Friday, June 20, 2014  
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Reaching for the Clouds
4/2/2014 3:55:19 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It’s a wonderful experience to come in contact with “hue-mans” who are “Reaching for the Clouds” in accomplishing their life’s dreams and aspirations. They are success role models.

I salute them because they are marvelous souls who know what they wanted in life and have made the necessary sacrifices to achieve what they wanted. Again, I salute you also if you’re one of this group for hanging in this game of life’s realistic challenges and hurdles on your paths to present and future fame, fortune and happiness.

It’s said that life is a potent game of have and have nots. I’m pretty sure that’s nothing new to you as you read this, because if you’re of a certain maturity, you know that life is what is.

Life is an astonishing mind field of opportunities for everyone in “hue-manity” to experience his or her dreams to be the best who ever he or she may be. Some say that’s the ideal premise behind what modernity pundits call the democratic concept of governmental equality for all in an idyllically unbiased world of opportunities.

I’m not a politician, but I do know that if a person wants to achieve anything in life, that soul has to elevate his or game in pursuing whatever he or she desires. It’s as simple as that—you’ve got to go for the gold in your efforts to accomplish your desired goal in today’s games of unrelenting struggle and continued survival.

Sometimes, I wonder what some of the slothful and wishful “colored” folk are thinking about when they don’t put forth supreme efforts to survive and exist. I don’t know if they simply gave up while alledgely reaching for their supposed dreams, goals and aspirations of success.

It makes me deliberate out loud about who really cares about reaching for anything achievable when you don’t put forth the suitable efforts to accomplish what you silently think you want to do or become.

That’s something that most devoted parents, seasoned educators and concerned academic counselors have to face when trying to encourage the aspiring youth of today to be all that they can be.

I listen to a lot of folk, who know that I care about them and their futures, and I’ve learned that they usually feel that most folk don’t really care about them. That may have some validity in certain circumstances, but I believe that there are many obliging citizens who want to see the youth of today be successful in their future positive aspirations, no matter what they may be.

Life is a viable vehicle that we, the living, have to take very seriously as we approach each second of existence that’s given to us by the Creator Alone.

We have to try to make each moment in time count as we proceed from this second, hopefully, looking to segue into the next.

When “Reaching for the Clouds” in our mundane desires to “improve” ourselves, we must never forget the role that faith in God Alone should play in our desired ascensions to this and that levels of accomplishments in this life as we elevate our various games of attainments. I trust that you understand what I’m saying.

Call me a spiritual visionary of sort, but I do believe in the total essence of the Most High Alone’s knowledge of everything, and that includes the outcome of everyone in “hue-manity’s” hidden dreams and stated desires in this life.

On that point, let me reaffirm that nothing is impossible without the assistance of God Alone.

Life has been created by God Alone for many defined reasons, and we’re part of it for all but a small fragment of spiritual existence in this phase of living. A real knowledgeable spiritual submitter to God Alone should never have any trouble with that profound celestial reality.

I’d like to presuppose that if you’re a true believer in God Alone, you already know how precious each moment in time is. Anyone who truly “Reaches for the Clouds” in search of their dreams, aspirations and desires believes that you don’t play with the powers of God Alone, Who is the Creator Alone of everyone and everything.

From every personal wish to every outspoken desire in every sector of the globe, the Creator Alone hears and knows the desires of everyone who He (alone) has created. You can count on that.

When you really and truly understand that with inner humility and committed steadfastness, “Reaching for the Clouds” is no more than a little something, something to do and achieve, because with God Alone’s help, it’s done deal. Pray for God Alone’s help and guidance.

We must do this at all times, even in our darkest hours of regret and hopelessness. When “Reaching for the Clouds,” we must always possess faith in God Alone knowing that we can and will overcome any obstacles that are placed before us in our daily climbs out of the dungeons of doubts, negativities and despair.

That can be accomplished by being prayerfully patience in looking at the universal signs of life. Look at the very clouds that hang in the sky.

Don’t they appear to patiently “hang” in the sky just waiting patiently for the Creator Alone to transfer or move them to their next position in the sky?

Please think about what I just said because when you do you’ll see that you could be likened to a cloud as you’re allowed to move from one moment to the next moment in time and space.

The Creator Alone “knows” where He Alone is allowing you to move from here to there in your eternal desires and subjective quests as you “Reach for the Clouds” in accomplishing this dream and that aspiration in this game of life.

I wish the very best for you as you fulfill your God Alone given opportunities in attaining whatever it is that you desire, because I wish for you what I wish for myself. Never forget that you are what you think that you are. Remember that.

Most successful “colored” folk, who I know and have observed in life from every ethnicities, have always possessed a supreme faith in the Most High Alone in order to “Reach for the Clouds” as they climbed the ladders of triumph. It’s no secret that if they did it, you can also. Believe in success!

The formula is simple. First, believe in God Alone and then maintain the belief that you are blessed to be able to “Reach for the Clouds” in fulfilling your life’s dreams, aspirations and desires. To that end, I say “Keep the faith and never, ever give up hope that success is yours.”

May God Alone be with you always as you “Reach for the Clouds.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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