kinds of personal mishaps and self-induced failures that affect most “hue-mans,” there is always the catastrophic certainty of disregard and slight that shadows life’s “Rough Passages” which a doubting spiritual believer has left unchecked and unfinished. That’s some heavy stuff to comprehend for a serious seeker of truth.

Mom told me and all who knew her that life’s “Rough Passages” are obstacles that we have to learn to deal with and, by having faith in the God Alone, we’ll come through the dark moments in our lives with strength, vigor and vitality. My mother, a former elementary school teacher,who died in 1985, would always tell me to smile through the present and coming “Rough Passages” of life and “Be of Good Cheer.”

That’s some more strong advice that she gave to me, and I believe that it’s applicable, if you recognize the tenor of what it implies. While you contemplate that question, the present and future “Rough Passages” in our lives will always continue be to there for us in some shape or form in order to challenge the very fundamental nature of our spiritual being and the sacred core of what we prayerfully believe in. My mother deeply believed in the power of faith and prayer. Do you?

Think about it for a stone, cold moment in time knowing that the next moment is not a given for you, me or anyone else. With that in mind, I think that life is a misunderstood, challenging expedition that some “colored” folk in “hue-manity” think that they will get a free pass from. To the contrary, I’m sorry to have to admit it but no ethnic created soul in “hue-manity” gets a free pass in this life, and I do mean no one.

That being profoundly said, I assume that we “hue-mans” should know from experience that in order to make it through life’s “Rough Passages” we have to develop the inner fortitude to stick it out through the hectic moments and jagged times in our lives. It’s a battle, but it’s what a winner in the game of spiritual survival has to do in order to move on to the next confrontation in life that surely will arise.

My mother was a proud Southern born woman, who had to endure so much like all ladies of color had to back then. These wonderful “sheroes” of color certainly had a grasp on what “Rough Passages” in life were about, making them fully aware of the struggles that they and their offspring experienced and that had to endure in all present and future aspects of the popular Afro-phrase.

So, when my mother used to say to me that life is full of “Rough Passages,” I really know (now) what she was saying. I’m sure that as you read, you can remember, hopefully, what the wise mothers and older ladies in your life said to you when times were rough.

I know that I do, and I also remember something else that was told to me by my mom and other wise “colored” folk. They said beware of some of the folk who smile to your face, because in the long run they (may) be backstabbers in disguise as you glide through the channels of life.

That’s a painful and valuable lesson that many “hue-mans” like yours truly have come to learn as each day passes. Some “colored” folk, from many other ethnicities, have told me that message, and they said to be doubly aware of two-faced souls who you can’t and shouldn't trust.

Can I get an Amen to that? If I can please know that that’s real wisdom for the ages, present and future. Comprehending that helps me and other souls savor the majesty of experiencing our life’s tests and aids us in learning from the vicissitudes of existence.

Hmm! Again, I’m feeling something from deep from within that my mother said, and I hope that you don’t ever forget it. She said that “no one can escape the ‘Rough Passages’ in life, but if you have faith in God and hang in there, He’ll see you through to brighter days.”

Please remember that, because, if you do, you’ll have a head’s up on making it through life’s “Rough Passages.” Keep the faith in God Alone, and stay close with the real and sincere relationships in your life, especially “those” who truly have your best interests at heart. For today and always,that’s, “As I See It.”

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